When Shahirah Met Tahirah

Blogging is a pretty cool thing. 

Having blogger friends is fun.

Meeting blogger friends in real life is even more fun!

Especially when they come to visit you when you live 5000 miles away. 

I first met the beautiful doctora, Tahirah, when she came to the Live Fashion / Love Music event by Hana Tajima and Yuna last December. I was ecstatic when she emailed to tell me that she was coming to New Zealand for a holiday. It's always so nice to meet friends from the blogging world in real life. There's a special unspoken connection between us and we had a lot of fun together last Saturday when we met up and I took her around this little town o' mine for a day.

Tahirah with her husband and friends. They're all medical doctors by the way. How cool is that?
I took them to Angus Steakhouse for some good old fashion NZ steak.

All of us ordered the 200gm NZ sirloin steak. $17 only! 
It was good but I think they got our orders mixed up cos I didn't get the medium-rare steak I asked for. 

After all that food we had to exercise.
We walked up Baldwin Street a.k.a. the steepest street in the world.

I walked all the way up with these pair of heels. You best believe it! 

Goofing around. Typical. The guys were cracking me up all day.
We took photos like crazy.
The guys even took a photo of the mail-woman who was doing her rounds on Baldwin Street! 
She's definitely very fit and healthy-looking.

Then off we went to the Botanical Garden. 
Tahirah and hubby going all Bollywood here. 

Forget coffee, wake up and smell the roses!

Went to feed some hungry ducks

Finally, I showed them around my university's campus. 

T'was a good day. I'm glad I had the opportunity to show them around even though we didn't have much time as they were leaving for Queenstown the same day. It was fun nevertheless. I can't wait to meet up with her when I'm back in KL and hear all about the rest of her trip. I think they were very lucky because the weather was sunny and gorgeous in Dunedin when they came over! Dunedin's not usually like that. It rained and hailed the very next day.

So... anyone else coming to my side of the world anytime soon?


Seems like a bundle of fun, Sha!! You must be a really wonderful hostess :)

Rumaitha said…
Awww isn't this jsut plain bliss and fun. I wish if I could meet you Shahirah, maybe one day I might. Someday..!!
Unknown said…
may be one day I could drop by too and visit you and your wonderful town, Sha. ;)

(i'm so gonna hinting my husband for that since there's a talk of visiting NZ anytime soon :D)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
La Petite Cherie: It was fun cos it gave me a reason to look at this town in a different light. I don't know if I was a wonderful hostess but I tried my best =) If they stayed longer I could've taken them to more places... esp. ones with gorgeous scenery.

Rummy: Awwhh I would love to meet you too, inshaAllah. Omanis are the loveliest people =)

Aim: You are always welcome! Make sure you come this year cos I don't know if I'll still be here in 2012.
hatim a.r said…
i dont have the confidence to meet up with other bloggers lol.u guys are just too awesome,ill probably go all shy-shy cat
Mona Zenhom said…
MashaAllah such beautiful scenery!I wish I could come visit you one day!
seems like u guys had fun :)

She is cute, btw:P
Anonymous said…

Yazmin Z. said…
Assalam. I love your blog! And it's a surprise that u are in NZ. I'm planning to go there in winter, maybe I could meet u if time allows? :)
RS said…
next time it'll be my turn to visit u! hehe. I love travelling especially to places close to nature. =)
Zara A said…
Aww, you guys really did have such a great time!
The scenery looks beautiful, i love the nature. You don't really get most of that here in Manchester.
I'm not sure about Dunedin but insha'Allah I definately have Malaysia on my list?!! :))
I really hope that day comes where I can meet the awesome you in person and compliment your gorgeous fashion sense! haha.
But if you do so happen to randomly decide to visit the UK, let me know :D
I think its awesome how blogger can create such great friendships, so far I've made two really good friends (one is Fida,I think you know her!) but they both live in America. So fingers crossed I get a chance to meet them some day in the future, .... probably when I start Uni.
I think I'm being very optimistic as a 16 year old wanting to do all these great things in just one year.
LOL, and by the way you should see my face whenever I see you have a new post! I just get this huge smile on my face, you should ask my sister :))))

P.s. Sorry for yappering on with myself, haha! Love your posts!
Anonymous said…
Salam Sha, just curious..does Angus steakhouse serve halal meat?
Anonymous said…
Baldwin street looks like San Francisco :)
Amnah said…
What a fun day! And hello, that steak! My goodness, I'd come to NZ for it. You looked as beautiful as always.
I wish I could come see you, inshaAllah soon :) Wow, that street is sooo steep, and I can't believe you got to the top in heels ! :O

pretty pictures :)
Hijabs and Co said…
shahiraz luv your scarf <3
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Hatim: You already know my response to that =)

Mona: Wish we could visit EACH OTHER =) Despite what's happening in Egypt I would still like to go there.

mengenaldiri: Thanks!

Nur: If I'm in the country then, inshaAllah =)

RS: Or I could visit you! The UK is in my top 10 list of places I want to visit.

Zara: Aww don't say that. I love your comments because I can feel so much optimism from you, mashaAllah =) We need more people like you! If we do meet someday don't be surprised to see that I'm not really much of a fashionista. I... uh.. just love shopping lol. You are definitely most welcome to visit Malaysia, inshaAllah if I am there I'll take you around. Otherwise we'll just have to wait until I get to Manchester inshaAllah ;) And here's to awesome blogger friendships!

Anon: Yes they serve Halal meat. You can speak to the manager. I wouldn't have eaten there if they didn't =)

Sarah: Interesting! Dunedin's very hill-y.

Amnah: You and I, we'd be great food buddies. I just know it. =)

hijabi hippie hypo: I know, I can't believe it either and I wasn't huffing and puffing like I thought I would be. I've been doing a lot of walking and hill-climbing these past few weeks so I guess it helped! Would love to visit UK soon hun, inshaAllah! I'll give you a buzz if I do ;)

Hijabs & Co: Merci darlin'. It's one of my favourites.
BuLaN said…
i miss Dunedin
Zarine Mohideen said…
After watching The Lord Of The Rings, New Zealand is one of my top places to visit.

Insha Allah one day I will!
♥Soso♥ said…
love the shoessss and u look greta as always

F Yusof said…
Yeah same like Hatim. I'll end up cancelling the date haha
Veils And Roses said…
I may be going to Australia (and possibly New Zealand later this year! when is the best climate and best time to visit?:)
Fariza Othman said…
Assalamualaikum Sha.

I just found out your blog from blogwalking.(as usual). Love you blog. Instantly follow you dear. Do check out my blog if you don't mind!!<33


Misha said…
Wow, lovely photos! NZ looks gorgeous with all the greenery and rolling hills!
The Black Jubah said…
I like the pictures...pakai kamera apa ya...my son is also into photography...mum too old now. Hoping to give him a camera after PMR result..what is your best suggestions? and any books to recomend?
Anonymous said…
blog of Muslimah with a modern touch. Most of new western converts and western influenced born Muslims struggle to cope with deen and western style.

You can be a role model for them. Can teach the above said who think Islam and western style and culture cannot go hand in hand, they must learn from your adoption and simplicity in blending Islam with changing world and civilization.

You got such a beautiful soul.