Maher Zain in Harian Metro

Monday, February 28, 2011

Spot anyone familiar? ;)

Much thanks to Ami Schaheera and her friend, Rhona, for letting me know.

Maher Zain & Goodbye

Assalamualaykum everyone!

I just had one of the most eventful weekends of my holiday *phewh* But alhamdulillah, everything went well. I have sooo much to tell you but for today I'll blog about Maher Zain's concert which my family and I attended on Friday night.

My family and I are major fans of Maher Zain. He has almost 2 million fans on Facebook and more than 1 million of them are Malaysians. Maher has a huge fanbase in Malaysia and as soon as they announced the concert dates we knew they'd sell like hot cakes. Good thing we bought them early because apparently the tickets were completely sold out. Imagine that... 9000 tickets for each night sold out! MashaAllah, he's very popular. We were absolutely excited and when we arrived we saw people of all ages attending the concert, from little kids to grandmas with walking canes! And the best part is we sat in the first few front rows. 

Are you ready for the photos?

View of the stage from the back

The emcees. I don't know who the guy is but Farah Adeeba is sooo pretty!
I met her once way back when I wasn't a hijabi or a blogger and she was the one who approached me and started a conversation with me while I was star-strucked. A real sweetheart who is beautiful inside out, mashaAllah

Emcees: Why are you here?
Audience: MAHER ZAIN!!!
Emcees: No, we're here because of Allah.... 

A portion of  the audience. The seats on the left and right hand side of the stadium were also filled up.

Malaysian nasheed group, InTeam, performed as one of the opening acts.

Irfan Makki also performed as an opening act with songs from his upcoming album.
He has a very soothing voice mashaAllah.

Come to think of it... he kinda resembles the late Michael Jackson, singing style-wise.
Aha,  I think a lot of people used to confuse his songs as Michael's. 

The moment we were waiting for. The one and only Maher Zain finally made an appearance!
He started the show with 'Always Be There'.

Funny shot! He sang 'Ya Nabi Salam Alayka' and asked the crowd to sing along with him.
He then performed a favourite of mine, 'Hold My Hand'. 

He sang 'InshaAllah' with Indonesian-band Padi singer, Fadli.

'Thank You Allah', is another one of my favourite songs from the album. Maher called it 'his song' and not because he wrote it. He described it as a song which very much reflects his personal life.
I think many of us can relate to it too.

A duet with Canadian-raised Irfan Makki, 'Allahi Allah Kiya Karo'

Another guest performer, Mesut Kurtis, serenaded the audience with Maher Zain by singing 'Never Forget' with the help of some children.

Mesut the Macedonian entertained us with his popular song, 'Burda'. I love it! 

Maher surprised his fans with his latest single which he wrote only 1 and half weeks ago. It's called 'Freedom' and it was inspired by the recent  struggle for peace and justice in the Middle East and North Africa.

After singing 'For the Rest of My Life' and 'BarakaAllah Lakuma' the concert was almost over but the audience wanted more and he gave us exactly that. He didn't disappoint us by singing some of the songs again. The night got better when he belted out  the Malay-version of 'InshaAllah'!

My favourite photo from the entire night!  This was taken at the end of the concert when lots of people with cameras including yours truly went to the front of the stage to get a closer look at the charming singer. 
This shot perfectly portrays how we all felt at the end of the night!

Alhamdulillah a million times Friday's concert was amazing and a complete success. Although I do wish he had sung 'SubhanaAllah' featuring Mesut Kurtis. It's also a favourite of mine. I took heaps of HD videos with my camera but I don't think I'm allowed to post them online.  As much as my family and I enjoyed his concert  Vivy went on Saturday and told me she had a completely different experience. Apparently he forgot some  lyrics and he just wasn't in his element as much as he was on Friday. I don't know what went wrong. My guess? He was probably drained out. I heard he had been rehearsing for 5 consecutive days prior to the concert so it would make sense for him to be tired right? Allahu3alam

Before I forget, this is what I wore to the concert.
I wanted to look professional for some odd reason. 

On a sad note, I'm leaving Malaysia tonight (it's already Monday as I type this). I feel all nostalgic right now. You know, like all of a sudden you look at your surroundings differently and just about anything can make you feel emotional and your thoughts seem to drift away so easily to all the fond memories. I'm going to miss Kuala Lumpur sooo much. I had my farewell lunch with Hana Tajima and the Scarflet girls on Saturday and with some of my girlfriends on Sunday. Thank you for making my weekend as beautiful as you all are! (will blog about the lunches next time)

Alright, I should probably go now. It's late and I need my rest before the long journey. Plus, I don't want to get all teary-eyed and emotional. Please make dua for me to have a safe trip to Australia and then New Zealand. Blog soon, inshaAllah

Faith Friday: Start Your Day with a Bang

Friday, February 25, 2011

There are days when I wake up feeling blah and anxious. 

