WANITA's September Covergirl

Guess who's on the front cover of WANITA magazine's September issue?

'Wan Melissa has earned 5 qualifications'

My very own sister! 

Doesn't she look beautiful, mashaAllah?

The article about her is actually a little different because she wrote it herself as opposed to having a writer interview her and then compose the article. In the magazine she tells readers about her experience as a Phd student in New Zealand and also what it's like to write the first ever PhD dissertation about Halal food in the world. Yes, she's the first Halal food PhD holder in the entire world! My sister, Melissa, also shared why education is important for a woman. We've both had various men come up to us and say, "Why bother studying to such a high level? As a woman you're just going to end up in the kitchen anyway!". I know, right. The audacity! But that's the reality of the Malaysian society. Many men simply don't appreciate women who work hard to gain independence and a formal qualification.

Well, I'm not going to spill all the juicy details here of course. If you want to read what she has to say then go to your local bookshop and grab a copy of the magazine. They're already out in stores.

If you don't live in Malaysia and would like to see a digital copy of her article you may e-mail me at elaiza_(at)hotmail.com. Oh I should also mention that the article is in Malay.

Dear Kakak ('older sister' in Malay),

I know you're reading this because you're one of my most loyal readers. Well it's not like you have a choice anyway ! Let's get on to the mushy stuff. I think only God knows how much you went through to get to this stage in your life. We're very proud of you for persevering throughout these years and we hope to see you achieve even more greater things in life in the future. Thank you for being such a great older sis who's always trying to be a good role model for me and thank you for spoiling me even when I've been such a brat. I think you are an inspiration to everyone and especially to Muslim women out there who believe in the power of knowledge and education.

<3, Me


Houda said…
I am so pleased for your sis! I too have been told 'why bother'!!

I would love to read the article but don't have access to the mag!

Ramadan kareem!
Norsiah said…
I've been a silent reader here.. and I love your blog.. your sister is so pretty.. MashaAllah.. you and your sister really care about education.. My hats off to both you and your sister.. Sadly, cultural bias and gender discrimination often exclude girls from educational opportunities in the developing world. :( I will probably buy the magazine. I am planning to visit Johor Bahru for shopping soon.. InsyaAllah. :P

Ramadan Kareem
SoFiA.opY said…
YA Allah! no wonder i was like "y la this girl looks super familiar????"

Rupanya, she's ur sister!heheh
Both of you are pretty!!;)

and your sister adelah gempaq~!

send my regards to her,k.

Your Biggest Fan,
ajjah said…
Sha, for a moment bila i saw that magazine i thought that was you.. :)
Yunne Osman said…
mashaAllah! she's so pretty and she definitely has a great head over her shoulders. you're both so pretty and i love your fashion sense sha! bravo sister!
Amalia said…
She looks wonderful! Congratulations to her! You must be a very proud sister :)
ashieBee said…
im sooooo gonna get the magazine tomorrow :O hehehehhee!

happy fasting, sha! **hugs**
Smart CoOKie said…
Mashallah that's so impressive. Wish her more success and happiness.
Congrats to your sister! She is beautiful just like you..I actually thought it was you on the cover ooops. Is the article in English by any chance?
Anonymous said…
Very Cool!
Mona Zenhom said…
Wow, mashaAllah that's wonderful! She's beautiful and you all must be proud.
hye dear..i've been a silent reader at ur blog for couple of month ago..found ur link at aimi bahirah's..i really love ur style..inspired me to dress like urs..adorable muslimah i must say..ohw n yes u n your sister like a twin..she's so beautiful..n do u =)..kene cepat2 pg bookstore cari this magazine..
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Assalamualaikum all,

Thank you for your lovely comments. I'll be sure to tell my sis to read all your kind words. When I told her to check out my blog yesterday she replied my txt msg and said that she was in tears =)

The family is very proud of her, and if my dad was still alive he'd be going around to our relatives houses with a copy of the magazine. I can so imagine him doing that...

And to all those who commented on my style, thank you. I don't see myself as a stylish person rather I wanted to share something which is very close to my heart - - fashion! I'm just a fashion lover like you girls =)

ᖇᗩE said…
Oh, lovely...... congrats :)
my very vague memory of your sister was of her playing the piano/organ...and I don't recall you guys looking so much alike!!!

gorgeous babe!! she has 5 degrees? i'm struggling to finish my acca and feels like retiring already!

take care,
Khadija said…
Waauw that's amazing! Your sister looks adorable on the cover :p

xoxo Khadija
shea said…
u two look d same!n ur sister is very beautiful!which means u r too :))
congrats to her n ur family..love seeing muslim gals success :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Shamimi: Aww yeah she's really good at playing the piano! Actually, I don't think we look that much alike but we do look alike when we wear make up =) It depends really, some people say we don't even look like sisters while some say we look like twins, which always puzzles me LOL.

But she is beautiful nevertheless =)
S. H. said…
mash'allah I thought that was you really, both are beautiful and I'm so happy both of you care for education and more happy to have those parents who gide you and her to achive so high goals and insh'allah this is one of more..:)
Beauty definitely runs in the family. Both you and your sister are beautiful, mashaALlah. Congratulations to your sister!
Ratna Suminar said…
I wondered that the pics on Wanita is U! I'm wrong actually,,,,both of U looked twin,,,:D salam blogger from indo,,,,
Unknown said…
Ya Allah, you're sister is such an inspiration. 5 degrees & a pHD?? And she's so beautiful in person, humblr & sweet just like her baby sister :')

Send my regards to her again, I have not yet time to read the book she gave but planning to tonight..