Mellowing Down

Surf's Up: a view of St. Clair beach taken on my second day back in Dunedin, 2011

A quick update for all of you.

Yes, I have arrived New Zealand safely.
But not without a little drama.
My plane was delayed twice.
From Melbourne and Christchurch.
First of all, Melbourne was amazing.
I was only there for 2 days but oh my goodness, I am so in love with that city.
Thanks to this girl and her family who took such good care of me.
(I will blog about Melbourne, of course!)
Secondly, my flight out of Christchurch was actually cancelled.
I quietly panicked because I arrived at 1 a.m. and there were no staff for me to approach.
Yes, I actually stopped over there for 8 hours. 
I didn't feel any aftershocks whatsoever.
But I did witness a very long line of people waiting to fly out of there.
I managed to get a later flight to Dunedin and I was very relieved.

Now I am back in Dunedin.
I missed a week's worth of post-grad classes.
Let's just say I have a lot of work to catch up on.
A lot doesn't even begin to describe it but oh well. 
InshaAllah, I hope to start blogging as per usual soon-ish.
And this is my cue to start apologising for my lack of effort in terms of replying emails and comments.
I promise, I'm not being a snob.
And I promise I have sooo much to blog about it's making me nervous.
I just need some time to settle down.
After all, that's what being back in Dunedin is all about this year. 

Mellowing down a little bit.


Chloe said…
Glad to hear that you got back safely :) and don't worry about all the catch-ups, you'll be fine inshaAllah! looking forward to talking with you properly :D xoxo
Zara A said…
Aww, glad to know that you got back safety with the hurdles you faced along the way!
Wow, your so luck to have been at Melbourne for two days! That's amazing, can't wait for your next great idea's and posts.
Insha'Allah don't worry, you'll catch up on all your work. At the moment I'm trying to recover as I've been sick for a week and a half and I've managed to accept that its happened because I've been so stressed out with exams and coursework. Which is why I can't wait til I finally leave High School in summer and for a well-desereved trip abroad!
Make du'a for me sis, and you take care.
Laila said…
The photo is very beautiful! the beach is amazing, I WANT TO GO THERE!!
I'm looking forward to reading your post about melbourne!
RS said…
my goodness. that picture is beautiful. if I ever go to NZ, I want to visit you! =D and u can show me around!
Anonymous said…
u r beautifil
n ur dresses too
nice to know u.
Esra said…
Aw good to know your back safe and sound! Make sure you squeeze enough rest and sleep into your busy schedule too!
Iva said…
Salams dear, this is Fairuz's sister Iva. Just popping by to say Hi and alhamdulillah you're safe home.
Amnah said…
I hate when I comment on posts and come back only to find that I've only commented in my head. Easily distracted, no joke.

We miss you Sha!! With as busy as you are I hope that you at least continue with you Friday posts. I love them.

Not worried about you catching up, Inshallah it will all come together.

By the way, what happened with the photo challenge? I'm interested to see the winners because I didn't get to visit all of the participants' sites.
that pic is such a beauty!!!!wow!!!!
SS. said…
what are you studying? :)
♥Soso♥ said…
glad ur bak safe sis... was looking at that pic and dreaming for a few secs :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Chloe: Looking forward to your visit to Dunedin ;)

Zara: I run away from drama yet it still manages to follow me. Go figure! lol Yup I'm doing all the catching up I can but it doesn't leave me much time for blogging =/ InshaAllah you're feeling better so you can finish school and go overseas as planned <3

Laila: I don't mean to toot my own horn but... I love this shot too! I love the gradient of the colour blue which can be seen in it. InshaAllah that Melbourne post is coming up =)

RS: Of course I'll take you around! What are blogger friends for? =)

mengenaldiri: That's sweet of you, thank you. Thanks for dropping by! =)

Esra: InshaAllah that's my aim this year... to stress less and get enough rest =)

Iva: IVAAAA! Thank you for coming by my humble blog lol. Hope Fairuz forwarded my email to you =) I miss you ladies and Melbourne so much.

Amnah: Well I can understand why you'd get distracted.. hello, super mom of two! I can distracted by shiny, pretty things. lol. I know, I really should start posting a Faith Friday post soon. Thanks for the motivation!

Vivarjitha: Thank you, I was amazed when I looked through my camera. Gosh I love my new baby =D

SS: Communication Studies =)

soso: Now that you've mention it.. that pic is pretty dreamy huh? =)
Anonymous said…
hey what camera do you use? your photography is AMAZING!
Awwwww, I've missed her blog sooo much :) Does she blog anywhere else nowadays? Send my regards to her okie? :)