Beautiful is Young?

I once read a funny post by Sue Anna Joe @ Budu dan Belacan, one of the many blogs by that wonder woman, about television advertisements that annoy her. Because let's face it, some ads are a real pain to watch and sometimes I immediately turn off the tv because I hate 90% of the ads I see on air.

Okay, maybe hate is a strong word.

I dislike.

I dislike very, very much.

Is that better?

Well there's this one ad which really takes the cake for me. It's weird, shallow and lacks creativity. The only good thing about it is the pretty woman who's featured in it. It starts off like this:

A beautiful woman walks down a flight of stairs amidst a crowd of people in a building. Then a man's voice comes on to narrate what's going on. It's as though some creepy man is stalking her because he says stuff like,

That's her! The girl we're looking for. 

And as she sashays down a lane in slow motion he says,

Beautiful, young, slim...

And just when you think it can't get any weirder he remarks,

and with the perfect eyebrow.

I wonder what her name is!

At this point, I'm thinking, Wow, he's probably the first straight man to ever notice a woman's neatly plucked eyebrows. Then I figured that it's totally the stalker thing to do.

Actually, you should probably watch it for yourself but don't say I didn't warn you about how strange it is.

This advertisement always leaves me thinking, "What the...?!". Especially when the tag line is mentioned.

Beautiful is young.

I can't decide whether I should laugh at its absurdity or cringe at the fact that a woman's beauty has been reduced to a number. It doesn't help that they screen the ad 87396 times a day. It's such a weird ad! Am I the only one who thinks so?

Have you seen any weird and annoying advertisements lately?


Ayuni said…
lots!!!especial;y that manipulate women....
Sahira said…
LOL! the eyebrow part made me laugh, it IS creepy. There are so many ads out there that annoy me, especially the ones that keep repeating themselves!
Mona Zenhom said…
That is extremely odd. She did have some nice brows though.
Okay wth, thats really creepy. Am I the only one that finds the fact that he said eyebrow and not brows extremely weird.

I dont like this car insurance ad :

The singing is just hideous! 8-)
♥Soso♥ said…
It's ad's like this that make so many vulnerable girls feel insecure and do all sorts of crazy thing to look '''perfect'' hhhmm

tanks for sharing
Amalia said…
yeah that is pretty weird!
azyan azilah said…
if you stay in Malaysia long enough, probably you'll see some of the commercial with THE most stupid meaning. i think it's about malam jumaat or something. that is way too stupid to be handled.
Emmy♥ said…
wow that left me like what the ...
Does it even have any purpose an advert like that?! It makes me wonder who comes up with things like that! :/
SaLuff said…
hahahaha that was hilarious. super creepy! its like they put a bunch of sentences in a hat & pulled random ones out to decide which to say hahaha
ashieBee said…
i find the one with two women with tayar pancit or something and tried to stop passersby to help them but nobody noticed...until one of them torn down her sleeves and start lambai-ing tahan kereta. and wallaaa, berderet lelaki stop and changed the tyre for them. was it rexona or something. gaaaahhhh.... sooo weird. like you got to have nice armpit to get guys' attention?

RS said…
I dislike adverts stating that women who are fair are more beautiful than that who are not. It sends such a bad message to women of darker skin tones.
Misha said…
WOW, that was such an odd commerical. What does being young, beautiful, and slim have to do with "Blunis", lol!
LS said…
errrm...what's the ad actually advertising? lol

One ad that I find extremely evil and which I'll happily say I hate, no, LOATHE is the fair and lovely ads:

It annoys me sooooo much and it will never cease to amaze me how the west are so preoccupied and fascinated by "tanned" skin that a lot of them are prepared to get skin cancer just so that they can achieve that "sun-kissed look". Similarly, it annoys and shocks me how people in the East (who the west look up to) feel that they have to change what God gave them in order to look "pretty" and be recognised in society as "the-successful-girl-who-has-lovely-white-skin-like-snow-white's" and they're also prepared to go and give themselves skin cancer just so that they can have lighter skin! I just don't understand it????
haha, so sorry for the essay but it really gets on my nerves!
Ayuni A. said…
Gosh i hate that bluunis ad too. Particularly the tagline.Its so shallow.