I should confess that I am a stress-head. I worry and over-analyse about absolutely everything. 

Fine, not everything. Most things. They range from what I should wear for the day to wishing my teeth were straighter. I also like to envision how my day will turn out and when it doesn't  go as planned I do get a little frustrated. Yes, I am a so-called perfectionist and I can be pedantic. If I can't give 100% on something then I probably won't commit to it. On top of that, I also worry about the state of the Earth and humanity (no kidding). I blame this on the fact that I am a classic Virgo. 

Or the fact that I'm not much of a morning person.

Trust me, I'm trying to work on my issues. 

Having said that, I've recently discovered a great way to start my mornings. After performing Fajr (dawn) prayer one day I decided to open the Holy Qur'an and read Surah Fajr. It's currently my favourite surah to read every morning. It's not very long but it's filled with the best reminders for the beginning of any day and it really does put things into perspective.

This particular surah addresses issues that we face as humans everyday. Arrogance, corruption (especially of powerful leaders), ingratitude, impatience, selfishness, injustice towards orphans and the poor, and the dangers of excessive love for material wealth. 

I feel that through Surah Fajr, Allah subhana wa taala is telling us everything we need to remember before we go out to the open world and start our daily lives. It even mentions the coming of  Judgement Day to warn us about how we will accountable for all our deeds and that everything comes from Him - the good and the bad - because this life is a test to see who will have humility and patience and practice righteousness. What I love most about this surah is its powerful ending.

 I imagine how it would feel to hear my Creator say these words to me...  
(It will be said to the pious): "O (you) the one in (complete) rest and satisfaction!
"Come back to your Lord, Well-pleased (yourself) and well-pleasing unto Him!
"Enter you, then, among My honoured slaves,
"And enter you My Paradise!"
Doesn't that leave you feeling completely inspired to do good deeds that will please Him throughout the day?   Shouldn't we strive to gain life in Paradise, a life that is eternally blissful, instead of only dedicating our lives to this imperfect world that is only temporary? Now that's what I call starting your day with a bang. Spiritually, at least! 

Christchurch: Hit Again and This Time it's Deadly

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some of you may have seen footages of the heart-wrenching Christchurch earthquake which claimed the lives of dozens of New Zealanders and tourists yesterday. They say lightning never strikes the same place twice but this is proof that we can never be too sure of that. We should have seen the stranding of 107 pilot whales in Stewart Island the day prior to the earthquake as a sign

My heart and prayers goes out to the victims and their loved ones who are facing quite possibly the most devastating tragedy in their lives. They are still experiencing many aftershocks after the earthquake. When an earthquake happened in Christchurch in September 2010 I remember thinking how surreal it is to be in a city that's only a 5-hour away drive from Christchurch and escape a terrifying natural disaster. 

Just a few days ago I was contemplating on how we, as humans, sometimes feel mighty and powerful with our chest puffed up with pride and arrogance, yet if the Earth were to swallow us up there would be no way for us to stop it from happening. We'd like to think that we have ultimate control of our lives but the reality is we're very fragile and to a certain extent absolutely helpless. 

I am scheduled to fly to Christchurch on the 2nd of March but I am now making arrangements to go back to Dunedin via Wellington instead. I wasn't planning on blogging for a while because there's a lot that needs to be done before I leave but I just had to. Christchurch is just too close to home. 

Lunch Date at Café Stelle

Thursday, February 17, 2011

As promised, here's a post with a little bit more detail about the lunch date I had with my girls recently. If you're wondering why I'm dedicating an entire write up about it, here's why. Firstly, we live in different countries most of the time. Secondly, some of us have work and other responsibilities therefore free time is quite limited.

Ah, the joys of  growing up, ey? 

This lunch date was cancelled and postponed a few times but we made it in the end. Yay! I slept over at Vivy's and she told me about Café Stelle which I am very grateful for because I couldn't think of a nice, fancy place we should go to for our little reunion. I originally wanted to go to Shangri La's Lemon Garden Cafe but it was fully booked. Nevertheless, I'm very happy with how the day turned out anyway. Did I mention that I also visited the Fashion Valet office for the first time ever? I know, I'm a horrible friend! That's okay, Vivy punished Marissa and I later on by making us sit in her office while she worked.... on a Sunday. 

