ShaElaiza in Wanita Magazine

If you've been following my blog for quite a while you'd probably remember that I had a photoshoot for a Malaysian magazine called Wanita before coming back to New Zealand a few months ago. It was exciting for me as I had never been featured in a magazine before. The photoshoot was originally for the magazine's make up column and after it was done I asked the photographer to take some shots of my Mum and I just for fun. Later on the journalist, my Mum and I started talking about my experience living in New Zealand. It was more of a spontaneous and casual conversation.

I didn't really expect anything to come out of it so you can imagine my surprise when my sister texted me about 2 weeks ago and told me that the magazine published an article about me and my Mum in its latest issue! The article is generally about my relationship with my parents and my siblings as the youngest member of the family. It also touched on a few things about my parents accompanying me here in New Zealand so I can pursue my degree. 

I have the scanned images of the article but I won't post them on my blog because I wasn't wearing a hijab during the photoshoot as I wasn't a hijabi then. I know I still have previous photos of myself not wearing hijab in my blog and Facebook profile. I will eventually delete them when I'm ready. However, hijab is a part of my image now and to put up any new photos of myself without it feels wrong to me. I can't help that the photos are published in the magazine but this is who I am today. 

The article is in Malay so I'll translate my favourite parts for you guys. 

"I admit that I'm 'anak manja' (a pampered child - 'manja' means pampered and/or affectionate) and I usually get what I want. My brother likes calling me a spoiled brat. I realise that I only have one mother and when else am I going to be 'manja' (close and/or affectionate) with her? When I'm with her I will usually hug her spontaneously, so much so that my brother compares me to glue, as in I'm always glued to my mother." Okay I didn't think the journalist would take my words so literally. I don't always get what I want and I'm not a spoiled brat, at least I don't think so anyway. But the second bit is  sooo true. I just love giving her hugs! Big bear hugs!

"Shahirah sees her Mum as a symbol of inner strength and the one who compels her in her studies."

"When I started schooling my Mum usually buys me books as birthday presents or as presents for when I get good grades in school." She hardly bought me toys unless they were educational. 

"My late father was the who loved pampering me the most. He would send and pick me up from school, then send me to tuition classes." My school and tuition classes were 30-45 minutes away from where we lived. Now he would sneak out behind my Mum's back and get me toys haha. 

The article made me miss him so much. I know I'll never ever meet another man who will love me the way he did. He was a joyous man, always so happy-go-lucky. Simply irreplaceable. 

The journalist made a few mistakes though: 
1. My late father passed away  in February 2007 not 2009.
2. I was living alone with him in New Zealand when he passed away. My sister was still in Malaysia. 
3. My mum's name is Zaiton Jalaludin. 

So there you go! To those back home, check out the May issue of Wanita if you wish =) The article is also in conjunction with the upcoming Mother's Day which is on 9th of May. And to those who aren't in Malaysia and are curious to see the article drop me an e-mail at or leave your e-mail address in the comments or the chatbox in the side-bar on your right (girls only).


DiabMan said…
hey miss celebrity :p
Amalia said…
That's great that you got published! Congratulations!
starry eyed said…
sha! i wanna read the article please. FB message me the link k? congratulations btw. *hugs*
starry eyed said…
whoops sorry, i meant email me. :)
i wanna see!! hehehe..
ModestJustice said…
Omg! I remember when you posted about doing the photoshoot!

Masha'Allah :D That's so awesome!

Plus I can totally understand the awkwardness of putting photos up you did pre-hijab :D

But still, congrats! (And I love how your parents were so pro-education to you as a child, now I don't feel like such a dork about my own childhood!)
Anonymous said…
sha, email it to me pls :)
aww, i remember when you blogged about the photo shoot! they were pretty pictures, mashAllah. I understand the awkwardness, but that was then and this is now, init?

Anak manja is so cute! :D
starry eyed said…
hey hun, i read the article already! u looked sooo good :) loves it.
Qusay said…
oh my my, u r a big shot now :) good on u, now I will google anak manja and your name and see what comes up LOL
Shahirah Elaiza said…
DiabMan: You mean Miss 'Famous'?! =P (No I don't think I'm famous ya'll, my name 'Shahirah' means famous in Arabic lol)

Amalia: Thank you hun!

Naj: Hugs!

Shamimi: What's your email add?

Modest Justice: Thanks! And no you're definitely not a dork. Ever since I was a kid I my life revolved around books. Sadly, these days the only books I read are course books lol. Would love to have more time to read other stuff as well.

Nona: Dah =)

Smiley: LOL!! Yeah, I mean I know some people would say what's the big deal you still haven't deleted non-hijab photos from the past but as you said, that was then and this is now.

Heart & Soul: OMGosh hun, that's so sweet of you to tell me that. I appreciate it so much =) I've already emailed you... btw, you understand bits of Malay?

Qusay: Big shot? Whoaaa no way, dude. Just one article in one magazine out of dozens back in Malaysia. Perhaps just my 15 minutes of fame, that's all LOL.
hey babe my email send me!!! :D
Fashion Wanita said…
Does Wanita Magazine a malaysian magazine?