Let Me Be

Okay, I am officially going to write my first ever rant post. Usually I'm all positive and happy in my blog posts but today's one will be an exception and hopefully it will be the first and last brouhaha you'll ever hear from me.

Lately I've been questioning whether I should continue blogging or not. It's not that I'm getting bored or unmotivated but simply because I am so put off by some people's attitudes. I didn't start this blog to create trouble for myself or my family. I did it for the love of writing and connecting with others.

So here's the deal with why I'm so upset. There are people out there who do not have good intentions towards my family. These people were once guests in our home, so-called family even. But the trust was gone after we found out the truth about them. I can't believe the same people who preached night and day about Islam were the same ones who would stab us in the back and practice things that are haraam. Oh yes, I've learned that those who are always talking about Islam are sometimes the ones you have to be most careful of. They only speak words of faith yet their actions don't match what they claim to believe. I am sickened by such people. So the ties were cut and life went on as usual. I thought that was the end of it but as usual, it never is.

These people are now following my blog. My guess is that they're trying to get some sort of insight into what my family is up to, how we're doing, etc. They have even tried using fake Facebook profiles in order to get me to add them. They e-mailed me with different e-mail addresses to find out personal information. I've stopped blogging about my family because I don't want to jeopardise their privacy and security. I wouldn't do anything to put my family's safety at risk.

I've told these people to stop e-mailing me or trying to add me on Facebook because every single time it happens I know who is behind it. They have been doing this for the past 8 months or so and they make it so obvious! In some of their fake Facebook profiles they even put up their real photos. Different names but same faces. Yesterday I received another friend request from them and it just made me feel so disappointed that they are still at it. I mean, if you're going to create fake identities at least be creative! Or why not do something even better...

Stop trying to disrupt our lives. We haven't done anything to you. If you truly believe in God as you claim you do, then for the love of God please just move on with your life and focus on doing good instead of doing what displeases God. And for the last time, stop trying to add me on Facebook because I don't add people I don't know anyway. Just give it up because life is too short for you to be wasting it on this meaningless and fruitless chase. Most importantly, bertaubatlah.

I don't understand why some people just don't like the sight of other people's happiness. Why do Muslims hurt one another? Why can't they practice Islam the same way they talk so proudly about it? Nobody's perfect but why boast about how much you know and what you do while you practice what is haraam?

No, I'm not going to quit blogging because of them. I'm not going to stop doing what I love because of a few bad apples. I've said what I wanted to say and tomorrow will be a brand new day.

To my innocent readers, I'm sorry you had to read all that but it had to be done. Good night.

EDIT: Oh my God you guys, this is sooo freaky. I just saw bits of one of the girls' blog and she has actually copied some of my blog content and published it as hers. She even copied my blog profile! How creepy is that?! What on earth is her motive???


Anonymous said…
OH MY GOD!! That is so ridiculous! Wow, talk about stalkers!!!

I've noticed that also, those who preach and go on and on about their religion are usually the same ones who will gossip and backbite and do the exact opposite of what they preach. That is the number one thing that used to turn me off of religion when I first started looking into Islam..

I assume these are girls? And they are young? Possibly a bit of jealousy mixed with envy?

My message to them if they are reading this:

Mona Zenhom said…
That is just horrible. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm glad you're not going to let them get to you and stop blogging. Good for you. Hypocrites are not worth your time.
Mona Zenhom said…
That is just horrible. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm glad you're not going to let them get to you and stop blogging. Good for you. Hypocrites are not worth your time.
ᖇᗩE said…
I call them bitter bugs and they don't actually matter.

Remember this: "You are your hater's biggest superhero."
SaLuff said…
There's 2 things you can do:

1) totally ignore them & keep entertaining your readers :)

2) Keep entertaining us & fight back. Get a restraining order. They will goto jail if they contact you. File a disput with blogger for the theft of your words. Try contacting facebook to see if they can help.
Smart CoOKie said…
I feel you more than you could ever imagine.
Bubbli said…
wow, sis keep ur chin up and do what u love. don't let it get to you. but if u block them then they'll just make another account, i guess i would just not blog about family, and personal stuff, or u could make this blog private if u like.. whatever makes u most comfortable because its ur blog.
Miss N said…
i always been your silent reader..
Claim what is right sis!
There is people like this that copied people blog and made like their own...

check this girl blog..

i hope it helps..
be strong ya..
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Sarah: The story gets freakier - it's a mother daughter team.

Mona Z: Thanks Mona! I figured that people like them are always going to be around so why admit defeat now?

Bitten by An Arab Bug: Thanks hun, you're right, they don't matter! I shouldn't have even written this post... but I wanted them to know that I know what they're up to and try put an end to all this crap so I can move on. It feels good to let it all out.