It doesn't matter really because a day spent with my girls will always be lovely to me. I love that we can goof around and embarrass one another and still have love for each other. We can share our most intimate stories, ask questions we wouldn't dare raise with other people and take lots of photos like it's nobody's business. That's what girlfriends are for, right? 

Do you see what I have to put up with? Tsk tsk.... 

Here's a quick review of the Italian-inspired Café Stelle while I'm at it.

The café has an open concept as it is in the heart of Pavilion's lush shopping boutiques.
The décor is very modern and sleek. It's perfect for those who want an escape from loud and elaborate designs. 

Comfort is a vital aspect of any dining experience. I simply adore the couches that add a touch of homeliness to the eatery. 

We were served complimentary buns (very soft, by the way) with different types of pesto and some butter.

I ordered the fricasses con cipolline (braised lamb onions, carrots, potato served with soft polenta and balsamic reduction). I really enjoyed it because the lamb was very tender and tasty and the meal was very filling for a woman's palate.

Marissa's capellini aglio e peperoncino (angel hair pasta with tiger prawns, garlic, olive oil, chilli and Italian parsley). I didn't try it but notice the unique bowl it came in? Molto carina (very cute)!

The arrosto di branzino all crema di fungi (roasted sea bass with trio of herbs, puree of russet potato scented white truffle oil, sautéed mix vegetables and mix forest mushroom sauce) and zuppa di funghi e olio tartufato (cream of mixed mushroom with white truffle oil) requested by Vivy.
I didn't try the sea bass but I sure tried the mushroom soup and it was delizioso!

Muna's manzo arrosto panino a.k.a. roast beef sandwich. Everything sounds better in a sexy and mysterious foreign language! It came with her own personal selection of bread, filling and a serving of fries. 

I have a sweet tooth and this is love in a bowl for me.
The arancia crème brulee e marinato fragola (crème brulee with berries, usually served with orange and strawberry compote) was amazing. 

It wasn't runny like other crème brulees I've tried.
This one was thick, creamy and extremely satisfying.
I think I'm going to have beautiful dreams about it when I'm back in New Zealand.

Verdict: A casual yet lush ambience - you get the best of both worlds. Quality food and affordable prices for the meals but I can't say the same about their drinks in terms of price. Vivy would recommend their Almond milkshake. Yums! Browse the full menu here.

Later that day we were punished hung out at the Fashion Valet office. Vivy had a million and one things to do so Marissa and I filled up our time by talking about boys and politics - we sure know how to balance serious and fun. Muna had to go somewhere else after lunch so she missed out on all the after-lunch fun! *nyahaha*

All in all, it was a good outing, alhamdulillah. I know I'm very blessed to be on this wonderfully eventful break, masha'Allah.  My holiday in Malaysia is coming to an end so I'm making the most of these last few days. I'm quite nervous about starting post-grad studies. I think it's going to mean more work than ever before. I'm sorry I haven't been replying e-mails and comments as of late. I need a break from the world (blogging included) but I'll be back, inshaAllah. I'll make sure that I do reply once I feel rejuvenated and like a brand new person.

I'm going away this weekend and I'm totally looking forward to it. Hope you lovelies have an awesome one! 

A Love that Lasts Forever

Monday, February 14, 2011

Abah & I, Perth. circa 1993
My late father.
May Allah s.w.t. grant him the highest level of Paradise, ameen.

In 2007, I lost my father to a sudden death. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.
He always said that's how he wanted to go when his time came. 
He spent his life giving love to his family and spreading joy even to strangers.
He contributed to his country and he loved his family unconditionally.
The love between a man and his family is a love that lasts forever. 
My father was a special man.
Not only was his life a blessing but so was his death. 
Because it taught us what it meant to lead a meaningful life.
It's not about wealth, power or getting what you want all the time.
It really is about how much good you've done while you were alive;
the hearts you touched and the people you loved,
your relationship with The Almighty,
and never giving up on the people and dreams that mean the world to you.
I miss him more than anyone can ever imagine. 
I always will.
{Day 30 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge}

Style Sunday: Urban Chic Reunion

My girls from high school and I had one of our reunions today at Pavilion. We had our sumptuous lunch meals  at Café Stelle and I'll blog about that tomorrow. For now, here's what we wore. 

Don't you think my girls look fabulously urban chic? 

