Fashion Friday: Happily Ever After

This is a late Fashion Friday post. (Or let's all just pretend today's Friday for a few minutes!)

I attended my first ever Bangladeshi wedding yesterday. The nikah (solemnisation ceremony) took place after Friday prayer at Dunedin's Al-Huda mosque. It was a beautiful sunny Good Friday and heaps of ladies turned up for Jumaah prayer! More than usual, I must say. The bride, Adiba, is a friend of my friend, Jarin. I don't know her very well but I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a few tears during the nikah. Especially when the imam and her husband's representatives came over to the women's side of the mosque and asked Adiba if she truly accepts the proposal. Sort of like the 'I do' part of a Christian wedding. I don't know why but it just touched my heart and soon after the bride was crying tears of happiness as well.

The reception was held at night and my girls and I had such an amazing time! We all got ready together and our make up, clothes and pins were everywhere. It was so funny. In the end everything worked out just fine, alhamdulillah. The bride and groom looked STUNNING dressed in beige and gold with hints of passionate red. I've always admired Indian outfits. The combination of beautiful colours, beading and embroidery is just perfect for a day or night of glamour! And as we all know, weddings are the perfect opportunity to get all glammed up so obviously the guests were all dressed to impress.

And I have exclusive pictures as proof.

Congratulations to the stunning bride and groom!

The bashful bride

The finer things in life

Finally, a shot with the bride and groom TOGETHER! By the way, that's the ever so sweet Chloe in a turquoise Malay kebaya.

My first time wearing an anarkali salwar khameez. I was sooo happy!

Jarin, looking drop dead gorgeous in her sari. Who says hijabis can't pull them off? And Nadia, my Jordanian honey, mashaAllah.

Amina looking fine in a Somali dirac (pronounced as dir-rah). Yup she's back from Wellington for 2 weeks!

My beautiful friends all dressed up

Anarkali salwar khameez courtesy of Jarin. Thank you hun!

Make up inspired by MakeUpGeek's tutorial


Amalia said…
Wow I love your pictures - so beautiful! The yellow is gorgeous!

Congratulations to the bride and groom :)
Texan after UAE said…
Masha'a'Allah! masha'a'Allah!!! Mabrooook! to the bride and groom!!!! Y'all all looked gorgeous!!! just gorgeous! Looks like y'all had tons of fun! wish we were there. The outfits are gorgeous! I love'em. The bride is beautiful! I love the indian outfits. So nice. Thanks for sharing! OoO can you post this on MSU? The sisters would LOVE It. Insha'a'Allah.
Texan Teen said…
MashaAllah you and your friends are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! The bride and groom are soo cute together! MASHAALLAH!

i bet yall had such a wonderful time!
Wow!!! BEAUTIFUL pics!! You guys look amazing, looove the outfits!
Aisha said…
all so gorgeousss, masha'Allah!! glad u got to experience a bengali wedding =D [i'm bengali therefore i'm a tad biased lol] got me excited for weddings i have to attend in the next few weeks!

and ur anarkhali is beautiful, lovely shade of yellow!
Anonymous said…
Salam Shahirah :),
I couldn't thank you enough for such an interesting and beautiful post.I've never seen a wedding like this and I really looked with great curiosity and amazement at all the pictures.Oh my dear God everyone is so gorgeous =)!You and your friends are so super cute and feminine!Again...simply beauiful :)!
And...congratulations to the bride and the groom :).
A hug my dear!
sobia said…
Wow, I love all the different types of hijab! :)
Bliss said…
Congratulations to the bride and groom :D
May they truly live happily ever after!!

Their outfits are stunning!!
I wish i could wear one :)
You all look stunning mashAllah! I love the colour of your outfit, so pretty!
m, said…
I absolutely love the diversity of all of your friends, it reminds me of my own friends :)
MashaAllah you all are beautiful!
Oh, and I'm really enjoying your blog, great job :)
riotersbloc said…
I love anarkali dresses! You look great :)