Oh hi!

Sorry, I don't think we've been properly introduced. Please excuse that silly girl.

My name is Yoyo. I'm half Persian, half tabby.

I love rolling around in dust after my owners have given me a bath.

I don't think they appreciate that very much though.

I also have a thing for sitting on chairs. I try to behave as human-like as I can.

You know, when in Rome do as the Romans do!

But this one feels a little too small for me.

My idea of a purrrfect day consists of being pampered, getting tummy rubs and sleeping in all day.

I'm a pretty easy going cat.

But let me tell you what I don't like.

Rats. Cockroaches. Little children that chase after me because I'm just so irresistible.

Oh dear. Oh God. Oh no!

Did I mention I'm 10 years old? That's right, I'm 90 in human years!

I know, I so don't look it, right?


Sahira said…
So cute mashaAllah!
Ami Schaheera said…
hahahaha she's so cute! XD
Ayuni said…
so beautiful!!!!
aimie bahirah said…
Oh hello there Yoyo!

Just so you know, I feel like squishing you right now.

much love,
nur said…
why so fierce Yoyo?! hahaha. :)
Love and Sugar said…
LOL wow a talking cat.

ps. what a cutie!
Anonymous said…
what a gorgeous tortie you are!
so cute!
[But I'm still terrified of cats.]
Dinie said…
So blardy kiut!
My 9-month old kitty would say the exact same thing! lol.
RS said…
he looks so fat and grumpy - both in a good way! hahaha. dawww, you'll die when u see the blog post that I'll publish soon. its about cats, too. ;)
Oh my dear God is he cute =)))!!!
I could hug him all day long...you know,I also have a cat,so I understand your love for him :o).
Have a gorgeous year dear Shahirah <3!
WZulhilmi said…
garang gila yg the last pic. mcm nak rodok orang. hahaha. wow dh 10 tahun! terkesima sebentar. :D
Amalia said…
cute cute cute!
soso said…

She looks evil- yet cute simultaneously! how is that possible?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you for your oh so flattering comments! *gasp* I don't look fierce. At least I don't think so. Persian cats have a very distinctive look.

hijabi hippie hypo, you were the only one who recognised me as a 'she'! You purrrfectly wonderful girl you!

Meows and purrrs,
Miss Yoyo
Amnah said…
Awww I want a cat!!! But I think my daughters would kill it. No joke.

(Bellingham is the last largest town in the state of Washington before entering British Columbia, Canada. It's a small college town that has a ton of amazing restaurants. LOL and no that wasn't eaten all in one day!)
Hijabs and Co said…
omg so cuuuute,
luv cats <3