Fashion Friday: Serious Side of Maxi

Winter seems to bring out the serious side of me. I tend to wear darker shades and minimise my accessories. But no matter what I still love my maxi dresses. I bought this knit maxi when I was in Melbourne and it's perfect for winter. It's definitely one of my favourite purchases this year. Slip on a cardigan, a woolen winter coat and I'm good to go!





Emmy♥ said…
Mashallah you look so beautiful!
nn said…

i second you! :D
You look so pretty, mashAllah!
Loving the hijab!
Anonymous said…
shaaaaa that scarf soo lawaaa nk pengsan pls!
ajjah said…
owh Sha, cantikk..!! :)
Anonymous said…
Oh Shahirah it's a beautiful style <3!
Faith said…
I absolutely LOVE IT!
Maryam said…

Add another MashaAllah to the previous 100 one's ;)

I love those shoes!
zahra said…
aaaaah! high five! i have the same maxi dress!!!
Aisha said…
you never fail to get it right! i love it!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thanks for the comments ladies <3

Zahra, high 5!!!!!
I'm pretty sure i was VERYYY close to buying this dress BUT i was a good girl and walked away...

do you enjoy making people regret and splurge haha cause now im contemplating on the dress AGAIN! naughty naughty me..

your always pretty as usual :)
Anonymous said…
I love this dress.

Pls share where you bought it from? I know it's probably not there anymore and they might not deliver internationally (I'm from the UK).
But they might have other nice things.


p.s. nice blog!