Style Sunday: Another Reason Why I Love Fridays

Now that I am back in my second home I get to be with my girlfriends again *yay!* Last Thursday Lamya invited 5 of us for a sleepover at her new apartment (the 6 boxes of pizzas is a testament of our typical get togethers - who says girls don't eat?). It's a couple of minutes away from the Friday Shop so the next morning we took a stroll to our favourite pastry haven.

I decided to layer it up and dress comfortably. 
Trying to achieve simplicity was one of my new year's resolutions. 
And I must say... Dunedin is the perfect place for it. 


aishah amin said…
Hi Sha! i love you in that outfit! it looks so comfy!<3 awww i miss u and looking at your photos just makes me want to fly there!;P
Chloe said…
You look beautiful! I miss you girls so much :( xox
god bless that you have a second home dear.. =) n sukenye nengok pastries tu..=))
You look so lovely! :)
Zara A said…
Wsalaam sister! Aww, I love the photos :))
Masha'Allah, you look absolutely stunning, (as always!)
The pastry looks so delicious. You have such yummy food yet you look sooooo good!
Haha, I haven't had pizza from out in a while, but my mum thought she'd treat me because my scence exam results came and they were A's.
So I'm like so happy I get to eat out because I'm a spoilt girl always getting my mums homemade cooking.
Take care sis, LOVE reading your posts!

Anonymous said…
I love this outfit, it literally LOOKS comfy, I feel comfy just looking at you! LOL.. I love the sweaters that are styled like that, so perfect to hijabify also.
Houda said…
I have that jumper!!! I ove to team it with stripes and tan colours. I really like how you wear it with a maxi!
Hijabs and Co said…
i love your outfit, and the tone of the pictures, winter winter <3
ajjah said…
cantik sha.. :) i always look forward for your "style sunday"..
sue. said…

hello much fun if i got to go sorry..i put ur pic at ur blog..i hope u dont mind..but..if u feel bother..let me know ya..

with love,
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Aishah: Yeah comfort is the way to go this year cos I've never really dressed for comfort before =P Come fly here and be with meee! Missing your beautiful face <3

Chloe: We miss you too. It feels weird not to have you here =(

Naddy: Alhamdulillah =) LOL, I have been told that I shouldn't post photos of yummy food as it may result in involuntary cravings.

Smiley: I do? I was trying to look comfy but lovely works too hehehe.

Zara: Yeah a dose of junk food now and again isn't so bad. Mabrouk on your A's! =D You deserve more than just pizzas lol.

Sarah: Aww you feel comfy just by looking at me! =D Who knew comfy and modest clothes would feel so .... good? Obviously I didn't! Now I can't wait to get my hands on more lol.

Houda: You should totally post a photo of how you usually wear it! =D We can be loose sweater twins lol

Hijabs & Co: Thank you! It's not winter yet, we just entered the fall season but knowing this city, winter comes a lot earlier than it should lol.

ajjah: Thank you hun! The support means a lot to me. Style Sundays are fun to do and I hope I can make time for them this semester.

sue: I checked out your blog post. Thanks for the mention =) It's great to be amongst such beautiful girls!
Emmy Z said…
Hi Sha! i love the laidback & layered look here..just like you, i'm pretty much obsessed with layered look but you know the weather in KL..hmmm..i can only wear layered look for indoors activities & dining
hope you're doing well there anyway :)
Anonymous said…
Assalammualaikum Sha,

Where do you get that delicious pastry? I'm new to this town, so I quite afraid to buy anything from bakery shop. would you mind share with me:

Aisha said…
yum yum those look delish!! and you my lovely have inspired my outfit for tommorow <3
SS. said…
how long more will you be in NZ? do post more pictures of the town :)
Safinah Rashid said…
NICE outfit sis :)
Nur said…
beautiful. :)
Nieya Asni said…
Hello! :)

May I know where you got those shoes you're wearing? i reaaaalllly like it! :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
ladygagamelan: Hi Emmy! alhamdulillah I'm doing okay here =) Ahhh this look totally reminds me of what you wore to the farewell luncheon. You're right it's soo hard to do layering in M'sia because of the humidity and heat. I can only do it at night lol.

Kae: It's at Highgate Bridge, Roslyn =)

Ashi: Ooh do share your interpretation of this look with me!

SS: I can't really say. It all depends on what I want to do after I finish my post-grad studies but yeah I will post more photos of the town, thanks for the idea =)

safinah rashid: Thank you =D

Nur: Thanks =)

Norsiah: I actually got them from The Warehouse. $25! What a bargain ey!
K said…
love the outfit! i dont know if you remember me, i gave you the nouman ali khan video via comment :) saw you at the ymp suhaibb webb but was too shy o.oo anyway, i love all the colour tone together, hebaaat :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
K: Thank you! I didn't think people would like this outfit much cos it's pretty simple but goes to show that simple can go a long way huh?

Which YMP Suhaib Webb event did you see me at cos I attended both. You should've just said hi to me, I don't bite lol! I met another reader of my blog over there as well. It's always nice to meet such friendly blog readers =)
K said…
I went for both too, but i only saw you at the seminar course at bangsar :) I guess i was a bit startled and tongue-tied :/ InsyaAllah, we'll meet soon, i hope the best for you and your family and that you will always have remembrance(zikr) of Allah/ Assalamualaikum sis
Riha NCL said…
Dear, may I know what type of camera do you use? It's very clear and nice. Plus, you're so photogenic! ^___^
Petite Cherie said…
Love the look Sha!! Dudedin is such a beautiful and cosy place to live in :)