Blind Date with Zuhair

Last Friday a blind date had been set up for me to meet an incredibly cute boy named Zuhair. I was so excited because I had heard so much about him and I was even told that he can sing (although I was also told he isn't quite a pro yet but I don't mind!). So I walked into Bubba Gump, spotted him, took a seat next to him and I must've startled him because when he realised I was there he took a good look at me, blinked a few times and then guess what he did?

He cried.

You might think this is an odd reaction but this cute boy was in fact him.

(To everyone who thought it was an actual 'date', gotcha!!)

"Oh no Aimie, I think I scared him!" I said to his gorgeous mummy who sat opposite me. I was worried that I had done something to make him cry.

"Don't worry, it's probably cos you're too pretty!" she said jokingly as she tried to comfort her son and myself.

Well, you know, I can't deny the fact that I have made a few boys cry in my lifetime *bats eyelashes*

"You're right, that's what boys do when they see pretty girls!" I said and we both laughed. Aimie and I. Not Little Z and I. Little Z was still upset and I felt sooo bad. Aimie tried everything and he just didn't calm down. Big Z had to come to the rescue because there's no one like daddy to cheer up a little boy who was made scared by a girl.

Auntie Sha is still really sorry, Little Z. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot? I hope next time we meet you'll see that I'm not so scary after all. For what it's worth I still think you're the cutest little boy in the world. Okay, okay, let's make a deal. Next time I'll bring my pretty niece with me and I'll hook you two up. C'monnn, I know you'll like her. She's only a month younger than you *wink wink*

After Little Z went with his daddy, his mummy and I ordered our early dinner. We started chatting and discovered that it was both our first time to meet a 'stranger' from the Internet.

"So... you're real!" I said.

"You're real too!" Aimie declared and we laughed at each other.

Throughout dinner we shared stories about our lives; from her pre- and post- marriage life and the things that we have in common. I found out that she's actually half Arab and our ancestors are from Yemen. Aimie is very sweet but I also get the feeling she's the kind of woman you don't wanna mess with (which is a good thing, hun!). She's knows what she wants and isn't afraid of expressing what she believes in. I admire the fact that she's a smart, young mother who is as beautiful on the inside and she is on the outside. After dinner Aimie and her husband graciously agreed to drop me off in Subang Jaya. Little Z was still in a bad mood so we had to drop by one of the baby rooms in Sunway Pyramid mall beforehand. They changed his diaper, gave him milk and cooed to him but nothing really worked. I stood back and just observed the whole scenario.

I must admit, I felt a little awkward at the time... like I was the extra wheel nobody really needed. I watched as Aimie's world stopped so she could be there for her son and while Big Z patiently attended to his little prince. At that moment I truly understood something I kinda have always known and that is having a child is meant to be something that is shared between 2 people. It's meant to be team work. However, what I realised most of all is the best way to raise a child is for it to be done by 2 people who genuinely love each other. Why did I mention love? Because it requires patience, tolerance, strength, sincerity and compatibility. To me these are the attributes which true love and parenthood share in common. Oh and of course, you need to have moolah too because babies are very high maintenance!

Being a parent is a phenomenon that changes a person in ways they never thought they could change. Some people shift their priorities and become more grounded and focused in life. While some might change certain habits such as quitting smoking or eating healthier. Sometimes being a parent also means putting aside your wants and swallowing your ego to do what's best for your child.

A few months ago, Aimie and I were complete strangers but that all changed when we started following each others' blogs. When we met we didn't think of each other as strangers at all. We were just two sisters who were meeting for the first time.


Aimie, it was so lovely to finally meet you and your family. You and Big Z make such a great couple and Little Z is living proof of that, mashaAllah. Thank you for being like a big sis to me by treating me to dinner (even though I was the one who invited you out, silly) and for making sure I'd be safe. I thought it was so nice that we could talk and relate to each other as if we had known each other for a while. You are a wonderful person and I hope we get to meet each other again soon to have more girly talks!

Lotsa love,


Anonymous said…
AWWW you're the sweetest Sha! again, thank YOU for being such a good sport through our crisis! and i still think lil Z was just overwhelmed by your beauty..he's 9 months so who could blame him? all the other girls his age still poop in their pants lol!

and seriously Sha, you're mashaAllah one of the most amazing young girl I've ever met. and if I were to write here all the things about you that I find amazing..? don't think there'll be enough space. And you know, I was surprised myself that we could really open up to each other and talked. and turns out, we have a lot more in common than just being sisters in islam eh? both Virgos, with the same ancestors and have the same taste in shoes! (we both wore ankle high boots btw hahaha)

I'll keep you in my duaas always, and I dearly hope we'll cross path again soon and catch up where we left off! can't wait for your next holiday sweetie!

Abrar said…
Masha'Allah how super nice ^.^ Hope your friendship lasts forever insha'Allah :)
Nice post
Smart CoOKie said…
LOL did not expect that. Nice family mashallah. Wish them and you all the best. :)
Bubbli said…
i knew it! hehe, glad it went well and u had fun! inshAllah ur friendship lasts :)
Anonymous said…
aww. sounds great ♥
Anonymous said…
MashAllah sounds like you had fun. You both look gorgeous btw Mashallah.
teeHash said…
I really enjoyed the way of your narration ... :)

visit my blog too plz... and leave me your comments because im new to blogging :)
BundanyaHiroKun said…
nice blog
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Aimie: ;)) 3 months time inshaAllah!

Thanks for your comments, girls. I knew some of you wouldn't have expected it hehe.
Maryam said…
2 of my favorite bloggers meet, and where was I?! :P

Beautiful ladies with beautiful personalities MashaAllah :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Aww thank you Maryam. That was so sweet of you!