Marissa in House of Dereon jeans

Muna in Christian Louboutin nude heels

Yours truly in Zimmerman black jumpsuit bought in Melbourne

Vivy with her Prada tote

Too pretty for words mashaAllah

LOL @ the look on my face
Perhaps I was trying to 'seduce' Vivy? Perhaps. You'll never know ;) 

I love this photo of us. Marissa looks très picture perfect and my skin looks out-of-the-ordinarily flawless. 
Trust me, my skin isn't this great looking so I will take some delight in any photo which depicts it in such a way.
 Thank God for natural lighting. It's the best.

Giddy Up, Sheriff Luqman!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Saturday my talented photographer friend, Sue Anna Joe, held a birthday party for her son, Luqman. By the way, his name isn't really Sheriff Luqman! Silly me, I actually thought that it was and I even wrote it in his birthday card. Don't look at me like that... Shariff, Sheriff, potayto potahto. The girls made fun of me anyway. His adorableness is named Muhamad Luqman. Okay, now I know! Anyway, I dub him as the cutest little human being I've seen in a while mashaAllah. Just look at him. Don't you agree?

I don't remember the last time I went to a child's birthday party. At first I was quite overwhelmed by all the kids that were there but it's always nice to be around the little ones and be reminded of what it's like to be a kid.

I  met some beautiful fellow Scarflet bloggers there such as Aimie Bahirah, Ami Schaheera and Fatin @ HoneyPokaPoka (I just love saying HoneyPokaPoka! Try it yourself.) 
I also took photos with Anna but they didn't turn out very clear as I was still getting used to the settings on my new camera, sigh.

My covergirl sister, Melissa, came along with me. We both dressed up as Native American Indians or rather hijabified Native American Indians. Getting dressed up was fun!

Imagine Pocahontas.... in hijab, being Asian and *bam* you've got me.

We had a swell time, thanks to Sue Anna Joe (another name I like saying in full, so catchy!). Thank you Anna for inviting us over! We hope the cute birthday boy had fun and we wish him a blessed long life surrounded by all his loved ones, inshaAllahameen

A New Zealand Woman's Journey to Islam

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


One of the perks of having a blog is that I have the opportunity to reach out to people and help others for the sake of pleasing Allah s.w.t.. I consider it to be a great blessing because helping others is a form of worship in Islam and I try my best to worship my Creator in anyway possible. I am not perfect but I am always trying. 

Almost 2 months ago I received an e-mail from a woman in New Zealand. She expressed her interest in accepting Islam but she didn't know any Muslim women therefore she reached out to me because she came across my blog while doing some research about Islam on the Internet. We exchanged a few e-mails and I have found her to be a warm and wonderful woman, mashaAllah. After introducing her to some Muslim sisters via e-mail I finally asked about her journey to Islam.  Her story touched me because after all that she has been through she found Islam. Allah s.w.t.'s Love for His creations is Wide and All-Encompassing, subhanaAllah

She is inspirational in my eyes because, tell me, how many women in this world have been hurt by men? How many women have been emotionally and/or physically abused by the very same men they love and trust? Innumerable. It is amazing when I find proof of women who find solace and strength in Islam. The media always portrays Islam as a religion that subjugates and oppresses women. This couldn't be even more further from the truth. Before you make such a judgement please speak to a Muslim woman and hear what she has to say.

No doubt there are Muslim women who are not happy but it isn't due to Islam, rather it is because of the injustice some men have subjected them to. Not all Muslim men are knowledgeable enough about what Islam teaches regarding the treatment of women. Often times they allow cultural beliefs to dictate their lives and instead of adhering to Islamic principles they continue the vicious cycle of bad cultural practices. Some Muslim men even manipulate Islam in order to find loopholes to justify their behaviour and choices. In Islam, the kind treatment towards women is not only encouraged but commanded by God because women are precious beyond description and righteous women are regarded as a blessing to a family and a community. 


Anyway when I read my newly acquired friend's e-mail about her discovery of Islam I had tears in my eyes and I'm not the kind of person who cries very easily. I cried because with her discovery and acceptance of Islam her journey has not ended. It has only just begun. May Allah s.w.t. always bless her with guidance so she may attain Paradise on Judgement Day, inshaAllah.

