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If you asked me 5 years ago where and what I would be doing now I would have said I'd be somewhere in New Zealand, perhaps working in media, an NGO that helps women and/or children or pursuing social entrepreneurship. All I wanted was to be where I could feel a sense of belonging and make a positive difference in the world, starting with my own little corner in the world. As I spent my defining years in New Zealand as a teenager and young woman, it made sense that I thought I would continue living there but God works in mysterious ways to show that while you may have a plan for life, sometimes life has a plan for you.

Now my own little corner in the world is in New York and I have someone to share it with. Getting married and moving to the United States is a bold move. I'm 25 hours away from my family in Malaysia and the political climate in the United States is... interesting, to say the least. I had my concerns about American culture and I still do. The hyper-sexualisation …

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