Style Sunday: Holidayin' at Holiday Inn

You may have heard about Faith Friday replacing Fashion Friday. 
Now let me introduce to you...
 Style Sunday! 

Yes, yes, I've featured this dress before and I'm doing it again because I love its versatility.
Versatility is an important thing when it comes to clothes because that's what true styling is all about -
the ability to be dynamic and create different looks.

I'm holidayin' at Holiday Inn at the moment
therefore I went for the 'I'm-on-vacation-and-I'm-oh-so-sunkissed' look this time.
Oh and this is my debut in a square scarf!
I'm still trying to get the hang of it. 

I hope ya'll are having a good weekend.
Chinese New Year is coming up for Malaysians and most people are on holiday for a week! 
Us Malaysians are happy, festive people ;) 


lawanyeee dress u :D
EnY YuSniZaR said…
Nice :)
Houda said…
This is just divine. I love ths scarf and I love the scarf WITH that dress. I would have never thought to team the 2.

Absolutely stunning!
salam..suke style sis..=) keep on continue writing ya? love ur blog!
Ami Schaheera said…
you look sweet & lovely, as always :)
Elisa said…
As always, you are beautiful, masha'allah :)
Love the scarf!
ashieBee said…
boohoo im not on holiday for a week though :(( can;'t wait for thursday! hehehehe. have a good holiday, sha

Esra said…
Gorgeous mashaallah. I love how you've tied the scarf and how it completely contrasts the monochrome. :)
Loving the Style Sunday idea! You are so creative, mashAllah!
And the scarf is gorgeous! :)
Ashi said…
ahh stripes paired with floral...gorgeous!
RS said…
I love maxi dresses... I've quite a number actually! it hides my very fat tummy =p
very nice...!
i like the maxi dress paired with some wedge-like heels !
oh and also the hijab style...!
Sluff said…
i really love this look! mashaAllah
Hijabs and Co said…
luv the colors.
beautiful mashallah
I'm farra.. said…
nice white with pink!
Haute Muslimah said…
I LOVE your dress :) So spring '11
Faa Niza said…
so stunning ! ;p