Good Food

I recently found out that the only Middle Eastern restaurant we have here isn't open anymore and I was distraught for a couple of days. I was even thinking of going back to KL. No kidding. So what's my solution to this predicament? To surround myself with friends who know how to cook! After living in Dunedin for several years there's not much I can get very excited about unless my idea of having fun means a) travelling around South Island (which costs a lot of $$) and b) getting absolutely smashed on the weekends, which isn't my idea of fun by the way, just in case anyone is wondering! Well ya never know. People have all sorts of wrong and weird ideas. 

But food (combined with good company, of course) never fails to get me going. In the 3 weeks that I've been back I've had the privilege of eating Afghani and Arabic food cooked by my friends *drools* and if there's anything I've learned about myself this year it is that I cannot, I just cannot, live without Middle Eastern cuisine.

If I have hummus in my fridge it's enough to make me a happy girl.

2 weeks ago.... 

Afghani food with my favourite girls: Rice with caraway seeds, spicy chick pea curry, potatoes and plain yoghurt, fresh salad

Last weekend...

4 dudes, 2 girls and some yummy Arabic food: Lamb kabsa, tabbouleh, fuul (beans) soup

And whee! There was Wii!

Things got a little heated up during the Wii boxing game. Let's just say never underestimate girl power ;)


yuyu aziz said…
wow sis nampak mcm super-delicious.

huh dah la lapar ni belum lunch.hehe
NA. said…
dawh ! spicy chick pea curry ? sounds tasty :P
Chloe said…
It all looks so delicious! I miss Afghani food :(
Mona Zenhom said…
Yum, the food looks great and yay for fun!
Elisa said…
All that food looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I've been trying to broaden my cooking skills so I will have to try out more Middle Eastern dishes in my kitchen :)
Also, girl's ROCK! LoL Looks like you've been having lots of fun, alhamdullilah :)
Iva said…
sha you should marry an arab lol! I'm married to one and I dont even like arab food. I find it too bland hehe
Anonymous said…
nak jgk sis!
Feda said…
mmmmm i love food, that afghan food looks so inviting! not much good food here in Spain...i miss spice and herbs and GOOD FOOD!
Sy said…
mmm that looks good
Middle Eastern cuisine is my favourite!=)
The foods all look so delicious!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Yuyu: They were very delicious indeed =) I should warn people not to read my blog unless they've eaten lol.

Amie: Yes!! Afghans looove spicy food and they're such good cooks!

Chloe: Don't worry, we'll make sure you get plenty when you come and visit soon xoxo

Mona: I know, I really needed to get out and have some fun. Uni is really starting to get to me but I've learned how important it is to work hard and PLAY hard =D

Elisa: You should definitely check out the links I've put in this post =) Those websites have really good recipes! And yeah, I actually have a video of those two fighting it out but it's on my Facebook lol.

Iva: LOL Iva, Lebanese food is the best! Too bland? That's cos you're really into Malaysian food, my love =P Kopitiam in Melbourne all the time je lol.

mengenaldiri: Sila try! =P

Feda: Afghan food has a very good reputation in our mosque lol. WHAATT! No good food in Spain? Unbelievable. Actually I wonder what constitutes as Spanish food...

Sy's Prints: I agree. Looking at these photos makes me want some more.. sigh.

Sorlisa: It is mine too =) And Japanese food. Yummmz.
Zara A said…
That looks Yummy!!! I really gotta get me some recipes and try these out!
Anonymous said…
wow, mashaAllah!
i'm salivating :D
i never tried most of it,sadly..

and also GURL POWAH! ;-P
Amnah said…
I can live in Afghan food for the rest of my life. I'm SO lucky to live in the largest Afghani community outside of Afghanistan itself. Yay for Little Kabul!