Faith Friday: The Significance of Friday

Assalamualaykum and Jumu'ah Mubarak!

After doing some thinking I've decided to make some changes around here. Faith Friday will now take place on Fridays instead of Fashion Friday. Wait, wait, that doesn't mean I won't be blogging about fashion anymore. I surely will, inshaAllah. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on that.

Why the change? Well, after contemplating the significance of Friday in Islam I feel it would be better for me to honour this special day by helping to increase our remembrance of Allah s.w.t..

Did you know that Prophet Adam (a.s.) was created on Friday? And did you know that with the Will of Allah s.w.t., Judgement Day will also take place on a Friday? Think about it, even a chapter of the Holy Qur'an is named 'Friday' (al-Jumuah). That alone reflects how important today is.

Rasulullah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: "Friday is the best of days. It was on this day that Hadrat Aadam alayhis salaam was created, it was on this day that he was granted entry into jannah, it was on this day that he was removed from jannah (which became the cause for man's existence in this universe, and which is a great blessing), and the day of resurrection will also take place on this day. " (Sahih Muslim)

Rasulullah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: "Friday is the "mother" of all days and the most virtuous in the sight of Allah Ta'ala. In the sight of Allah Ta'ala it has more greatness than Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Ad'haa." (Ibn Majah)

Rasulullah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: "The Muslim who passes away on the night or during the day of Friday, Allah Ta'ala saves him from the punishment of the grave. " (Tirmidhi)

SubhanAllah, shouldn't Friday be a day that is very close to our hearts and a day when we take great care of our worship towards Him? Even though it is only obligatory for Muslim men to attend the Friday congregational prayer, it is commended for Muslim women to also make extra effort to be close to God today. One way we can do that is by reading Surah al-Kahf and reflect on its meaning. You can even go on YouTube and listen to its recitation and read its translation. It's about 30 minutes long.  Seriously, what is 30 minutes out of your entire day? Maybe 30 minutes is a lot to you, which is good because this is one way you can make it even more worthwhile!

Rasulullah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: "The person who recites Surah Kahf on Fridays, a nur will appear for him from below the arsh as high as the skies. This light will help him in the darkness of the day of resurrection. And all the sins which he may have committed from the last Friday till this Friday will be forgiven." (Hakim and Baihaqi, al Targheeb wa'l Tarheeb)

{The surah may be read during the night or the day of Jumu’ah. The night of Jumu’ah starts from sunset on Thursday, and the day of Jumu’ah ends at sunset. Therefore the time for reading this surah extends from sunset on Thursday to sunset on Friday.}

So what do you say? Are you with me on Faith Friday?

For more details on the virtues of Friday, visit SunniPath


thank you,a very good reminder,Elaiza =) May this day be filled with good deeds.
Elisa said…
I think this is such a great idea! I am looking forward to each and every Friday from here on out to read your posts. You are such an inspiration for young Muslimahs around the world, Shahirah! I didn't know about the hadith that says anyone who dies on the night or day of a Friday will be spared the trials of the grave. May Allah spare us ALL from those trials! Ameen.
Also, I didn't know that the Friday began at the sunset of Thursday and ended at the sunset of Friday (as we are used to). I learned so much from this post. Thank you, my dear sister :)
LL said…
whenever i read ur blog, post...
i feel so calm. sometime, bring me back to the right path ( tersasar sikit, kadang2 ).
i'm glad to found ur blog and u become an inspiration for me to be a better person.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Siti Fatimah Zaini: InshaAllah, ameen!

Elisa: We all learn something new everyday alhamdulillah. I will try my best to come up with insightful posts every Friday =) You're more than welcome!

fab lane: Hidayah or inspiration is from Allah s.w.t. If we seek it, we will find it inshaAllah =)
Anonymous said…
Shahirah, I second the notion that you are an inspiration MashAllah. InshAllah may Allah SWT bless you sister and help you attain ajr for the things you do. Posts like these help rejuvenate my faith.

RS said…
insyaAllah... btw, u know how u have quotes n stuff on your pictures. are those pictures taken by YOU or off the net? cos I love them!
Amnah said…
Yes!! Subhanallah, I went to Jummah for the first time in a long time last month. The only reason I got to go was because someone was watching my daughters. I felt such a strong connection to the community and had a boost in my faith from the khutba. I said I would try to go every Friday and post a summary of the khutba. Unfortunately, it just hasn't been possible. These girls really are a handful, ya'll just don't know.

I'm glad I can get my Jummah fix through you.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Yasmin: Very kind of you to say that, thank you. I'm just your average Muslimah =) InshaAllah, Ameen to your duas and likewise for you too!

RS: Most of them are taken from the Net. This one here was taken from an Islamic wallpaper website. Can't find the link though. Just type 'light rays mosque' I think.

Amnah: Aha... I think most mothers face the same predicament. Once their children are older they are able to attend more prayers and Islamic events. Unfortunately my posts can never be as good as going to an actual Jumaah prayer! =( Someone should start an online Jumaah sessions /webinars websites for sisters or something.
Anonymous said…

Wonderful WONDERFUL post! I LOVE it! Just what I need on a Friday, SubhannAllah :-)


Laila said…
It's a grat idea! I'm with you! And now I'm going to read the surah! I like most reading than listening but the things are great!
Hanafedora said…
I'm all the way with you sha! :)
Anonymous said…
I looooooove this blog...i am with everyone here in saying you are an inspiration. The love you have for God is obvious and thats what I love about this blog!!!!! Keep up the good work girl!
Fida Islaih said…
On one of the Friday's Khutbah they shared about the significance of Friday.

Thanks for the reminder!
This is such a great idea! <3
Fridays are very special! JazakAllah for the beautiful reminder, Shahirah! :)
nice...hope u have a nice time...
Aisha said…
brilliant idea, im defo with u!
;) said…
totally with u...
n a very gewd reminder,we shouldn't only b excited because w'end will b next after friday,
but as a muslim, we should always put an extra effort to remember Allah swt on that day ^^
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you so much for all your support!

I'll try my best to write well for Faith Friday. Please give me constructive criticism when I need it. JazakaAllah khair =)
Alma said…
just found out this blog,and i'm still reading.. =)