Fashion Friday: A-Line

If you've been following my Fashion Fridays you might have noticed that I've been wearing more skirts and dresses these days. I usually prefer to wear jeans for everyday wear especially when I go to Uni and attend lectures but for some reason skirts are starting to grow on me.

Furthermore, they're much more comfortable than a pair of jeans after I break my fast at the local mosque, if you know what I mean. Skirts are easy to wear and I think my main tip when it comes to skirts is make sure you are aware of what suits your body type.

A long A-line skirt like the one I'm wearing here is a girl's safest option because they are designed to flatter any figure. It makes the vertically-conscious girl appear taller and it also has a slimming effect for those who want to look a little more slender. The secret is in the fact that A-line skirts are fitted above and around the hips and they gently flare to the bottom of the skirt.

Maysaa has some awesome long and hijabi-friendly A-line skirts. Be sure to check them out over here.


Houda said…
Love it! You look gorgeous! Those colours really suit you.
ajjah said…
me wearing a-line skirt too today :)
Vah vah!
DANG, you look tres jolie (very pretty)!
And I know what you mean about skirts---I've been wearing skirts & dresses much more than jeans lately!
mustikasari said…
I loove your scarf.. the motive is so beautiful! and the color as well! :)
Emmy♥ said…
Mashallah you look so beautiful. Love the colour of your scarf & the skirt suits you perfectly xx
Almost Clever said…
Love this! I want I want!
Aisha said…
you look lovely, i love the top, the colour is gorgeousss

p.s fixed the font colour =)
Very cute outfit and modest still masha'Allah. I like skirts more these days too for comfort purposes...they are so much more cooler than jeans for the summertime.
Make up by Yass said…
u look so pretty!! I love ur blog.
Sweet Escape said…
Mashallah beautiful. I'm like you I prefer jeans but you look really lovely in skirts too :)
shea said…
agree with urooba!
me too!

luv3 ur T-bars!n the way u pin up ur scarf a bit to d side...cute!! :)
Denise Bomfim said…
Ramadan Mubarak! Peace and blessings be upon you!
Your elegance is great! I come here (to your blog) sometimes in order to see the wonderful way to wear hijab!
Salam! from Brazil!
You look gorgeous!
Loving the whole look :)
Denise Bomfim said…
Salam, Shahirah! Thanks for your reply! I let a post in english about Amina Wadud, do you know her? A very inteligent woman that is a Imam in the USA.
What do you think about it?
nadra186 said…
You are looking more and more like your sister.. :p Pretty~

Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you for comments my lovelies =)

Denise, if you want to know what I feel about Amina Wadud leading the mixed congregration prayer then I suggest you read this blog post by Sarah and the little debate we had underneath it lol.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Nadrah, well we do share the same genes you know ;) Wow, I see you've met Miss Proud Duck! Isn't she the sweetest?
nadra186 said…
LOL! ;) Yes, she is. :)
Really like the colour combo - looks young and fresh.