Girl Food

I've always wondered... do men ever read women's magazines? Because just out of curiosity I checked out GQ magazine's website today. As I schemed the main page I was intrigued by the title of one of their featured articles - "The Tyranny of Girl Food".

Girl food? What's wrong with what we eat? What's so oppressing or intimidating about girl food?

Ah yes, it kinda rings a bell now. I've heard how apparently men eat 'real' food and women don't. According to the writer, us girls like to go on giggly lunches (okay well that's sorta true) and "nibble on tuna melt, three bean salad, cream cheese on Ryvita, stewed fruit, cereal bars, soya yogurt, chicken wraps". Men, on the other hand, would rather have a 300 gram piece of steak with chunky potatoes and carrots on the side.

"Men tend to go for scrambled eggs, while girls prefer soufflé. Men generally order pizza, while girls head for pasta. Men have barbecues, girls have picnics." You get the picture.

Men are such funny creatures. They tease us when we eat and they tease us when we don't. Gentlemen, please make up your mind and understand that there is a reason why many women try to eat healthy food and go on diets - to keep you happy. If anything is oppressing women it is the ideals that men have set for women's bodies and you know it.

Because truthfully I'd rather have a 300 gram steak over stewed fruit any day.


Really want to have steak right now!
Mona Zenhom said…
Stewed fruit sounds gross.
DiabMan said…
lol am sure sure sure sure there r girls who enjoy eating steaks n fries... and actually do it :p
Aisha said…

i haven't been on since i was like 4 years old. BBQ anyday!
Anonymous said…
I think this whole girl food vs man food article seems to point towards us girls being sensible and aware of what we are eating and how to manage it as compared to guys. ahemm ;). but to be honest, that sounds borrrrinnng. I enjoy eating too much! just pass me the steak thanks.
Funny article. I actually eat more than my husband. I'd rather go for fatty foods in moderation over non fat or "low fat" foods.
I'd rather have the steak too.
Anonymous said…
Damned if we do, damned if we don't, that is the story of our lives ladies. They want us to eat "like men" and remain stick thin.. Go figure.
Anonymous said…
Hi Shahirah,
I'm new to your blog and I enjoyed reading this post! Thanks for the laugh and wish you the best in life, girl.

Shahirah Elaiza said…
Cairo, Lusaka, Amsterdam: Slurrrrp!

Mona Z: I don't even know what it is but yes you are right it sounds yucky.

DiabMan: Dude, I ate an entire leg of lamb the other day. I named it Hansel =P

Ashi: I know ey, who goes on picnics these days!!

Aimie: *high 5*

Hispanic Muslimah: I think you're lucky enough to have a very high metabolism rate, hun. My friend went on a holiday and her husband ate more than she did but HE lost weight while she gained some LOL.

Sarah Elizabeth: Yes, you're right! You always know what I'm trying to say =)

Mina: Hi Mina, welcome to my blog =) Thank you for being so sweet. Hope you drop by again soon!