Beauty Product of The Month: Chanel Vitalumière Aqua

The French sales lady who sold this to me successfully convinced me that it would be the perfect foundation for my summer holiday. Why, you ask? Because it's a light-weight one. I guess that's irrelevant because people with an accent can convince me to jump off a roof even if they hardly tried. 

And I also bought it because when I asked her why she chose to move to New Zealand she laughed and  said, 
"Because of a man."
I responded, "I hope he's worth it!"
"Oh yes he is," she replied and a big, sincere smile was carved on her face.

I can be an old-fashioned romantic.

Vitalumière Aqua in Beige

The verdict?
The best light-weight foundation I've ever tried.

Ever wondered what I look like without make up? Voila! This is a first on Colours of My Life by the way
 Dark eye circles, uneven skin tone, lack-lustre looking skin... sigh.  

 So happy with the outcome, I had to smile!

I guess a natural glow can be bought in a bottle after all

Still smiling

What do I love about it? 
Coverage... light weight to medium, natural looking finish
Water-based... so my skin can breathe
Looks... like I'm glowing, yay!
Feels... velvety and smooth
Smells... wonderful, floral and powdery
Protection... SPF 15, love your skin ladies
Perfect... for daytime wear especially in warm tropical climates
I imagine... myself by the beach whenever I think of this foundation

Best of all...
 It looks and feels utterly effortless.
Just how I like it.

On most days this is how I like to look. Minus the black eyeliner.
I wear more make up for special occasions or simply when I feel like it.
Otherwise I use foundation, eyeliner, a hint of mascara, lip balm and I'm good to go! 


Sahira said…
You looked great without makeup, but the Chanel foundation really looks amazing! I'll have to check it out sometime. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Sha, you look flawless even w/o makeup masyaAllah! But thank you for the review, I don't wear make-up much but maybelline's foundation seems to work for me now. I do have a sample of Chanel foundation lying around, should give it a whirl ;)

p/s: how odd is this, i just bought the same shawl as you're wearing in these pictures LAST NIGHT, but in golden brown color! :)
Esra said…
The foundation looks great - very light and natural. You're lovely either way though mA.

Thanks for posting.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Sahira: Thanks hun, I think I look 'ok' without make up not great though lol! In the past I felt I couldn't leave even home without make up... it took me a few months to find the courage to do so.

Ami: Awww thank you, I've been drinking heaps of water lol. Oh I have a range of foundations... from Avon, Maybelline, ZA, Revlon, MAC to Chanel. It's always good to try different types. I'm not fussy about brands. As long as the thing does its job I'm happy!
Btw, I have the same shawl in olive green, maybe that's the one you have too? I really love it. It's quite shiny.

Esra: Shukran =) Yup I'm a huge fan now. I just had to blog about it and spread the word lol.
Anonymous said…

ur skin is flawless...nampak suci..barangkali NUR perubahan u semakin memancar.i shud give this Chanel foundation a try too.
-ilyannur- said…
with or withour make up u still gojes lah!
Intan said…
hi this is my first time commenting here.any way just wanna say that your skin without makeup is flawless!
RS said…
I've always been skeptical of chanel make-up but I'll take your word for it and perhaps try it!

Giorgia Armani has AMAZING light weight make up btw. Like really.
Feda said…
hardly any difference...your skin is beautiful!! I'm struggling a lot with mine recently, the cold weather over here is sooo drying.

I LOVE your banner color splatter thing! It fits your blog name so perfectly!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
pulut coco: What a lovely thing to say! Thank you.

ilyannur: I see a very plain girl in the mirror when I don't wear make up lol. Thank you hun.

L&S: Wa-hy thank you lol

supermummy: Aww thank you for making my day you super commenter =)

RS: Me too! That's why I'm really happy with this one. I've never tried GA's light weight make up... their foundations are usually quite heavy right? Might give it a try after I finish this.

Feda: Thank you... but gosh, I don't know what you girls are seeing. I think my skin looks pretty blah without make up... but alhamdulillah, I don't have any serious skin problems. Though it is quite sensitive.

Winter can be harsh on the skin. Drink plenty of water and use rose hip oil on your face. It helps me during winter in NZ.
Hanafedora said…
Honey..ur already a beauty without make up. I always find it a bit of a hassle for a day out with make up. You know with the salah and wudu'. So I end up not wearing any if it's just running for errands. Though I love to be glowing when going out especially when you're 26 and dark circle are more obvious.

How do you do it if you're out the whole day and you have to salah? And sha do you have a good eyeliner that doesn't smudges but also not waterproof for salah?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Hana: My tip is to use powder foundation. Washes off easily. Maybelline and L'Oreal pencil eyeliners don't smudge much and easy to remove with a bit of baby oil or olive oil. Rimmel's kohl is sooo smudgy but it looks very black. I think kohl in general is very smudgy. Oh and if I can pray, I don't use expensive make up cos 'sayang!' lol and no mascara either... just the eyeliner is enough.
Asielah said…
ur gorgeous sha.. like, really, really. and i sooooo have to totally agree with what pulut coco said.. :)

wud love to try this out. mine's finishing soon!
♥Soso♥ said…
you look gawj without make up mashallah but yeh I see that extra touch ' chanel 'has given
ᖇᗩE said…
I thought you were going to look different sans "Chanel Vitalumière Aqua". There's not much difference, That foundation looks so natural, it just added some glow to your face. I want to try it too, I hope it's not that expensive :)
Amnah said…
Mashallah, you're stunning!

I've recently started to dabble in make-up. I'm a total tomboy and am clueless when it comes to the stuff. I'm working on it though.
Aisha said…
sha you have beautiful natural skin, the chanel just made you look even more darn gorgeous!!

im quite tempted to try a new foundation [i use mineral] your post is really very convincing..hmm ;)
Hijabs and Co said…
you looked great without foundation too!!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Asielah: Happy trying =) and thanks for the compliment!

soso: Thanks!

Bitten: It might be cheaper where you are perhaps? =) I hope it is.

Amnah: Shukran for your kind words. You're a tomboy when it comes to this? Nahh I don't believe you! ;)

yana malek: Thanks for commenting. But the truth is I get spots and blemishes like everyone else... esp when I'm not eating right so I am very careful with what I eat these days. And I make sure I drink LOTS of water and get enough sleep.

Ashi: Thank you hun! My skin has its moments though... and when I get spots that's when I get all insecured lol. You should defo give this a try... it's lovely. Smells pretty too!

Hijabs and Co: I think I look plain and normal but thank you! =)
ᖇᗩE said…
I'm in Dubai. Btw, what I forgot to mention.. you look stunning with or without makeup :)
Unknown said…
it looks good on you. what shade is this? :)