A Regal Affair

Ella Bella's sister tied the knot last weekend. The akad nikah (solemnisation ceremony) took place on Saturday night at the bride's house and it was followed by a grand wedding reception held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Sunday night.

The bride, Nik Azura (Nikky or Azura), and the groom, Erwan, looked amazing on both nights but of course Nikky was the centre of everyone's attention. Be prepared to be mesmerised while viewing these pictures*.

The Akad Nikah Ceremony | 10 July 2010
Theme Underwater Cinderella


The bride and groom with the groomsmen

The breathtakingly beautiful bride in her first dress of the night

The exchanging of wedding gifts from the groom to the bride and vice versa

A pose with the bridesmaids


Elegant 'mermaid bride' in her second dress of the night


The Wedding Reception | 11 July 2010
Theme Kesultanan Melayu Melaka (Traditional Royal Malaccan Kingdom)
The reception hall was decorated with all things traditional - Malaysian fruit centrepieces, dangling golden leaves, olden day-inspired umbrellas

The bride is on her way

Walking down the aisle


A queen awaiting her king. In the Malay culture, the bride and groom are considered king and queen of the day

"I'm almost there, honey!"

"Finally with my beautiful queen."

By far the best traditional Malay food I have ever tasted

Sautéed bananas with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Absolutely delish.

Notice the colour co-ordination? It was a total coincidence!



Sha Bella with Ella Bella

Yay, a picture with the king and queen!
(Why do I have the darndest feeling that all of us ladies were wearing 'Ruby Woo' by MAC?)

At the end of the night I remembered thinking, "Wow, Nikky's married now.... it doesn't feel like it was too long ago when she was my senior in high school." Time really does fly and understandably, the most popular question directed towards the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes at the reception was - "So when are you getting married?"

Here's to a joyous and everlasting marriage for Nikky and Erwan. May your life together bring you more happiness you could ever imagine!
Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu.

*Some pictures are courtesy of Ella Bella. Thank you!


ajjah said…
aww... lovely :)
Bubbli said…
Mabrook to them, inshAllah they live the rest of there life together in peace, love, and joy. btw the bride is gorgeous! mashAllah!
Mona Zenhom said…
Gorgeous. Everything.
Aisha said…
im speechless, everything is soo beautiful! may Allah [swt] bless them in their married life :) And u my dear looked STUNNING! i love love ur outfit!
Amalia said…
Wow, that looks like such a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to them :)
Masha'Allah and Congrats to the new couple! I felt like I was looking at pics from the wedding of royals. You looked stunning as always.
Smart CoOKie said…
Mahsallah she looks so beautiful. May they live happily ever after :)
Anonymous said…
WOW! Such a regal affair. Looks like actual royalty!! Congrats to them!! I wanna attend a huge Malaysian wedding!!!!!! Can't wait, can't wait, one of my friends will be getting married shortly after we get there, and from what I hear, it is a pretty big deal.. lol
ᖇᗩE said…
loved all her gowns, so fab!
annisanican said…
what a beautiful bride :)
b.p. said…
Salam, Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you@ These pictures are just lovely. The bride looks amazing mashallah. As do you!
beautiful dresses!!!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you for your comments. Told ya'll you'd be mesmerised ;) It was truly a beautiful wedding!
mustikasari said…
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hijabi said…
mashallah beautiful bride and wedding!
fadyxc said…
I love your kebaya! <3