Fashion Friday: Au Revoir Malaysia

Tonight I'll be flying to Melbourne and will spend 2 days there before I finally head back to New Zealand to start the second semester of my final year at university. I can't believe I've been here for a whole month. It just went by way too fast for my liking. There's just so much and so many that I'm going to miss.

This time I'm determined to travel (relatively) light. I'm only allowed 20 kgs of checked-in baggage. Trust me, that's not much. My bags are always, and I mean always over the limit. Naturally I thought packing would be a challenge but I compiled all my things and sorted them out one by one. I knew I had to leave the majority of my things behind. At first I was all, "Ohhh noo!! I can't leave my babies behind!!!" (yes, I refer to my clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery, accessories and make up as my babies) But my packing's 90% done. I did it! Yay!


While packing I had to go through my jewellery and select the pieces I wanted to leave behind because there was no way I could bring back the entire content of my jewellery box and not exceed the baggage limit. As I was doing so I realised how sentimental I am. I had never considered myself as a sentimental person but with every piece of trinket I could remember the people who had gifted them to me, whom I was with when I wore them and how I felt at the time. They brought back so many memories. Good memories. My past is a significant part of who I am and I find it hard letting go of everything that reminds me of it.

Fashion means so much more to me than pretty clothes, flattering high heels and looking glamourous. It's in my blood, my history and my future. Fashion is not a just a way for me to adorn myself but also to express my identity, values and beliefs. When I wear one of my Mum's vintage dresses and kebayas I am showing my admiration for a woman and mother who is kind, compassionate, intelligent and hard working. When I wear the first ever pearl necklace I ever owned I remember the person who gave to me as a gift and how happy I felt that someone had thought of me while they were away. When I wear a certain gold ring I remember how overjoyed I felt when I received my first hard-earned paycheck and could buy the things I wanted without having to justify it to anyone. It's like a rush of memories come to fill me up with emotions every time I pick up a piece of clothing, jewellery or fashion accessory. To me the value of the things I own don't lie in the actual cost of the items but in the memories and feelings I associate them with.

With that I'd like to officially proclaim to the world that I am a sappy, sentimental person who prefers to run away from people or face the world with a big smile when she's actually really trying to hide the sadness she feels and that one persistent little tear that's trying to make its way out.

Au revoir Malaysia. Until we meet again, my love.



liloo said…
The next time you'll come in France inshaAllah ;)
Anonymous said…
I think that is why women love fashion so much. It is that same value and expression we attach to our stuff. I think any girl who loves style can relate to this post.

Our clothes, shoes, jewelry is seen as an extension of ourselves.

We want to express our style, and frankly I love that, when I can afford it.. LOL.. otherwise it is just a big tease... :P
Smart CoOKie said…
This is maybe the first time I read a post about fashion that isn't superficial. I love it and I totally can relate to it.

Good luck on your trip XOXO.
Nooooooooooooooooo don't go back.
just kidding. you must go back and finish up so you can move on to bigger and better things!!
I did major damage yesterday...I purchased accessories to match the dress I was supposed to wear for my bff's wedding today...only to find out I gained more weight and the dress wouldn't zip w/o possibly tearing.
That meant I had to create another outfit but I don't have matching accessories for that. I'm really trying to stop going to purchase more bangles. I feel like my wrists are naked w/o them.
I have a suggestion: do a fashion post on what you like to wear when you must fly.
I loved reading this post, Shahirah! there's nothing wrong with being sappy and sentimental yano.
I cant believe its been a month, that went fast aye?
Best of luck!
awww....nice post...!!!gud luck!!!
zahra said…
honey i never got backed to you properly! i'm in brisbane :( wah! and i'm so pathetic that i've never been to melbourne. i wish i was so we could do bubble tea! haha inshallah have a safe flight and soak up all melbourne has to offer!
Aisha said…
oh i agree with ur points on fashion and sentimentality [is that a word? :S] have a safe journey back my lovely and have fun in melbourne! x
Ace said…
Aww it's always sad when you have leave your family (and your "babies")behind.

Look on the bright side, you got to see your family and have a NICE vacation! Much more than I can say for my summer ahahaa.
Anonymous said…
Sha, I have to say I love your "Links and Loves" tab. I am on there during work, more than I should admit, cruising all the different blogs. Thanks for the Fashion and Beauty links. I love seeing how hijabis work fashion. Especially StyleCovered.

Take Care!