Fashion Friday: Eskimo Inspired

It's been pretty cold these past few days. Sometimes winter strikes its worst just towards the end of its term but hijabis always know how to fight back - layers and fur usually do the trick.

I've had these fabulous faux fur boots for 2 years. They never fail to keep me warm!


Houda said…
mashaALlah you are gorgeous! Your outfit is adorable. Can't remember the last time I wore white.

Funny you mention the cold, the last few days have been warm here in oz!

Love the headband!
liloo said…
simply gorgeous mashaAllah :)
You look stunning, dearie!
And ouf--I forget, y'all have winter right now, down under!

Yech, our summer's almost over; winter's-acomin'...
Lu Butler said…
Your outfit looks gorgeous :) xx
ashieBee said…
ahhhh i miss my boots :(( too bad i cant wear them anymore in malaysia. sigh. happy winter in nz, sha!

Fatima said…
haha no.. that's the blog of my twinsister! :)
Aisha said…
white is such a hard colour to pull off. u do it well, u do it very well <3
ᖇᗩE said…
nice boots :) are those made for walking? :p
You look gorgeous! love the boots! :D
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Shukran for the comments <3

OMG it was freezing last week, it rained and it must've been below 10 deg celc most of the time. I really cannot wait for Spring time!

White is my favourite-st colour lol. I love all colours but white just takes the cake for me.

And the boots remind me of fluffy bunnies. I think it's safe to say that they are the warmest pair of shoes I have ever owned... very much needed here in Dunedin. And yes they're very much made for walkin'!
Hey sister your pictures are absolutely amazingly beautiful :0
Ramadan Kareem
and thanks for coming by my blog always lovely 2 see u
take care
Salaam Shahirah, do you mind sharing your hijab styles one of these days. You make wearing these types of hijab sooooo easy! I'm still having difficulty to get it this neat. Hope you don't mind sharing. :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Iva: Would love to share my hijab styles, they're very simple! However, I might put video tutorials off until I'm done with this semester so that I don't get even more distracted than I already am hehe.