Kimberly* has agreed for me to share her story with you. I am only doing this to remind all of us about the beauty of Islam and the Greatness of Allah s.w.t.. Being Muslim isn't about having the perfect past because we all make mistakes but God loves those who don't associate Him with anyone or anything else by turning only to Him, the One and Only Sustainer of Everything, in their search for the Truth. I also want to reiterate my point in this post and encourage everyone to reach out to someone. Don't be a negative person today. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be cheerful. Remember, you don't always need money to help others. Just some time and sincerity is all it takes, inshaAllah

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
As salaamu Alaikum

:D (Practising )

Hiya Sha

Yes, I have been receiving heaps of wonderful emails. Thank you so much. Words can’t express how grateful I am! You Muslimah have made me feel so welcome. Praise to Allah for blessing me with your friendship.

I have quite a long story, which Insha a Allah, I will try to keep simple. I have always believed in Allah, but didn’t have a name for him. My parents sampled various Christian Churches, and that was my main influence, till one day, I got myself into a compromising situation, and turned to the Youth Leaders of the Church and was Ostracised. So I always held a Love for Allah, just was hurt by the people, so turned from Allah and as you can imagine, it wasn’t a good outcome. Eventually, I ended up a Single Mother (though Praise Allah, the Most Merciful) it was a complete Blessing. I turned my life around, and had a desire to return to Allah, I just wasn’t sure where to look.

Anyway, throughout my life, I have had (as you can imagine, living in the shadows) issues with depression. My saving Grace (All praises to Allah) was my daughter, who in now four. One day, I was grieving as I had finally got free of Emma's* Dad (He has issues with drugs and alcohol), but was feeling this intense loneliness. I went into this site called Oasis Active, which is a friendship dating site. Don’t get me wrong, I’d never really internet dated before, but had only wanted to meet interesting people for interesting conversation from somewhere other than New Zealand. I wanted to know the big wide world.

I was talking to some people, and flicked through full of frustration, when a Person, who was ex pilot in RAF caught my attention. We started chatting (i thought he was in London), turned out he was from London, but studying in Wellington. We clicked. After a week or so, he commented on going to the Mosque, so I asked him if he was Muslim, and he said Yes. I asked him if he would share some of it with me, as I wanted to get to know him. I had also only really been bombarded with terrorism, and wanted to get more of an understanding of Islam, and a different perspective. I try to be open minded about different cultures and beliefs. I like to try to understand people and know them for who they really are.

He sent me about 4 sites to look up, introductory sites, Islamic Women and an English translation of the Quran, and as I was researching, it really spoke to me. I really especially loved they way women were in the true Islamic sense revered (If that is the right term). I have had a lifetime of different forms of abuse and as you can imagine, wanted to try to protect myself from society to retain what little dignity I had left, and to somehow raise a healthy, confident daughter.

Here was this whole belief system designed (By the Almighty and Merciful Allah) to grow healthy people with healthy hearts and Healthy Minds. Lol, My friend just about fell over backward (in the virtual sense, we still email, still haven’t met, but he is my friend and brother in Islam) and has supported me through thus far. He thought that I was only converting for him. I had to do some explaining to show that it was Allah I was interested in! Since then, Allah has shown me you Sisters, and now I have met a Very nice, Very spiritual Muslim Man in Egypt. We will marry when he gets here Insha a Allah. Now I feel this sense of peace and happiness. (Allahu Akbar). I feel like I have come home.

Anyway, that is pretty much the story. Insha a Allah, it may give you some insight to me.

Again, Thank you for making me feel so welcome and supported. I really want to do my best by Allah.

And thank you so much for listening to my story.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Assalamualaykum Kimberly*,

Very nice, practising I see! lol

Wow. I have to be honest. Your story brought tears to my eyes.

Alhamdulillah. I am so happy for you. So so happy. To find peace and happiness is truly a gift from Him.

You are such an inspirational and wonderful woman. I am so happy that you e-mailed and gave little ol' me the opportunity to help you find more Muslimah friends. Actually, I haven't done anything at all. It was all YOU. You brought yourself closer to Allah. I feel very humbled right now. May I ask how old you are? If you don't mind, that is. I'm 23.

And please give your daughter hugs and kisses from me =)

Wa alaykummusalam,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wa Alaikum Assalam wa Rahmatul – lahi wa Barakatuh Shahirah

Thank you so much for your kind emails. Its funny how one sees their own story as insignificant, yet someone else finds inspiration. That actually takes me by surprise! Thank you so much. (Lol, especially since I first wrote to you as I felt completely inspired by You!) Allahu Akbar!

