Chocolate Night

In commemoration of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadhan I'd like to wish all Muslims

Ramadhan Mubarak
Ramadhan Kareem! 

Oh and by the way....

here are some photos from 'Chocolate Night with Muslim Sisters' during Islam Awareness Week
*evil laughter*

Chloe helping out with the yummies

My girls and I - Malaysian, Kiwi, Malaysian, Omani.
Wish I had taken more photos that night but I have a really bad habit of not enjoying my own events.

The highlight of the night - the chocolate fountain.
*Photo courtesy of Lamya


A lady getting henna art done by the talented Adila

Told you Adila's talented!

Even these ladies agree!

Mum's homemade baked pasta and some pita bread with hummus

We had so much food that night I even forgot that I had bought this cake - Dessert Room's pressed chocolate cake! It's like the best chocolate cake in town. In the end we decided to share it between friends after everyone left.


LM said…
Love the Cake. Ramadhan Kareem
Anonymous said…
Ramadan Kareem Sha! I hope all is well with you(I just read about the bad events that had taken place there and all i want to say to you is YOU GO GIRL! for standing up for what is right. there are hadiths stating clearly on where women stand when it comes to speech!)

and chocolate night??are you kidding me?? sedap nk pengsan.
Yunne Osman said…
OMG! i can hear my stomach growls as i look at your mom's baked pasta. seriously! and i'm already 32 and fasting! hahaha ramadan kareem sha!
Mona Zenhom said…
Why did I read this while fasting?! YUM!
liloo said…
Ramadan mubarak sis :) xoxo
Smart CoOKie said…
Ramadan kareem babe xoxo
Sweet Escape said…
Yummy that looks so good. Ramdan Kareem to you too :)
Xenia said…
Ramadan Mubarak! :)
Ramadan Mubarak sweetie! I would have loved to have been there. Glad it was a success for you all.
hatim a.r said…
u r mean!!why post about chocolate on the first day of ramadhan??*droling*
Amalia said…
Happy Ramadan! This looks like a fun night!
Aisha said…
this looks like soo much fun!!

Ramdhan mubaruk to you too hun!!
-Amina said…
So sad i wasn't there! We should host our own little Choc night when i'm back =)

Ramadan Kareem Sha!
Qusay said…
Ramadan Mubarak Shahirah :) and those chocolates look deadly :)
Ramadan Mubarak!!!!


The food looks amazing. I can HEAR my saliva dripping!
Zatil Aqmar said…
ooh the chocolate fountain! *drool*

Ramadan Mubarak Shahirah :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…

I admit that was a little mean of me but oh well, my blog, my prerogative! =D

Glad ya'll like the photos anyway ;) Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Ramadhan.

ellen557 said…
Is that a revert I spot? Woohoo! :D
afia said…
omg...i'm a first time visitor..and i just want to say...
saya kenal adila shazreen tu x))
what a small world. Wow..tak sangka talented la dia...kay then... have a nice day..Ramadhan Mubarak :)
Deelz said…
Shahirah! You give me too much credit! :p Alhamdulillah everyone was happy with the henna - I was afraid I might screw up, my first time actually doing proper designs on people!Had a good time experimenting but I wished I could do some more ;) Let me know if we have any future events, please do at least one more before I leave Dunedin insyaAllah! :( Btw, the girl who said she knew me is my childhood friend! MasyaAllah small world indeed~ Keep the posts coming Sha..and Ramadhan Mubarak! :)
Fafa Lane said…

how lucky ur living in nz.

i remember the time we went there n couldnt believe with our own eyes how cheap the chocolates in nz. if im not mistaken my family bought more than 50 cadbury chocs (i know its insane n we bought at pak n save, the locals were giving us weird look but we dont gve it a damn)we just keep on loading in the trolley n my dad paid :D