Sluff: You know, if I could blog about the stuff they've done to my family they would actually be prosecuted in some countries. Thanks for your advice anyway =)

Smart Cookie: Oh dear, I hope you didn't have to go through what my family and I did...

Bubbli: Thanks sweetie. Yeah, I won't be blogging about anything family-related for a while... which sucks cos my family's a big part of my life.

Miss N: Thank you! I really tak sangka people like this exist. Shame on them!
hatim a.r said…
u shud get restraining order if things get dangerous.i think someone is trying so hard to be just like u.and its quite scary actually. take care sha!
hi there,
i do love your blog.
and I'm trying to improve my English by reading your every single post. i agree with you for not to stop blogging.
anyhow, thanks for helping me to improve my English since my MUET exam is around the corner. thanks, sis.
ashieBee said…
Hey sha!

U poor thing! But yes, in reality, this kind of people do exist unfortunately. As much as we want to ignore them, it is still bothering you at the back of your head, no?
May Allah protect you and your family from these people with bad intentions. Insyallah.

I'm sorry you are going through this.
That's exactly why I blog anonymously. I'd suggest restricting your blog to invited readers only.
Nevin said…
woah. there are some freaky people out there. i totally understand where you're coming from. I know a girl who had the same thing happen to her! People are literally sick in the head. To this day, I still get shocked by the actions of muslims. Me and my family are having the same problem with so called "family friends"; their hearts are not fulfilled, there is something missing inside of them. Hang in there sis, inshallah it all works out and they wake up and realise what they're doing is wrong and creepy!
Anonymous said…
Owh my, cyber stalkers huh? I pray that Allah will protect you and your family. Don't quit blogging ya!
LL said…
i don't get it. why must this people trying so hard to be like others? STALKER, my note to u " don't compare your life to others. you have no idea what their journey is all about. " and pleaseeeeee. keep blogging, okay.
Ace said…
Wow, I'm so sorry you have to go through all that!

Completely random, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG! I bookmarked it a couple of months ago when I was browsing through blogs and fortunately came across it today. As a fellow fashion enthusiast, I love your flair for fashion!!I really hope you'll check out my blog space (it's me and a couple of my friends) and inshaAllah I hope to keep reading yours! :)

P.S. Dont let these sad people get you down hun, you are definitely much better than them. Hypocrites will remain hypocrites until Allah chooses to show them the straight path. All we can do is pray for these people.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
** Thanks for all your support everyone! Sorry I had to be all dramatic but I was just so ticked off you know? I'm alright today, alhamdulillah.. and I hope these people get the message I'm trying to say. **

Hatim: Why would anyone try to be like me?? It's a mystery. I don't really need a restraining order. Alhamdulillah, my family lives in a gated community so no one can get through without passing the security guards.

she's an extrovert: Hi! Reading my blog has helped improve your English? Wow, at least some good has come out of this blog. Thanks for your comment.

ashieBee: Thanks hun! Ameen, ameen ya Rab al alameen.

Hispanic Muslimah: Yup, I've considered that but that would mean I'd have to invite sooo many readers just to block one person? I think when it's truly necessary I'll take the next step. Thanks for your concern hun =)

Nevin: Sorry to hear you're facing a similar problem. You're right, these people should wake up because dunya is so temporary, y'know? What's the point of hurting others for money, power, etc.?

Diana: Thanks D. InshaAllah they'll stop all this nonsense once and for all.

lia lousy: I wish I knew why such people exist. Perhaps as a means for Allah to test us? InshaAllah, I won't have to quit blogging.

Ace: Hi, thanks hun! Will definitely check out your blog. That's so true, only Allah can change people from inside out.
Yunne Osman said…
hi sha...

i started reading your blog a couple of days ago right after noticing your comments on another blog which is one of my fav. i like your style of writing just as i like the knot. i'm glad u decide not to stop blogging cause i think u're doing a swell job as a writer.

identity theft is common in other countries such as the states but here in malaysia it's very rare. but it happens, just like how it happened to you. i do hope you take extra precautions on not to let out much info, so stalkers like these people u're talking about cannot steal much from u. it is scary when u know that another person is trying to be u and all this reminds me of 'the net' movie played by sandra bullock. so hang in there cause from what i see here in the comments, people love u and support u. :-)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Yunne: Thank you for comment and support. It's always nice to hear from a new reader =)
Fafa Lane said…
hi shahirah! salaam
i last i manage to find your blog.
heart it, its soo cute! i know this post is few months back but reading this. urm these people are SICK!!! hope you manage to kik their asses out from you life. :D good luck