I am 36 yrs. I first left Allahs grace when I was 19, so you can imagine how long I lived in the shadows. But Praise Allah, he called me back. I will do my upmost to be the honourable servant that he intended me to be (Insha a Allah).

I have received emails from **, ** (she sends me heaps of reading material, she’s brilliant! May Allah Bless her!), **, **, and **. They are all so lovely.

I will pass on my Love and hugs to Emma* for you. Thank you so much for your friendship and support. May Allah Bless you!

As salaamu Alaikum

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


*Names have been changed or omitted for privacy reasons.

An Afternoon Soirée: Tea and Cupcakes with Hana Tajima

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Around 2 weeks ago Aimie called me and the tone of her voice was different. She sounded giddy and I was kind of suspicious but I waited to hear what she had to say. 

"Hana Tajima sent me a message on Facebook and invited both of us to a tea party!"

I didn't know what to say. I was quite speechless. I remember saying something along the lines of 'OMG No way! Really??? OMG! '. 

Yes, I have my not-so-eloquent moments.  

My next thought was, 'OMG I have nothing to wear!!!' because seriously, what do you wear when you're about to meet an inspirational fashionista such as Hana Tajima, the creative genius behind StyleCovered and Maysaa? She handpicked 16 girls and I was one of them. Can you imagine the pressure? Nevertheless, I was beyond excited. I was thrilled, honoured, surprised, anxious and very, very much looking forward to meet Hana again. 

So who else was on the invite list? Ami, Shea, Sue AnnaAimie, Yana, Adriani, Eyqa @ Sugar Scarf, Fatin @ HoneyPokaPoka, Aishah Amin, Moon @ Cik Epal, Maria Elena, Emmy @ Lady Gagamelan, Lyna Kamal, Jezmine, and Zafirah Hanis. You see, I've never thought of myself as a fashionista or a popular blogger so it  felt pretty awesome to be included in this oh-so-exclusive list. 

The tea party was held at Rumah Tanjung Spa in Damansara Heights and I must say that everyone, yes everyone was dressed to impress. We were escorted upstairs through a candle-lit flight of stairs and as we entered Hana greeted us. One of the things I love about her is that she's very demure but she's also like a bright light and people just gravitate towards her (or as Ami says, Hana is a like a light bulb and we're the fireflies). At one point, after everyone had signed the guest book, said their hello's and gave their hugs to Hana, one of the girls said, "Okay, let's all just stare at Hana now." 

And we actually did for, like, 5 seconds. No kidding. 

Shall we move on to the visuals now?

Food. Glorious food: Aside from Hana, we also gravitate towards food. Cupcakes, meringues, dim sum, curry puffs, chocolates and the like. I told you it would be no ordinary tea party. It was clearly a fusion of the East and the West - just like Hana herself. 

{courtesy of Ami Schaheera}
Rubbing shoulders and cheeks: with fellow Scarflets and the one and only, Hana Tajima. How lucky am I?

{ courtesy of Ami Schaheera }

There's no such thing as too many: When it comes to bloggers there's no such thing as taking too many photos. That's the blogger code. 

Getting to know you: Checking out Maysaa's upcoming collection. It will be on sale next month!
And getting to know all about my lovely blogger friends who are all so sweet and friendly.
Aren't they just prettyful masha'Allah

{courtesy of Ami Schaheera}
Up Close & Personal: This was probably the best part. Getting to know Hana on a personal level brought more depth to our admiration for her. 
Did you know that when Hana met her husband it was love at first sight for her? 
And did you know that she uses A'kin hair shampoo? *something we have in common*
You heard it first from Colours of My Life! 

{courtesy of Ami Schaheera}

Gifts and games: We played a guessing game and Hana opened up her presents. Look at her beaming face!
Hana also gave Jezmine and Shea a very special surprise for their birthdays. Have a looksie here.  

All good things come to an end: Goodbyes aren't pleasant but I was happy at the end of the day because I was grateful. Hana threw this tea party just for us and all I want to say is...

Thank you Hana for bringing us together,
and thank you for spending some time with us.
It's one thing to know a person from behind a screen and it's another
 to actually get to know them on a personal level. 
You're a resplendent person - inside and out;
down-to-earth, composed, gentle and unbelievably beautiful,
I'm so fortunate to be able to call you my friend and my sister in Islam.
It's always a pleasure meeting you!
So... when's our next tea party? 

Here's a video of the event created by the lovely and adorable Fatin @ HoneyPokaPoka. Thank you hun!

* Many thanks to Aimie Bahirah and Ami Schaheera for some of the images. I heart you girls!