Post Grad Better Be Worth It

I'm so proud of my girl, Vivy, and I'm happy my darling Ami had a good time but...

I can't believe I missed this super glamourous tea party by Fashion Valet and Minz!

Aww my two girls together! 

Vivy with some of Malaysia's top supermodels

Congratulations to Fashion Valet and Minz on their first major event together.
For more photos, head on to Ami's fabulous blog and 'like' her Facebook page!

{photos are courtesy of Sputnik Sweetheart}


Zara A said…
Aww, there some great photos! I just visited Ami's blog and Masha'Allah its great!
Pretty girlies just like you! Masha'Allah!
Discovered another awesome blog today, yay!
Insha'Allah I hope to attend awesome fashion shows and events like that in the future. Like you I also LOVE shopping and fashon :)
Aisha said…
oo soo glam! i wish we had such events where i live. man, my life is soo boring :\
-Amina said…
Ashi, same here!

And Sha, like i said the other day, you're *almost* halfway done... glass is half full!! :D
Texan after UAE said…
Awww, since im just really getting into the blogosphere, once again after all this time, I came to your blog and knew why i loved my blogging sisters so much. I just love all the pictures~!!I feel I know you IRL.. <3
Great pictures mann!
It all looks so glamorous and classy.
Unknown said…
aww sha!! thank you so much for hinting vivy on who to invite :D wished i had not come late. should be prepared with camera all the time. thanks thanks thanks once again for promoting my blog + fb page. really miss you sister! ♥
You have got an award, take a look here:
Anonymous said…
Hope your okay inshallah, really miss your posts..:)
♥Soso♥ said…
great set of pictures you have as always:) Ami is relli soo stylish!