In My Mind The Sunshine Never Ends

Due to the fact that I was too busy to blog properly during the last few weeks of my holiday in Malaysia I now have a backlog of things to write about. To be honest, I don't mind it so much because I realised blogging is how I document my life, or some of the things that are happening in it anyway. Think virtual scrapbook-slash-notebook.

Today's post is about my seaside holiday which my family and I went on about a month ago, all thanks to my generous brother. I must warn you, this will be a picture-heavy post. Perhaps one to make up for how busy I am these days to blog as much as before. 

We stayed at Swiss Garden Damai Laut in Lumut, Perak which is right across Pangkor Island. My brother told me not to Google the resort because he wanted to surprise me and when we drove there we were all like, "Oh my God, where are you taking us?!" because he drove deep into the forest and it was night time. Creepy much? But we knew we were heading in the right direction thanks to the all the signboards. 

We arrived late at night and we couldn't really see much of the resort but when we woke up the next day... 

Breakfast buffet at the resort cafe (you know this post wouldn't be complete without photos of food)

More views from around the resort as it was incredibly big! They even have a golf course, paint ball field, jetty, and tons of activities for families and companies who send their staff for team-building workshops.

We also went outside the resort to discover a little bit more about Lumut. Here's a typical fruit gerai (stall) by the roadside selling rambutan, mangoes, jackfruits, pisang goreng (banana fritters) and my favourite, cempedak goreng (deep fried fruit which is similar to the jackfruit).

Fed some monkeys...

... visited the turtle conservation area and made new turtle-y friends

... and took some style shots, of course. 
I just wanted to have some fun before life became all serious again, y'know?

The veranda-like area was my favourite spot in the entire resort. 
It was breezy and peaceful and I like that it was shaded by a huge, leafy tree.

I always wanted to try wearing a big floppy hat with hijab (without looking like a paddy rice field worker lol) so I bought one and then my sister decorated it with a flower garland necklace from Diva. 
She thought this ensemble looked very Victorian and I must say I agree.

My big, floppy hat makes me happy!

And what do we have here?  It's the bag I won from Hijabi Hippie Hypo's recent giveaway. 
Thanks girl, I love it (and the necklace too)!

What can I say... I totally love the beach and I can never say no to spending some down time with la familia. The resort we went to was absolutely gorgeous and I like that it was kind of in an isolated part of the state because it made us feel like we were away from the craziness of the world that is always awaiting us.  Looking back at all the photos I took during the holiday makes me grateful to be surrounded by a loving family and good people in general, shukur alhamdulillah. Every now and then I think I do take them for granted but seriously, I don't know where I would be without my family. 


Chloe said…
The resort looks so pretty! And I love that maxi dress, its gorgeous
-Amina said…
Looking at these pictures is making me want to move to a more tropical climate RIGHT NOW! You looked lovely, as always :)
Unknown said…
love love love all your photos! and you look soo pretty :D
Anonymous said…
u look gorgeous sha...ive always waiting for ur new entry...

Syikin :) said…
Assalamualaikum Sha :) i love your pictures so much and im really interested about the camera and lens u used and how u editted your will be very helpful if u could post some entry about it :) ^^v cheers
Mona Zenhom said…
GORGEOUS photos, Sha and you look beautiful as always.
Anonymous said…

yr dress is beautiful. may i know where u bought it? tq
Anonymous said…
cantiknyer pic !! u pn cntik ! hehe..
RS said…
omg! My family and I used to holiday there ALL the time. And I really mean ALL the time. Like every long holiday.

And I've SEEN that bag! Is it not from Urban Outfitters???
DN said…
Hi Sha.

I'm one of your (I'm sure many) silent readers. Hehe.
I just gotta comment this time around, because that close-up shot of yours reminds me of my best friend so much!
Her name is Shahirah too, and she has a beauty mark on her upper left lip too!
And both of you really look alike! The fair dewy complexion especially.
And both of you are the soft, feminine, motherly type!

Mashaallah how incredibly beautifull and peacefull the resort looks like. Nothing better than spending good times with family at a lovely place. And of course you look gorgeos like always. You are and inspiration as well for me, as I have also started to wear the hijab :-)) alhamdullilah!
Cahaya said…
i like to see the pictures! So lovely.. what camera did you use? (brand)
Meh said…
Gorgeous place! And you look great too :) The comment on looking like a paddy field worker cracked me up..haha!
Aisha said…
ahh beautiful sha...i love that hat. and the resort looks AMAZING!!
Laila said…
The resort looks so so pretty! Its an amazing zone! :) I want to go theree! :)
and the food looks yummi! :)
You look pretty on the photoS! like your looks so much!
Anonymous said…
Ok give it up, where is that maxi from!??!?! I HEART
Anonymous said…
wow great pics! what camera are you using? :D
Zara A said…
Oh my Gosh! Masha'Allah!! Sister you look absolutely stunning in those photos, you seriously looked like a model =) heehee!
That seriously is just a beautiful resort, the food, the scenery and nature. Subhan'Allah, it is all that you could ask for!
I'm glad that you had a lovely time with your family, indeed I completely understand what you mean in how we can take things for granted.
I admire your photography so much, you took such crisp clear photos, and captured that essense of natural beauty at its best!
Insha'Allah I hope I'm lucky as you one day to visit such an exotic and tropical resort like this.
Insha'Allah, Tk care sis and I hope your studies are going well at Dunedin.

P.S. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog :))
The resort looks amazing :) glad you had a good time. Lovin' the dress & hat ♥ OH and the bag ;) hehe, thanks for the mention
Amalia said…
It looks so beautiful! Your dress is gorgeous -I love the colours :)
Sy said…
beautiful pictures
Fida Islaih said…
That's the resort! Masha'allah, so beautiful! I wanna go!

btw, I love the dress!
beautiful scenes! and beautiful outfit! the maxi dress is amazing and so is the hat..!
Anonymous said…
This is heaven on earth, you must email me where this is, the name of the resort, because this will be the place to go once we are living in Malaysia!!! Absolutely gorgeous place Sha!
Elisa said…
You're so cute masha'allah!!! And I loooove your dress :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely dress!!!

Btw, sha, u shud do a 'what's inside my bag' post!
Petite Cherie said…
Sha, the studded heels are gorgeous!! And you look REGAL in the seaside pictures.