Thanks for the Drama!

I decided to delete the post because Z F was right.


Just let it go. It's not worth it.

U have better things to focus on to; i.e your life which is way more interesting than this commotion.

u had an honest opinion & review, and people should respect that.

And the world would definitely be a better place to live in."

Thank you Z F!

And yes, my comments did reflect my personality.  I'm a direct and straightforward person when it comes to things like this. Why should people "attack" me on my blog just because I said I prefer one restaurant to another? There's nothing I hate more than discrimination and favouritism based on race. I will not support anyone or anything simply because of racial reasons because that is not the right way to success. I want my Muslim brothers and sisters, including the Malaysian ones, to succeed because of the quality of their work not because of loyalty or sympathy.

Besides, what happened to the notion of '1 Malaysia' where all races embrace one another and support each other?


Anonymous said…
i couldn't remember which post? anyway, your're always my favorite blogger. i even addicted to read your blog. first thing when i on my lappy.
Anonymous said…
Oh...sorry to hear that!
But you know there are so many of us that really enjoy your just keep on going and it'll be all fine :)!
ajjah said…
Sha, we can't satisfy everyone with our writings. We're all different, some may like Zam Zam, some may like D'Arab because we're all different. If everyone loves only one thing, then every other shops will have to gulung tikar.. :)

Keep on posting your honest review. As long as you know you're on the right track, you'll be fine..
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Anon: Aww you made me feel a lot better. Thank you! I deleted the post because I didn't want my blog to sound negative and then generate more and more negativity. I always want my blog to be a happy place for everyone.

Jasmina: Thanks hun! I know I can always count on you for moral support =)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
ajjah: I saw your comment earlier =) Thank you. I don't think it was the review that made some people upset... I think it was because I said that people should learn from their competitors, which by the way, I think is so very true. I guess some people can't handle straightforwardness and I should be more careful next time!
Anonymous said…
Salam Sha,

I get to know about the whole hu-ha a bit too late, but I am totally with you.

Keep on writing from your honest heart, and if people have problem with that - it actually reflects more of their own 'heart' issue and personality.

Racial preference is something that should not be encouraged because it leads to prejudice and complacency on the 'preferred race'. Not to mention this is also a very Un-Islamic practice because according to Islam, what take precedence is not the race, the status, or the wealth of the person - but the obedience and submission to Allah.

But these are just the many types of people that comes to us as a challenge and test in our daily life. And I think you handled it well. :)

Keep on writing my dear and I hope to be able to meet up with you soon, insha-Allah.
if people had a problem with your recent post regarding that restaurant, i think some of them are probably being too touchy!
there's nothing wrong with preferring one restaurant or cuisine over the other.

Preference doesn't have to be some sort of crime like 'racism' or anything like that...

we're all born with different personalities and tastes^^
and we can only write our honest reviews and thoughts in our blogs. if other people don't like it then you can't please everyone
Asielah said…
Salam sha. wow. i missed it. didnt get the chance to read that entry. but what u and the others said is true though. no one's perfect, but we try to do the best we can. just keep that in mind and keep on doing what you do best. plus, u've got tones of other ppl who's with you and still wana read your blog! :)
unsettledsoul said…
Trolls annoy me. Sorry you had to deal with that.

zazu said…
Hey sha,

i've always loved reading your blog. sorry you had to come across that. sadly, that's a common scene in malaysia. :/ anyways, glad that you've decided to become the bigger person. don't let this deter you from expressing your views. this is your blog after all :P because if you do, then i won't get to read your blog anymore! :(
Shahirah Elaiza said…
naziehah: Thank you for that sis =) See you soon, inshaAllah!

Sorlisa: Thank you hun.
You know what ticked me off the most? The fact that those people came to my blog and started being sarcastic with me simply because I said I prefer authentic Arabic food and that I didn't think the food at the aforementioned restaurant is as nice due to my own preferences. On top of that they tried to promote "racial preferencing" which I am completely against!

Asielah: It just so happened that they touched on a very serious issue, in my opinion, so I didn't have a very positive reaction. You're right, nobody is perfect. Thanks for that =)

unsettled soul: Thank you Sarah. Gosh! I really don't understand some people and how they have time to spread negativity.

zazu: Thank you. That means a lot to me! I know it is a common scene in Malaysia and it's a subject I'm very passionate about. This idea of racial preferencing or favouritism doesn't get us anywhere in life. Sometimes I think we are too privileged to the point that we forget to be thankful and work hard to prove that we deserve the privileges we have been given. Malays are not more superior than any other race. We are a nation of ONE and we should start acting that way.
Yunne Osman said…
shoot! i was out of touch with the world (read:internet) for 3 days and i missed a lot i see. hrmm... i didn't get to read the post you've deleted but i'm sure you did nothing wrong expressing your preferences. i'm outspoken and straightforward too so i guess i understand what you feel when people don't get you. whatever it is, i'm with you sis. i think you're a sweet and honest person and i will always support you =)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you for your kind words of support Yunne =) I know I'm not free of mistakes and as nice as I can be I will err from time to time. Perhaps I was wrong for speaking my mind even though I was giving constructive criticism because I know it's still not very acceptable in our culture.