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Passage Through India

In January 2018, I was invited to spend a week in India by Initiatives of Change International (IofC) for a global meeting among its stakeholders. Not only was I looking forward to meeting IofC staff and volunteers I had worked with or heard about but I was happy to visit India for the first time. The meeting in Panchgani consisted of a highly diverse group of individuals, mostly long-time staff and members of the organisation, with people from countries such as Australia, the Netherlands, Kenya, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, England, the United States - you name 'em we had 'em.

I joined IofC because of my deep conviction that people who are different can work together if they want to and play a part, even if it is 'small', in alleviating the conditions of our society. Often times, it is who we are, individually and collectively, not our differences that get in the way of peace, harmony and progress. The things that are destroying our society are the things that destr…

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