Live From The Heart

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My heart expands when I travel and every time I remind myself to embrace life's experiences - both good and bad.

"God observes the hearts for they are the containers of His most precious jewels and treasure stores of the true knowledge of Him." — Al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi

It has been a tough week. A few days ago, I found out one of my friends had passed away after taking her own life. The last time we saw each other was in 2011 and we had grown apart due to various reasons but she never stopped being kind and supportive to me. I felt guilty, angry, regretful and confused. I also felt broken, messed up and alone. But even though my heart still aches today, I now feel a strong urge to create beauty in the world in memory of Elizabeth, a beautiful young soul who deserved so much more. I'm not ready to write about my friendship with her just yet but I will when the time is right. Her existence mattered to me and sadly, I never told her that. But I want the memory of her vibrant personality to live on. Elizabeth has inspired me to continue making and sharing beauty in the world and to question the meaning of my own existence. In light of that, I'd like to share a piece of writing that really spoke to me and my struggles. It's an article entitled 'Live from the heart: cultivate your powers and unleash your whole person' by Tim Rayner. The full article can be read here

Biographers have struggled for centuries to account for the source of Leonardo’s genius. Our question, however, is not what made Leonardo so talented, but how he was able to cultivate such a range of talents. How was Leonardo able to cultivate such a wealth of powers, and by cultivating his powers, become everything that he was capable of being?

There is no doubting the fecundity of Leonardo’s gifts. Our question is: what made it possible for him to realize these gifts, thereby to unleash his whole person?