Whenever I browse through HijabScarf I feel so happy to be a Muslim and a hijabi.

I also really, really want to go shopping.
*smacks hand*

Absolutely stunning and inspiring work done by Hanna Faridl and Fifi Alvianto.
Do show some love. 
Visit HijabScarf now. 


Zatil Aqmar said…
omg. so. gorgeous. -_-

ur blog makes me happy to be a hijabi too! cause not many people i know are brave enough to be creative with hijabs. keep it up :)
liloo said…
waou this is gorgeous :)
Rumaitha said…
wow, such beautiful pictures!
Love the first picture, the soft pinkiness is lovely :)
Anonymous said…
Very,very nice =)!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
love the looks♥

LL said…
" feel so happy to be a Muslim and a hijabi. "

yes, indeed.
hijab are not stopping u
to be versatile.
on-line store for you to consider from Cairo...

or maybe you know already :-p


~ kak ani
Smart CoOKie said…
Really pretty mashallah.
I love this blog too, its beautiful mashallah :)
feel free to check out my blog :) http://zinahns.blogspot.com/
ashieBee said…
they are gorgeous!! so cantik wei, i like :))
Hanna Faridl said…
Hi Shahirah,

Thank you for posting pictures from our blog and link it.
Nice to know your blog and btw I love the way you tell stories.
Unknown said…
Stunning!!! mashallah!