I'm a Good Person But I Don't Pray 5 Times a Day

...does God even care?

If He doesn't need us then why must we pray to him all the time?

Is performing the fardh prayer 5 times a day too much?

Is it enough to only be a good person? We donate generously to charity, practice good manners, help the needy, etc. but is it enough to be morally good while we neglect our religious obligations?

Is it fair for a good person to be punished by God? How do we define a 'good person' anyway?

Watch the video for answers.

A good reminder for everyone including myself because I had the same questions too. As always, Allah s.w.t. knows best.


NA. said…
nice video. thanks for sharing :)
Hanafedora said…
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RS said…
subahanAllah. this is wonderful, Elaiza. THanks for sharing!!

I used to be like that 'why pray??' but that was yeears ago. I assure u I'm not like that anymore.

I'm going to share this vid with a few friends. =)
RS said…
sorry I'm so grateful u posted the video that I HAVE to comment twice. THANK U! It's enlightened me very much today.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
amie: Your welcome!

RS: Awww you're so sweet. I always appreciate your comments =) I'm really happy you liked the video. When I saw it just now I knew I just had to blog about it.
akak sha,
thanks for sharing this video. hope we can upgrade our iman and faith just for Allah. subhanallah !
Nubenegra said…
It's not easy to start. Sometimes, I look around me and I see all the converts with his apparently strong faith with no doubts and questions and I ask myself if I'm good enough to become a muslim as I'm always asking about everything. Then, suddenly, you post this video and I think again that I'm on the right way. Thanks a lot.
Jazakallah for sharing :)
I ♥ Nouman Ali Khan's lectures, he's really good at explaining things in simple terms
Thank you very very much for this video..I used to get these questions both from the muslims and non-muslims..And most of the time,i tried to explain but always end up witj some shaky arguments..So thanks very much..

Anyway,i just stumbled across your blog and it's really good..=)and you've inspired me in my writing..so,thanks again..
Asielah said…
salam sha. i love his lectures! the way he explains things make me understand the real cause of the problem. iman kita tak selalu kuat. terkadang tu lemah sangat, even to people who've been a practicing muslim for a long long time. but with reminders like these, hopefully we will always remember our purpose here, insyaAllah.. thank you for sharing! :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
beating of life: Ameen, inshaAllah =)

Nubenegra: Everybody struggles with something and it takes time to build faith. The main thing is that you never give up hope on God's mercy. There's no such thing as not being good enough to be Muslim. Allah is always with those who remember Him and strives to be near to Him.

hijabi hippie hypo: Yeah, he does! Alhamdulillah for Islam scholars and speakers like Br. Nouman who makes life a little easier for us simple people.

Siti Fatimah Zaini: Glad you benefited from the video. Thanks for dropping by! =)

Asielah: Faith is something that goes up and down. It constantly needs renewing and the only way to do that is by increasing our remembrance of Him via acts of worship such as learning more about Islam, dhikr, prayers and fasting. InshaAllah khair =)