The Virtue of Kindness

At times we regard kindness as something petty and insignificant. When that happens we need to stop and think about the times people have helped us and how their act of kindness has changed our day or even our lives. 

Have you ever lost something that is dear to you and someone was thoughtful enough to look for you and return it to you? 

Have you ever needed a favour from a friend and he or she actually took the time and effort to help you?

Have you ever sought for good advice and received it?

Sometimes it's the simplest gestures that mean a lot and sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference. I owe some of the happiest moments in my life to people who were caring and thoughtful enough to come to my aid and be there for me.

And isn't it wonderful that God has encouraged us to help one another as a powerful form of worship and meaningful form of charity? 
Abu Dhar (r.a.) narrates that Rasulullah (p.b.u.h.) said: Smiling at your brother is sadaqah (charity); enjoining good and forbidding from evil is sadaqah; directing someone who has lost his way is sadaqah; guiding a man with poor eyesight is sadaqah; removing stones, thorns and bones from the path is sadaqah; and pouring water from your bucket into your brother's bucket is sadaqah.            (Tirmidhi)      
Never underestimate the virtue of kindness and the importance of helping one another because Allah swt is al-Alim (the All Knower) and al-Karim (the Generous). He knows our each and every intention and action and He is The One who will reward us for all the good deeds that we do.                              


Esra said…
MashaAllah, well said SHahira :)

It's so true - so many people forget that it's actually our mannerisms and actions towards others that our prophet(s)preached about the most, and so many of us get too caught up in the technicalities of religion before working on these more important issues.

Thanks for posting.
Asielah said…

So true. The topic's been lingering on my mind lately. I agree with esra too. Our character is what defines us as a person, as a muslim. We should pay attention to that. Thank u for sharing.. :)
SaLuff said…
I found this quote the other day:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" - Plato

It just really struck me in the heart -very warming!
syieranuar said…
nice sharing sis :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Esra: Shukran! I wrote this as a reminder to myself first and foremost, because I get complacent and forget how important it is to help one another. And with all the hatred against Islam in this world, I just wanted to show people how violence and oppression strongly contradicts with our beliefs as Muslims.

Asielah: Our character defines us and Islam refines our character =)

Sluff: Wow that is powerful. I totally agree... you never know what someone else might be going through so why not be nice to people just for the sake of Allah?

syieranur: Your welcome!
RS said…
you're so right. being kind is not difficult. =) I feel sooo warm inside after reading this. it's really awesome. thanks for sharing Elaiza! :)
RS said…
oh gosh, I just teared up pondering on the teachings of our prophet (pbuh). I'm proud to be Muslim.
Laila said…
MashaAllah :D
this text said all the true, and thanks because it makes me think on it, and because from now I'll pretend to be more helpful
Shahirah Elaiza said…
RS: You're always so sweet, thank you for enjoying my post lol. Sometimes I cry when I think about the Prophet (pbuh)too... esp. when I watch this video:
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Laila: Sweetie, I don't think you meant to say you would 'pretend' =P But I know what you meant!
Great reminder Sha! :)
Amnah said…
Esra said it best.

Sometimes we overthink our religion. It's not as complicated as we make it out to be in our heads. Alhamdulilah. Beautiful reminder Shahirah.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
hijabie hippie hypo: Sometimes the best reminders are right in front of us, we just don't see it. I wrote this as a reminder to myself first and foremost! =)

Amnah: And some people take away the beauty of Islam. What we can do is to embody our faith as much as we can and then we'll start to realise how amazing Islam really is.