Fashion Friday: Safari in Spring

I know it's technically not Spring yet but the weather's warming up and I'm a bit impatient. I found this lovely long skirt while rummaging through the wardrobe. I think it belongs to my sister (thanks sis!) and I really adore the olive green colour. So I came up with a very down-to-earth safari-inspired look in anticipation of Spring. The safari look is very easy to do. Just wear brown or khaki green and add some animal print to the ensemble.

To spice things up I wore red on my lips. I love the classic ruby lips.


Ace said…
I actually really love this look! Just recently I bought 3 different animal print scarves in 3 different colours and I'm so excited! I still have to get one in the original colours though ahah, it's on my list!

Long skirts looks so nice on you mashaallah <3
You should definitely wear them more often1!
I love everything about this outfit especially the hijab and the skirt. the belt is awesome :)) and you pull off red lippy so well! mashallah x
Nikki said…
somehow you pulled off the two things that I absolutely cannot:

red lips

and a high waisted skirt.

My torso's too short and my skin is too pale, lol. Congrats to you for pulling it off!
Aisha said…
ive never really tried a proper animal print scarf. always think i wouldnt be able pull it off. i love urs though! ur working this look my deary!
ajjah said…
u look so elegant.. i always want to try red lips, but somehow it just doesn't suit me.. or i was not confident enough to carry it.. btw, u look really nice with it sha. :)
Spring!? Oh right, you live down under. :)
We're starting to get fall.

cheetah print scarf? WIN.
red lipstick? WIN.

You look stunning masha'allah!

(also, I want to get into Journalism too!)
You look gorgeous! Loving the animal print scarf.
You didnt do a zoom in on your shoes this time! :P
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Jana said…
Shahirah, you so need to enter my Muslimah Style competition!
saloua said…
Anonymous said…
BEAUTIFUL! love this outfit and the makeup, suits you well! Love your pics as well!!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ace: Animal print is sizzlin' hot! Hope you have fun wearing the scarves =)

hijabi hippie hypo: Thanks, I had fun coming up with this outfit!

Nikki: Girrrl, anybody can pull of red lipstick. The first step is to believe that you can and then pick the right shade =)

Ashi: Are you serious? You have to try it one of these days! You don't have to wear anything bold, just a lightly printed animal print scarf would do. If I can pull it off, you can too.

ajjah: Thank you! Btw, the biggest mistake anyone makes is not believing. Anybody can wear red lipstick =) You must try it. Perhaps go to a make up counter and get some professionals to pick the right shade for you.

Urooba: Yay! Urooba approves lol.

Smiley: Thank you darlin'. Nope I didn't do a close up on the shoes, I forgot. But will do next time hehe.

Jana: Oooh I just might =) Thanks sis.

saliwa: Thank you <3

Feda: Shukran hun =) That means a lot coming from a professional photog like you!
Hafsa said…
I LOVE this! You pulled it off very well and the red lipstick completes it all =)