Beauty Product of the Month: Vitamin C Skin Boost

Ever had one of those moments when you enter a shop without any intention of buying anything and then come out realising that you've just splurged?

Yup that is precisely what happened when I went to Body Shop recently. Occasionally I'd go there to check out their latest range of products and when I was there I noticed a some bright orange-coloured bottles which I didn't think I had seen before (perhaps due to the fact that I always get distracted by the make up products that they have there). I wasn't looking for anything in particular but I was intrigued by the fabulously packaged stuff across the shop. I could see the words 'Vitamin C' on the bottles so I walked over to see what exactly these products do.

I was aware that Vitamin C is really good for the skin as I've heard of women getting Vitamin C shots to improve their skin's appearance. After my eyes scanned the entire Vitamin C range I decided to try the tester for a product called Vitamin C Skin Boost which had caught my eye.

I dabbed a little on the back on my hand and I was really amazed at how soft my skin felt after trying it on that I bought it instantly! So let me tell you all about this awesome stuff.

It's a transparent gel infused with Lanolin and essential oils of grapefruit and orange. It lightly moisturises and gives my skin a smooth and velvety texture just seconds after application. The secret is that it is a combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin C and the fact that it's packed with antioxidants which boosts collagen production and improves the skin's elasticity. Whenever I apply it on my face my skin feels a refreshing and very subtle (but exciting nevertheless) tingling sensation for the first few minutes. Another amazing thing is that it keeps my skin feeling smooth and looking matte throughout the day and just when I thought that was all it can do, I also noticed that my face appeared more radiant even though I wasn't wearing any foundation. And as the cherry on the ice cream, the Vitamin C Skin Boost gel smells wonderfully citrusy.

If you're curious about its ingredients you can read all about it over here.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone who feels like their skin needs a little boost. I mean, with all the pollution we expose our skin to I think it deserves a little treat everyday. If you have oily skin, it's a great replacement for most moisturisers out there that are quite creamy and oily. If you have combination skin like me it's a great base underneath your moisturiser or sunscreen. I've been using it for a month and I just love the results.

It's a little bit on the expensive side as it costs $58 in New Zealand and RM 85 in Malaysia but I think it's pretty worth it for a 30 ml bottle filled with effective natural goodness! A bottle of foundation is 30 ml and that lasts me for about a year so I can imagine the same would happen with the Vitamin C Skin Boost. I did a little more research and found that Body Shop Malaysia even created a Facebook page for the range. If you love Body Shop and everything it stands for then there's no reason for you not to try this product. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the Vitamin C range - facial cleanser, microdermabrasion (I tried this one as well and it's a very gentle scrub with very fine exfoliating particles which reminded me of beach sand), eye gel and even a facial spray, just to name a few.


Might check it out inshallah. Love body shop :)) xx
LS said…
I HAVE THIS; IT'S AH-MAAAZZZIIINGG!! ahaha, sorry, I am just very excited but this thing is like a miracle for my skin, a few pumps of this baby in the morning and I am good to go, "keeps you fresh as a daisy" would be a perfect description =)
Assalam Alaikum- i have just seen your blog...its really nice..and good product dear..will have to check it soon inshallah..check out my latest post on Ramadan
ᖇᗩE said…
I used to buy the "Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules" (and other Body Shop products). Good products but didn't do much to my skin and they are expensive.. so I stopped using it. LOL
Aisha said…
i went into body shop today with the intention to look forn this [after reading ur post] but the place was jam packed [they got some promo thing going on with cupcakes on offer, trust it to be during ramzan!] and there was no way of getting i came back empty handed :(
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Love and Sugar: How did you go from wanting to get the Vit C Skin Boost to completely something else? LOL.... typical =P

Thygirl: Tell me how it works out for you =)

Fatimah: OMG! So glad I know someone else who loves this stuff too. I was hoping I wasn't exaggerating when I said it's such a good product. "As fresh as a daisy"... I couldn't have said it better

Rakhshanda: Walaykummusalam =) Read your Ramadhan post - it's really good & informational!

Bitten by an Arab bug: Mmm yeah, they are pretty expensive. But I'm so glad this product works well on me, otherwise I would hate to have wasted my money.

Ashi: Perhaps God's way of saying you already have fabulous skin, darlin' ;) HAHA I can so relate to the cupcake thing. Had a marketing presentation I had to attend and one the products was about bite-size food and guess what, they were handing out free mini cupcakes covered with strawberries and chocolate. Good thing I wasn't fasting =P