Fashion Friday: Ruffles in My Hijab

A loose and flowy bat-wing cardi paired with an A-line high waisted skirt

and LOVE this hijab
The ruffles and colours - it's just very 'Sha'

Perfect coverage at the back makes me feel comfortable to move around as I wish

A touch of femininity with a floral bangle and a pink handbag

What I wore to Imam Suhaib Webb's lecture yesterday
Will do a proper write-up of the lecture soon inshaAllah. 
Meanwhile, don't forget today is the last day to sign up for the 30 Day Photo Challenge!
I'm really pleased to see such positive response and I can't wait for everyone to start tomorrow. 
I think we'll be seeing some very interesting and creative talents.

Until then, ma'salama and Jumaah Mubarak everyone.


Ayuni said…
wow, very beautiful but I'm not beautiful enough to wear like that....
Misha said…
Gorgeous, m'A!
ajjah said…
you look lovely as always sha :)
Esra said…
Very pretty mA, love the cardi
Anonymous said…
MashAllah Sha, this is probably one of my favorite fashion Fridays of yours. Its so modest, yet very fashionable.I really admire how you balance your fashion interests and the deen :).

Yunne Osman said…
i love everything about this look! =)
syieranuar said…
beautiful :)
i have always loved frills and ruffles!
Hijabs and Co said…
shahiraaaaaaaaaah, you so cute mashallah <3
♥Soso♥ said…
RUFFLES:D... lovely colors x
Laila said…
lovely outfit :)
I have joined you 30 days challenge!
I can still participate?
PDT: in the entry of the challenge is the name of my blog :)
Mona Zenhom said…
I love the ruffles! You always look great.
Aisha said…
love love love love!!
this is just elegant, simply elegant! <3 ^.^
You look gorgeous!
sue. said…
sis...ur face just like intan ladyana...
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ayuni: Aww don't say that. Every woman is beautiful and I think anyone can pull off this outfit, seriously. It's a very simple look.

Misha: Thanks girl!

ajjah: Not always.... only when I make an effort lol.

Esra: Me too, it's so comfy and makes me feel like a butterfly lol

Yasmin: Thank you for that! I'm always trying to be better at dressing modestly when I go out. It's a real mission sometimes unless I just wear an abaya.

Yunne: Thanks for being so sweet, as always =)

syieranuar: Thanks!

Aida: Frills and ruffles totally exude femininity, don't they?

Hijabs and Co: Awww, shukkkrannn =P

soso: Thank you, lovely hijab, that's why!

Laila: Thanks!

Mona Z: No, no, no.. I don't always look great... there are days when I'm very casual. Thank you though! =)

Ashi: Thanks for the looove. Appreciate it lol!

Sorlisa: That's what you get with a maxi skirt... instant elegance ;)


Smiley: Aww you always say the nicest things so of course you'd say that! Thank you hun.

sue: Hmmm... Intan Ladyana? That's a first. In these pics perhaps lol. Maybe just the eyes =)