Cash Acceptor

Spotted at a local gas station.

Weird, I know but it made me laugh. 

Can you believe we've been fasting for 2 weeks already? It doesn't feel like....... 
Actually it totally does feel like it's been 2 weeks. 

I've been skipping suhoor time way too many times this week and my body was totally in pain today. 
It didn't help that I didn't get enough sleep as I had a group presentation at 10 a.m. earlier.
I didn't want to break my fast. Instead I studied to keep my mind off the fact that I am famished. 

On a happier note, I am on my week-long mid semester break from tomorrow onwards.

(who says that anymore?)


Chloe said…
haha yeah thats a funny one. At the Pak n Save yeah? I know, Ramadhan has gone so fast! We missed you at the mosque tonight, inshaAllah see you tomorrow!
shea said…
i still say it! hehehe..
nway take good care of urself there's dry there right?
Aisha said…
i totally still say that :P

i cant imagine passing on sehri [with my dad no one can lol] and even then i feel pangs of painful hunger now and again. make sure u take care of urself missy!
enjoy your break! :) I still say yippie!
Houda said…
I say yippee all of the time, but in a more sarcastic tone! :-)

Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog. They are really very appreciated.
Wulandari said…
Shahirah, thanks for visiting my blog :) About my online shopping, actually me & my friends design & search the fabric, but tailor who made it, not me ^_^

Take care of your health! And don't forget to suhoor again. Happy holiday :)
-Amina said…
I only ever used that gas station once, and my friend Alex threw a fit there LOL

I don't wake up on time for morning classes, suhoor is a STRUGGLE! Only about 14/15 days to go... don't worry, we'll get through it.
Fasting without suhoor!?! THAT IS RIDIKILLIS. I always eat suhoor! I'm weak, weak I tell ya!

AND YIPEE, I'm not the only one who says that. ;)

Oh! Can't wait till your Hijab post! :D

Also, love your lovely comments--they make my day!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Chloe: You didn't miss me tonite ;)

Shea: It's winter here atm so fasting isn't as hard as back home! hehe

Love and Sugar: Yup I was told there's barakah in suhoor, I just find it easier to press the snooze button on my phone than to wake up, esp. when I go to sleep around 12 or 1 am every night hehe.

Ashi: Sometimes I find that I get less hungry during the day when I don't eat suhoor but by 5 pm I totally feel the pain lol.

Hijabi Hippie Hypo: Have you ever said your username out loud? It's so funny! Thanks hun!

Houda: You're very welcome!

Wulandari: Oooh okay, well done still. Turned out to be a beautiful dress =)

Amina: Wallah? Why did Alex throw a fit? LOL

Urooba: YIPEE! I'm not the only one who says yippieee!! hehe. I wanted to publish the hijab post like this week but then I changed my mind cos I wanna do it in September. It will be my 6 month hijab anniversary then =D
PeachesandBlush said…
Haha...i say yippee all the time. I have a reputation amongst my friends to turn even normal people into yippee squealing
love your drop by sometime and follow me if you like..will follow back
Fafa Lane said…
pak n safe?? r u in auckland!! damn i miss NZ so much. ive been there 4 years ago for holiday, i miss the cows, sheep , ppl over there. the people are so friendly :) im not sure if you know this lady, her name is Aunt fatimah n she is perakian. if im not mistaken she is living sumwer at newton road, there is a horse track near the neighborhood . bdw happy ramadhan