Cash Acceptor

Spotted at a local gas station.

Weird, I know but it made me laugh. 

Can you believe we've been fasting for 2 weeks already? It doesn't feel like....... 
Actually it totally does feel like it's been 2 weeks. 

I've been skipping suhoor time way too many times this week and my body was totally in pain today. 
It didn't help that I didn't get enough sleep as I had a group presentation at 10 a.m. earlier.
I didn't want to break my fast. Instead I studied to keep my mind off the fact that I am famished. 

On a happier note, I am on my week-long mid semester break from tomorrow onwards.

(who says that anymore?)


Chloe said…
haha yeah thats a funny one. At the Pak n Save yeah? I know, Ramadhan has gone so fast! We missed you at the mosque tonight, inshaAllah see you tomorrow!
shea said…
i still say it! hehehe..
nway take good care of urself there's dry there right?
Fairuz Izman said…
haha hello you. For the first few days of Ramadan I was really determined and woke up early for sahoor and then gradually I started getting lazy =/ then yesterday, I was emailing my dad late at night and he said to me "Hey, you should be in bed by now.....don't forget to get up for sahur and fajar. There's blessing in getting up for sahur.

I was like "okay...going to bed now. Goodnight!" lol Sometimes you just need a little push that's all. :)

Happy midsem break!
Aisha said…
i totally still say that :P

i cant imagine passing on sehri [with my dad no one can lol] and even then i feel pangs of painful hunger now and again. make sure u take care of urself missy!
enjoy your break! :) I still say yippie!
Houda said…
I say yippee all of the time, but in a more sarcastic tone! :-)

Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog. They are really very appreciated.
Wulandari said…
Shahirah, thanks for visiting my blog :) About my online shopping, actually me & my friends design & search the fabric, but tailor who made it, not me ^_^

Take care of your health! And don't forget to suhoor again. Happy holiday :)
-Amina said…
I only ever used that gas station once, and my friend Alex threw a fit there LOL

I don't wake up on time for morning classes, suhoor is a STRUGGLE! Only about 14/15 days to go... don't worry, we'll get through it.
Fasting without suhoor!?! THAT IS RIDIKILLIS. I always eat suhoor! I'm weak, weak I tell ya!

AND YIPEE, I'm not the only one who says that. ;)

Oh! Can't wait till your Hijab post! :D

Also, love your lovely comments--they make my day!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Chloe: You didn't miss me tonite ;)

Shea: It's winter here atm so fasting isn't as hard as back home! hehe

Love and Sugar: Yup I was told there's barakah in suhoor, I just find it easier to press the snooze button on my phone than to wake up, esp. when I go to sleep around 12 or 1 am every night hehe.

Ashi: Sometimes I find that I get less hungry during the day when I don't eat suhoor but by 5 pm I totally feel the pain lol.

Hijabi Hippie Hypo: Have you ever said your username out loud? It's so funny! Thanks hun!

Houda: You're very welcome!

Wulandari: Oooh okay, well done still. Turned out to be a beautiful dress =)

Amina: Wallah? Why did Alex throw a fit? LOL

Urooba: YIPEE! I'm not the only one who says yippieee!! hehe. I wanted to publish the hijab post like this week but then I changed my mind cos I wanna do it in September. It will be my 6 month hijab anniversary then =D
PeachesandBlush said…
Haha...i say yippee all the time. I have a reputation amongst my friends to turn even normal people into yippee squealing
love your drop by sometime and follow me if you like..will follow back
Fafa Lane said…
pak n safe?? r u in auckland!! damn i miss NZ so much. ive been there 4 years ago for holiday, i miss the cows, sheep , ppl over there. the people are so friendly :) im not sure if you know this lady, her name is Aunt fatimah n she is perakian. if im not mistaken she is living sumwer at newton road, there is a horse track near the neighborhood . bdw happy ramadhan