The Secret Garden

Summer brings out the best in New Zealand. 

Sunshine, cherries, apricots, peaches, oh and roses. Lots of roses. 

Not just any type of roses but the massive and irresistible ones. 

Our family friend in Christchurch has the most beautiful home garden I've ever seen. It looks like a scene from one of my favourite movies, The Secret Garden. Mum and I slept overnight before flying back to Malaysia last November so I took a few snaps of her garden the morning before we left.

Which reminds me, someone once asked me how I want my dream house to look like and I immediately said, "All I know is I want a garden with lots and lots of roses and have lots and lots of fresh flowers inside the house!" 

Yeah, I get excited about flowers. When I was 9 years old I wanted to be a florist. No surprises there.

 I don't know what these are called but I think they're absolutely stunning.
SubhanAllah, I've never seen the colour violet look so magical.

And there's BonBon! 
BonBon was initially 'Bonnie' because they thought he was a 'she' at first. 
When they found out his true, uhm, nature they felt 'Bonnie' wasn't quite right. 
So BonBon it became.  


Esra said…
Wow beautiful flowers.

And I LOVE the The Secret Garden! We have an old rusty gate in our garden that leads do a small messy hidden corner with bushes etc - it's really nothing special at all, but as a child (and with a lot of imagination) I used to pretend it was The Secret Garden and go on adventures LOL.
Anonymous said…
Oh my! Beautiful, beautiful flowers!
-Amina said…
MasaAllah, those are gorgeous flowers! It's not called the Garden City for nothing aye ;)
Mashaallah they are incredibly beautifull. From all flowers I most love roses. My mom is also having a rose garden with many several kind and colors of roses and it is absolutely beautifull.
poshnmodest said…
I loved the secret garden movie! Subhanallah such beautiful flowers!
Nieya Asni said…
Bonbon is so cute!! :)
Oh wow.
so beautiful!
Elisa said…
The Secret Garden is one of my favorite movies too. . .so magical! I have plans to create a beautiful garden when the time comes that me and my husband will have our own home, insha'allah. The roses are so pretty, masha'allah.
Fida Islaih said…
The violet flowers do stunning! Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures!
amazing flowers! :) aww bonbon's soo cute!
Nina said…
I only have one word: beautiful.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Esra: Oh gosh as a child I used to imagine our fruit orchard in our backyard was a mystical forest LOL. Kids =)

aimie: I know right? Breathtaking!

Amina: It's called that? Really? I never knew lol. Makes sense yah lol

bosnishmuslima: Your mum's garden sounds wonderful!

poshnmodest: It's an inspiring movie isn't it? I love the little girl's character. She's smart and strong willed!

Norsiah: LOL yeah he's HUGE too btw, if you can't tell from the pic.

Smiley: "Oh wow!" Exactly what I said too!

Elisa: Looks like we can start a fan club for The Secret Garden here LOL. I like how girly we both are, Elisa =)

Fida: I'm really happy I posted these photos. It's actually very therapeutic for me to see them lol.

hijabi hippie hypo: I know! Wish it was my garden.

Aminah: Touche.
Amnah said…
I love the smell of real roses. Not mass-farmed roses sold in grocery stores. But real, fragrent, authentic roses. I'm dying over those peachy-orange ones. Mashallah.

Awww, BonBon looks like our old cat SimSim.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Amnah: I looove pastel coloured roses too =) Aww BonBon and SimSim!
Feda said…
GORGEOUS!!! Roses hold so much beauty in them...they really have a spirit mA. Your photos are beautiful!

Love the kitty! A similar thing happened to my bird because when we bought it we thought it was a boy and named him stormy but later on we found out she was female and now she's Stormita!
Rumaitha said…
I wish I could get a house with the a beautiful garden as this. But given the temperatures over here that's a big flat NO.
dira said…
eventhough i hate cat...but bonbon seems cute ;))

love the garden, there's a lot f beautiful flower...thank u for share, my mommy really like ur picture ^_^
Laila said…
It's your garden? your hoes? I want one this when i could have my own house! it's really beautiful1 I like very much all the flowers!
Adla said…

stumbled upon your blog by chance, lovely posts :)

By the way the flowers are called Delphiniums, very lovely they come in different shades of blues :)

kind regards,