Marvellous Melbourne

Salam everyone!

I’m finally back in Dunedin and I'm slowly but surely settling down once again. However I must admit that I miss Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne. To be honest, I think I fell in love with Melbourne! No, not just because there was a massive mid-year sale going on and I happened to stay right across one of the malls there. I fell in love with Melbourne city because it is a blend of the contemporary and the historic. You can see modern buildings everywhere but it’s hard to miss the old architectures because they stand out but at the same time they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. I enjoyed going on the trams too because they made Melbourne city very accessible despite its largeness.

Perhaps for me the best thing about Melbourne was its diversity. Our shuttle driver was Greek and the guys who worked at the hotel were Australians, Indians and Filipinos. As I walked down the streets I’d spot some Lebanese, Malaysians, and even a few Kiwis here and there (I could tell by their accent). Ironically, being surrounded by people of different cultures and nationalities makes me feel more comfortable than anything else.

Anyhoo, while I was there I also caught up with one of my best friends whom I didn’t get the chance to meet while we were both in Kuala Lumpur. The thing about being around my childhood friends is that no matter where I am they always make me feel at home. And most of all, we always know how to have fun! Marissa took me around the Melbourne CBD and showed me a glimpse of Melbourne’s Saturday night life - the Halal version, of course.

Here's proof of my wonderful trip!

Prior to landing

Where Mum and I stayed - Batman's Hill on Collins Street - otherwise known as The Batman. How cool is it that I stayed in a hotel with a superhero's name?!

The view from our room

Bikes for rent in front of the Southern Cross bus station

The Mixed Kebab with foccacia bread we ate at the Southern Cross station. Who thought kebab would be nice with foccacia? But it was so delicious!

Delicious, I tell ya!

Introducing the radiant Miss Marissa Zaria, best friend of 10 years.

She took me to the Yarra River - whee!

My attempt at doing something artistic for this shot of Marissa

She then brought me to the Crowne Plaza where we stopped by Cafe Greco

Absolutely spoilt for choice but who's complaining?

We got the Mars Bar Cheesecake in the end - to die for.

Happy people at the Crowne Plaza

Mum and I visited the Victoria Market the next day

... And we took one final tour of Melbourne on the tram. That's Flinders Street by the way.

I had a really good time and wished I could've stayed longer. Why? Because of 2 reasons: Melbourne's such an awesome place to be and their winter is so much milder than Dunedin's! When I arrived Dunedin I was literally in shock. I was shivering from head to toe! Clearly, I had forgotten how cold our winters were or this could probably be the coldest winter I have ever experienced. I was told that the temperatures were as low as -5 degrees celcius last week. NEGATIVE FIVE, YA'LL. So glad I escaped that... or did I? Everyone's telling me at least I came back during the end of winter but oh, I know Dunedin better than that. Over here winter lasts much longer than any other season does.

The best part about about being back in Dunedin is of course seeing my wonderful friends and attending lectures again. Yes, I actually enjoy attending lectures with the exception of really long boring ones taught by a certain lecturer who spoke in a monotonous tone and sounded a lot like Brian, the dog, from Family Guy. The only thing that kept my friend Amina and I enlightened during his classes were his ludicrous ties which sometimes featured exploding or flying pigs or whatever.

Since I missed a week's worth of lectures I do have quite a bit of catching up to do but it's all worth it for an extra week with my loved ones back home. There's heaps to do right now but I thought I should just check in with you guys and let you know that I have arrived New Zealand safely.

Till next time!



Aisha said…
"Yes, I actually enjoy attending lectures with the exception of really long boring ones taught by a certain lecturer who spoke in a monotonous tone and sounded a lot like Brian, the dog, from Family Guy." drinking tea, and i literally spat it out laughing at this :P

good to have u back...tho for us u never actually went anywhere :D love the pics and glad u had a great time, wish i could see new places. permenantly stuck in england is such a downer lol. love ur hijab btw, u look gorgeous mahsa'Allah =)
LOL@the certain lecturer!:D
Great pictures, Shahirah. You look gorgeous in the pink hijab, mashAllah!
Good luck catching up!
Yunne Osman said…
i agree with smiley. great pictures and i think you look great in the pictures. radiant complexion, what's your secret? heheh ;-)
Anonymous said…
yayy you've arrived safely! and that cheesecake looks yummm and melb looks awesome and you my sweetie,gorgeous as always!
ashieBee said…
melbourne...i always wanted to go there and visit my old friend but *sigh* dont have the time! maybe should do now since im currently *cough* jobless. hehehe.

goodluck with the catching up and hope you'll write moreeeeee once you've settled down :))

Hamida said…
Salam Sis,
been reading your blog for a while but too lazy to comment, forgive me :)

Just wanted to say your travels inspire moi. Love the way you write also.

And...mind if i ask what camera you have, (im into photography lol)

Anonymous said…

hi, could you teach us how to wear hijab like you?
oh you are so beautiful btw! :))
Nanab said…
Luv how u rock the hijab with earing.^_^
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Sorry it took me a while to reply!

Hamida: I use a Sony Cybershot W180, I think! It's not an amazing camera but it does take good shots =)

Regarding hijab styles, inshaAllah, I'll start making video hijab tutorials but I don't see that happening until end of this year or the start of next year because of my studies. Thank you for all your awesome comments. You guys always know how to make my day!