God Texted Me

I missed yesterday's Fashion Friday post, sorry guys! Yesterday was busier than I thought it would be. I had a lecture and a test before going to Friday prayers. After that the committee organised a little fundraising bake sale at the mosque so I had to make sure everything ran smoothly. By the time it was over I was so tired because I was up studying until 3 am the night before and when I came home I just plonked myself on the bed and kind of drifted away to la la land for a while....

Anyhoo, after such a busy week Lamya and I decided to go to town and treat ourselves today and can I just say... someone please confiscate my ATM card from me because there are sales everywhere! Even at Dotti and Witchery. I think I should restrain myself and not buy anything else for the next 1 month except for groceries.

So I have to tell you this. While we did our rounds in town something happened to me for the first time...

Two 18-year-old-looking guys passed us and I heard one of them say, "F****** Muslims." I pulled Lamya towards me and asked, "Did you hear that?? Did you hear what he said?". She didn't but he kept looking and he even had a faint grin on his face while doing so. That was the first time I experienced blatant negativity towards me ever since I started wearing hijab almost two months ago. I was kind of taken aback but Lamya was a super trooper and said, "If I had heard him I would've replied 'Thank you very much',"

I was surprised and felt a little disrespected at first but then another feeling crept inside my heart and it's the strangest reaction. I was actually happy to be recognised as a Muslim! But that doesn't mean I wasn't affected by what happened. We went to Starbucks after that to get some studying done (I'm serious, we brought our laptops to study but we only did it for 30 minutes!) and I checked my cellphone. I received a message from Shaymaa. Remember her? The girl from my first Fashion Friday post. This is what it said:

If that's not a sign from God then I don't know what is. It was spot on and the amazing part is that I received God's guidance from a friend through my cellphone. It was almost like God texted me! Okay, I'm stretching it a little there but you have to admit, He really does work in mysterious ways.

I've always been a Muslim but in the past I wasn't easily identified as one. In some ways I didn't want to be identified because I was afraid non-Muslims would judge me and my belief based on what they hear in the media and the assumptions they have made from the actions of some so-called Muslims. I can't say the same about myself today. I no longer place another person's opinion of myself or my religion above what I know deep down inside is the truth. That guy probably doesn't even have any real knowledge about Islam apart from the distorted information he has heard from the media so I don't even blame him.

I am proud feel blessed to be a Muslim, alhamdulillah and no one can take this feeling away from me except for the Almighty so I pray that He will always inspire me to be thankful towards Him and that He continues to strengthen my iman (faith). Peace of mind is truly a gift and blessing. When you're happy from within almost nothing can ruin that feeling for you.

[Credit goes to my friend Zahra from Muslimness. We miss you Zahra! Come back to Dunedin please.]

P.S. Sorry for not visiting your blogs lately. I will try my best amidst my hectic schedule. You know I miss reading them. Much love from me.


salaam alaikum!

SubhanaAllah how amazing that your friend texted you just the inspirational words you needed to hear! I love the message, I think I will copy it and put it on my fridge as a reminder for those days im feeling low and need a boost!

Non muslims try there best to get a reaction out of muslims (usually through negative comments etc). The best thing for muslims is to not react (depends on what they said of course!) and if possible use it as a way to make dawah!
Anonymous said…
You are beautiful.
-FL- said…
Wow, imagine getting a text like that after the little "Run-in"
(I couldnt think of anything to call it lol) ..But great post!
Mona Zenhom said…
Wow, subhanaAllah. That's awesome!
Smart CoOKie said…
Love the text. It brought tears to my eyes.
Stephanie said…
Subhannallah, loved this!
LA ❤ said…
Incidents like these make me hold on to my faith even more =)

A smile, or a kind comment might make them admire your reaction to their harsh comment, and maybe, just maybe, would make them think over what they just said.

It's the simplest way of da'wah to Islam in my opinion =)
washi said…
Subhana'Allah, Allah t'Ala was truly reaching out to you sis!
Aisha said…
subhana'Allah! He certainly works in mysterious ways =)
-Amina said…
SubhanaAllah! I got the same message from her right when i was feeling a little down (and lonely) and was pretty much prepared to give up on my report and fail the entire paper. God really does work in mysterious ways! :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Rene: I don't get it, what's the point of provoking others? But yes it is amazing how I received that message right after that guy made that comment! SubhanAllah...

Sarah: Likewise Sarah *hugs*

Forever Learning: Thanks hun!

Mona Z: =) Just one of God's signs.

Smart Cookie: It is a very touching message, isn't it? I think so many people can relate to it. I wonder who originally came up with it because it's sooo spot on.

Stephanie: Thank you hun =)

Lil Me: Thanks for being right there when I need you.

washi: I think He was too... coincidence schmoincidence!

Ashi: Funny thing is I was wondering when some smart aleck was going to say something derogatory about Muslims to me lol ... cos so far being a hijabi has been really great, alhamdulillah.

Amoon: Well nobody made you move to Wellington =( We miss you always... hope you're feeling better.