Beutiful is young? Pfffft...
unsettledsoul said…
If you ever see "yellowtail" wine ads, you will see horrid sexism.

My God, the worst I have seen so far was actually an ad for Cadillac. It basically showed a guy at dinner with his wife (she is older, average looking) and they are not talking and he looks like he is bored out of his mind.

They then show the ad for the Cadillac and it is like he is in a dream, it says "have everything you want, live an exciting life" and then it shows him staring at a young, beautiful girl in an elevator, then it shows the car again.

Subliminal message: Marriage is boring, drive a cadillac and you will be sexy and get hot chics, screw being married.

So if any married guys buy new cadillacs this season, they are obviously saying something to their wives.. LOL!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ayuni: True. Most ads these days are about manipulating people in some way, especially women.

Sahira: Ahh the 'shouty', repetitive ads? Yeah! That's like the 'lowest' form of ad lol. It's about getting your attention.

Mona Z: LOL. At the very least, yes, she had nice brows there.

Smiley: I noticed that! LOL!! He's just into that one brow perhaps? =P But I thought the narrator/writer had a terrible command of English or something. Oh I checked out that ad link... horrible singing plus weird moustache!

soso: As if 'perfection ' wasn't hard enough but let's add looking young forever to feel and be perceived as beautiful.

Amalia: Something tells me no women were involved in the creative direction of that ad lol. I'm sorry but it doesn't appeal to me at all. I guess it appeals to men so they can tell their wives about Bluunis!

azyan azilah: I think I know which ad you mean.
Freakin' ridiculous!!

Emmy: I know right? A bunch of chauvinistic pigs me thinks.

Sluff: LOL! Yeah it seems like they came up with the lines in 5 minutes.

ashieBee: I haven't seen that one but most deodorant ads involve attracting the opposite sex. It's the easiest option lol.

RS: Me too. All these whitening products we have in Malaysia.. it's just ridiculous. True beauty is self appreciation and self acceptance. No cream can ever do that for you.

Misha: The first few times I saw that ad I had no idea what Bluunis was. Was it an eyebrow salon or a beauty spa? Why do we need a 'passport' to go there? lol

Fatty: Aww thanks for the love, Fatty. Appreciate it <3 I hear you girl! It's a mindset we need to free ourselves from. In the West, lots of Caucasians want to be tanned... they would go tanning and wear tanning creams just to get the skin tone we have naturally have as Asians. It's strange for them to see tanned or dark-skinned girls who want to be fair!

yunayuni: In other words, as women our worth decreases as we get older... alhamdulillah we have Islam, a religion that tells women their worth is not based on their looks but their intelligence and piety.

unsettledsoul: Sigh, sadly I know lots of married men who feel that way. That kind of situation you've described is the reality for many... but not all. Ads are all about appealing to people's desires and that sure speaks to lots of men out there...
Nieya Asni said…
Kak Sha, this is the best ever ads I have ever seen.

It is directed by Allahyarhamha Yasmin Ahmad (Malaysian well-known story-teller.

The advertisement only aired on Singapore Mediacorp Channels.

Here is the link:

and here is the link of Yasmin's most touching ads. This ads also aired on Singapore's channels:

Yasmin Ahmad's is a legend. Her masterpiece bonded races, ages together.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Norsiah: I love those ads too. Yasmin Ahmad was quite the controversial figure but it is without a doubt that she was one of the most creative directors Malaysia has ever had. May Allah bless her soul.
Anonymous said…
What is Bluunis anyway? How is that even remotely related to being young? Her eyebrows looked horrid, methinks. I'd feel offended too with such a shallow tagline.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Anon: It's a beauty centre. I didn't really get the ad either. I just felt like they didn't bother to put any effort into the tagline! Sad.
Sue Anna Joe said…
Haha. I had the exact same thoughts when I saw the ad. It's just soooo ridiculous!
dt said…
Shallow shortsighted ad. Sad when women support such a message. Beautiful is young, how stupid is that.