Why I Heart K Mart

You, my lovelies, are in luck because I've managed to steal one of my neighbours' Internet signal. I'll be getting my Internet connection back next week, inshaAllah but for now I'll have to settle with belkin54g's connection (thank you whoever you are!). That explains why I haven't been around to your blogs as much as I'd like to and why I've been bad at replying comments. The frustrating yet funny thing is, in order to get his/her signal I have to sit in a certain position on my bed and the slightest movement isn't allowed or else I'll lose the connection completely and reconnecting takes like 20 years. Which makes it really hard for me when I have to choose between answering nature's call or risk losing the internet connection I've managed to siphon.

Since I've been back there's heaps for me to do aside from my studies. I've finally moved back into my house therefore Mum and I have to get the house running in order again - reconnect the telephone line, pay all the bills, you know the usual housekeeping matters. Yesterday we headed to K Mart to buy some new things for the house and for some general winter shopping. Mum was looking at some blankets and I was getting bored so I looked around until I saw a man walking down one of the departmental store's aisles with a little girl around the age of 3. I presumed she was his daughter.  I just thought it was the cutest sight ever because he was so tall and she was a tiny little thing and they were holding hands!

I mean, doesn't that make you wanna go 'Awwwww'?

And so I smiled at the heart-warming observation while noticing that one of the K Mart ladies was also watching them with delight. I looked away as soon as she realised that I was doing the same. It must've been a less than a minute later when a voice startled my Mum and I.

"Excuse me, is this your daughter?" said the voice.

I turned to the side and saw that it was the K Mart lady. My Mum didn't utter a word.

"Excuse me is this young lady your daughter?" she repeated.

"Yeah, I'm her daughter...." I replied eventually as my Mum was grinning from ear to ear because for some reason  the cat got her tongue. She smiled, looked at my Mum's beaming face and said,

"Well, I just wanted to tell you that she's beautiful and she has purity. You have a beautiful daughter." Then she walked away.

I don't know about you but I'm loving K Mart's new marketing strategy.

Generously complimenting and flattering the customers. Pure genius. So if there's a K Mart where you live I strongly recommend you head down there and do as much shopping as you can. I'm such a fan now. Completely sold.


O'oh I think nature's calling...


Smart CoOKie said…
LOL I went "aww that is so nice of her" but then you totally ruined it and made it all funny and businessy :P
Maybe she really meant it. I think she did. :)
LS said…
LOOOOL!! haha, omg, Shahirah, you're hilarious! This reminded me of the time I was in Egypt and I went through exactly the same phase just to get some kind of internet connection and sometimes, I couldn't find any so I'd try and guess the passwords and one time, a guy who owned one of the connections came down and told me to stop guessing his p/w 'cause I'd locked him out, LOL!
I totally agree with that K-mart lady, you're beautiful mashAllah!
Aisha said…
omg...my internet connection is also called 'belkin4g' and its not password protected LOL...actually not so lol...any of my neighbours could be using it O_O

anyhoo, how nice was that lady!? shes right though, ur bloomin' gorgeous masha'Allah

wont get anyone saying that to me in tesco [one of the supermarkets here] :P
Zatil Aqmar said…
you should come to japan, japanese really really like complimenting strangers esp foreigners :) and yeah, being different wearing hijab and all DOES give us a lot of points. they like to think we're fashionable that way :)

love the father and daughter part, nway. aww.
this was hilarious Shahirah! :D
She's right mann and i bet everyone here agrees to! the purity bit was lovely, you don't get many people noticing/saying that aye?
And my mum does exactly the same thing when asked "is this your daughter?" What in the world is that suppose to mean? They should just say "I dont know you now" when entering a store!
Anonymous said…
Salam Shahirah,

Akak nak check it;s comfortable flew with Air Asia to Melbourne?.

Insya Allah I will be there after raya but still don't know which airlines to choose.

Kak Nadia.
m, said…
Lol, super cute post!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Smart Cookie: I couldn't help but think the incident was funny cos K Mart staff are known to be quite hostile =P

Fatimah: You guessed passwords? Wow that must've been quite a challenge... lol!

Ashi: LOL!! For some reason belkins don't usually put passwords. Hey we have Tesco in Malaysia too =)

Here n There: You know it's amazing cos I heard Sh. Yusuf Estes say in a video one time-
"We can please some people at one time but we can't please everyone at one time but if we try to please God at the expense of displeasing people... then he will make people be pleased with us anyway!"

But yes the father daughter moment was so cute. I guess only girls would appreciate stuff like that hehe.

Zatil: I can imagine the Japanese would be quite gentle and friendly =) And yes, hijab makes us stand out and ever since I've worn it I get lots of compliments from non Muslims. As you said, to them it's fashionable and creative.

Smiley: I have no idea why my Mum froze, just stood there and smiled. But yeah, the purity bit was the part that made me speechless a bit. Like who says that to complete strangers? She sounded a lot like one of those fortune tellers =P

Kak Nadia: Hmm, to be honest it's not as comfortable as MAS or SIA. I had to take Air Asia cos all the other carriers were full. Alhamdulillah the seat next to my Mum and I was empty so I could sort of lie down as if I was on a very uncomfortable couch =P I slept most of the way there so that helped too. Otherwise I would've been pretty cranky on that flight!

Asma: Thanks hun =)
ᖇᗩE said…
Is there any K Mart in the Gulf? Where is it? I'm going! I'm going! I'm going!