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I love this video.
I love seeing the diversity in it.
Big ups to you if you spotted Suhaib Webb, Mustafa Davis, Omar Offendum,
Dean Obeidallah, Peter Gould, Ali Jones and Usama Canon.
(Did I miss anyone else?)
I love hearing its words that serve as a reminder to all of us.
Such powerful words, powerful images.
Sometimes we get caught up in our own environment that we forget about the rest of the world.
We forget about the universality of Islam and how it promotes co-existence.
Not hate. Not prejudice. Not discrimination.
We forget the role we play as Muslims who are part of a global community. 
We forget about the pain of our Muslim brothers and sisters and to make du'a for them.
We forget to say alhamdulillah for His many blessings upon us and our loved ones.
Islam is beautiful. It is all encompassing. It is so much more than we give it credit for.

The Arabic lyrics sung by the British-born Palestinian Shadia Mansour translate to:
Hamdulillah, our loved ones who have remained for us
Spread my words to those who can't hear us
For mankind
For you, Basra

"The images of the past decades have cast a veil on our identity as a people. We, as international brothers and sisters, are now witness to injustice in real time. We watch our Wars in HD.
It is time for us to claim our faces back.

This video is a global collaborative effort by 10 photographers- from London to Lebanon, Cairo To Canada, Abu Dhabi to America- to create a portrait of the New Global Citizens. They are DJs, MCs, poets, architects, teachers, doctors, parents and children. Most of all they are people."


Ayuni said…
yes, we are one....
Sahira said…
I saw this a while ago and I love it :) Thanks for sharing.
My Great Escape said…
Wow! Mashallah! The last time I went on your blog you had just over two hundred...now it's over four hundred. Congrats!
It's my favourite song :))
♥ The Narcicyst
Stephanie said…
Thanks I needed that this morning. And I did recognize rapper brother Ali @ 1:30 with the white beard and hat.
This is so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing, Shahirah! :)
Mah said…
You so precisely articulate the awesomeness of the video. The video is beautiful and the cinematography does a wonderful job in showing the beauty in our diversity.
-Amina said…
Thanks for sharing this Sha! I can't stop listening to the song :)
Amnah said…
Peter Gould and Usama Canon! And one of my brides at 2:12.

Love this video. So well made.
Anonymous said…
funny thing about music, when it is mixed with islam, we can appreciate these words and remember them for the rest of the day, although (sometimes(!)) our level of appreciation is different when we're reading the AlQuran - Allah's words, or when we're listening to recitation. MashaAllah, it is sad.
mm, i havent been reading AlQuran in awhile actually, its disappointing when i realized i made so much lame excuses :( i should read it now, aslkm :)
Lady Dyla said…
Instant LOVE! suke lyric dia.. deep meaning
Mona Zenhom said…
Thanks for posting some of the words. I love it.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ayuni: InshaAllah =)

Sahirah: No problemo!

Pearlhope24: Thank you sis. I'm amazed myself.

hijabi hippie hypo: *high 5* wait, do people still high 5 these days?

Stephanie: I needed the reminder too. I miss seeing a diverse group of Muslims. Thanks, I added his name to the list already.

Smiley: I think so too ;) Your welcome.

Mah: It's so simple hence they managed to get the message across, right?

Amina: No probs. It's been on repeat for the last 2 days for me haha.

Amnah: Yay, thanks! Added!

Anon: Very true. But the thing about music is that it's a form of entertainment and in the past, I never listened to any songs that had Islamic elements in them. Alhamdulillah, that's changed now!
Music has a way of making Islam relevant to today's culture. And yes, may the Holy Qur'an be a part of your everyday life from now on inshaAllah =) Wassalam.

Lady Dyla: I agree! I'm impressed by this rapper's ability to communicate his thoughts and ideas.

Mona Z: My pleasure!
Kida said…
Thank you for sharing. Lately I've been feeling disconnected from the world because I've been focused too much on what's been going on in my life. This was a beautiful reminder and I'll be sure to be playing this song over and over.
Esra said…
Thanks so much for sharing! Love it.

Think you missed out Dennis Karim aka Lowkey. Check him out-->


This is one of my favourie of his.

Think you've inspired me to post about it on my blog! I'm new to this: feel free to visit :)

Shahirah Elaiza said…
LaLa: No problemo! I was feeling the same way too. When I saw this video it felt like I was home again.

Esra: Thanks for that =) Representing Iraq I see!
husna said…

love ur blog...anyways if ur a fan of imam suhaib webb check out:



he is awesome!