Sexy Dresses

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Brother's friend: Is your sister going to wear the hijab forever?
Brother: Well, yeah! 
Brother's friend: So what happened to all her sexy dresses?

My older brother came home one day and told me about this conversation.

My initial reaction? What the!

And then I laughed. I guess it's a legit question. What did happen to all my clothes that aren't very modest? Have I stopped wearing them altogether? 

The answer is: No. 

I've 'hijabified' some of them and by 'hijabify' what I mean is I usually pair them with fashion pieces to create modest looking ensembles that are appropriate for going out. Most of my short dresses can be paired with jeans or maxi skirts. Throw in a cardigan or blazer and voila! Dressing modestly isn't hard but it does require more creativity and thought especially if you want to be in line with the latest trends.

I also have clothes that I don't think are suitable for 'hijabification'. Does that mean that they never see the light of day or get thrown away? Big misconception! I wear them at home around my family or during all girls' parties where everyone gets all dolled up and dressed up. Plus, when I'm married someday (inshaAllah) I am more than free to wear them in front of my husband. 

There are many misconceptions about Muslim women and particularly Muslim women who wear the hijab. One of them is that we can't let loose and have fun. Oh trust me, we have a lot of fun without compromising our religious beliefs but there's a time and place for everything. One of the most crucial things in life is to have balance. Too much of anything can throw us off balance and enlarge the spiritual void that exists within us because we're filling it with all the wrong things. We're forever trying to satisfy our desires without realising what we really need

As a Muslim woman, my fashion life wasn't in balance before I started wearing hijab and dressing modestly when I go out. The effect of hijab varies with every woman. In my case I've managed to find peace and empowerment within myself because my hijab is a reminder about the things that are most important to me as a woman - my relationship with my Creator and my relationship with myself. As natural givers us women tend to neglect these two relationships and that's a huge mistake. Everyday I willingly dress with modesty and drape a scarf around my head before leaving my home because I need to get my priorities straight in life and because I want to love and appreciate myself for the person that I am and the soul that is within me and not the mere image people want me to be.

I suppose the next thing people are curious about is... Have I changed that much? 

No, not really. I'm still the same 'Sha' in many ways but I have new priorities now. My interests have changed a little. I like to spend my free time learning more about my faith because I feel like there's a lot that I don't know. Personality-wise, I'm very much still me but I'd like to think I've become more of a practicing Muslim compared to before. 


iati blush said…
love tis post sha!n it's a great thing 2 see more n more gals (hijabis o not) r into hijabs lately, n we jz cnt deny da fact dat what u gals r doin (hijabis fashionista becomin like phenomenal?) somemhow or another does affect these changes in them. i myslf hv a lot of frns, who jz started 2 wear hijab recently n they r jz happy wearin it. n it's a bonus 4 us dat we get 2 keep all tis sexy outfits only 4 selected occasion. makes it evn more special!
Amnah said…
Woohoo, sexy dresses indeed!

When I saw your post title in my reader I was like "whaaaaat!?!?!" Couldn't click over fast enough, lol.

Another excellent post, Sha.
Mona Zenhom said…
So true, dispel those myths Sha!
RS said…
ah, always so inspiring =) insyaAllah it'll be my turn to follow your foot steps one day.
great post! :) sexy dresses LOL, every girl has some ;)
Hanafedora said…
Love love love this one my sweet baby sister sha :)
Yunne Osman said…
right on sha. people always have misconceptions on girls with hijab. you explained very well indeed.
LL said…
i absolutely adore u. how actually u explain the great feelings of wearing hijab. hopefully I can be like u. I wish i could be on the right track.
Unknown said…
i feel much more happier & more fashionable (in a modest way) in hijab than before, that's a good thing ;)

and i also hijabify most of my sexy tops/dresses haha, glad i'm not the only one!
Esra said…
Nice post!

One word: Layering. SUCH a gift in the world of style and so conventient for muslim girls. I don't cover my head but I totally do the same thing as you - teaming up dresses with cardigans's good that you kept them!

And you're too right, I know some hijabis that REALLY let loose at parties lol.

As always, I enjoyed the read :)
unsettledsoul said…
Thanks for sharing this! Those dresses would look sooo good with jeans, I can just tell. lol Thank God for layering these days.
Sahira said…
I like both of those dresses! Usually when I see dresses like these, thoughts of how to hijabify them cross my mind, but also the fact that I can where these alone (just in a different setting) :D Best of both worlds eh?

You are a talented writer...I really enjoyed the read :)
Aisha said…
lmao at ur friends brother ahaha :P wooo we needed a post addressing this 'issue'!! though it's weird, but i wouldnt get away with wearing revealing/casual kinda clothes in front of the famo...must be a cutlural thing *shrugs*
Aisha said…
ah shoot i mean *brothers friend lol
Great post, Shahirah!
Im glad you posted about this topic, there's sucha big misconception regarding this! People just really need to open their minds and understand.

Love the dresses! :D
SS. said…
great great post! i think you and your group of girlfriends totally know how to 'hijabify' certain clothes without making it loose its sexiness and if anything you're very creative at mixing your pieces together. thats awesome! im sure you're still the same but its always good to know you're changing in a positive way where you want to embrace your religion more. that's inspiring and respectful!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
iati blush: Yes it is good to see more women embrace the hijab but I hope they're not doing it for the sake of fashion! Perhaps it may start out that way but inshaAllah their intention will change =)

Amnah: LOL. Thanks hun!

Mona Z: InshaAllah, one step at a time we'll dispel all these silly myths =)

RS: InshaAllah, and may Allah make you a better Muslimah than me =) Ameen.

hijabie hippie hypo: I know right? Muslim girls are normal people too! lol

Hanafedora: Aww thank you my lovely big sis =)

YunneOsman: There are wayyy too many misconceptions. I wonder where they hear such stuff. Oh right, the media.

fablane: Aww thanks! May Allah swt continue to give us the guidance that we need.

Ami Schaheera: Actually I think hijabis are very creative and innovative fashion enthusiasts. Good to know you feel better as a hijabi =)

Esra: LOL, "really let loose" huh? Making up for lost opportunities perhaps? =P Yes layering is great! But not so great in hot countries...

unsettledsoul: They would right? And a trench coat! And some nice heels and a great handbag... *goes on and on*

Sahira: I would wear these dresses on their own too but in a different setting as you said =) Thanks for the compliment. You never know when inspiration might come knocking at your door!

Ashi: I wouldn't wear anything revealing in front of my male cousins. Their wives might not like it haha! What I was referring to when I said 'family' was immediate family... like my siblings =)

Smiley: Yeah I think lots of people are curious about Muslim women but they are just afraid to ask. It's time we speak up and show the world that Islam promotes a beautiful and dignified way of life!

S.S: Thanks hun... fashion can be a tricky thing. It's fun but at the same time we need to know our priorities. InshaAllah, with time I'll be able to come up with more creative yet modest ways of dressing! But I'm no fashionista... I just love clothes lol.
Laila said…
really love this post sha :D I don't know what to say because you said all, at first, when i see the photo i think what? she puts this? but the I comprend the meaning :D And talking about the sexy dresses, they're cute beautiful :D
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Laila: Yeah I guess the post title and the photo is a little deceiving =P