A Prayer for My Sister

I received a phone call from my Mum this morning. I was still in bed so I couldn't take the call. "It's 3 am in Malaysia right now... why would she be calling?", I thought to myself. I woke up, went downstairs and called her back about half an hour later.

Me: Hello, you called me?
Mum: *sounding all sleepy* Yes, I couldn't sleep earlier... I read the Qur'an until 3 am but I couldn't sleep so I called you.
Me: Oh okay. What's wrong?
Mum: Your sister's not well. After the laser surgery she hasn't stopped vomiting and her temperature keeps rising. She was admitted into the hospital on Sunday.

(My sister was diagnosed with a fibroid - a benign tumour near the uterus - last December. She recently underwent a laser surgery to have it removed.)

Me: Oh okay... what did the doctor say?
Mum: The doctor didn't explain much. They all look scared... they didn't tell me much.
Me: What do you mean they didn't say much??? What's wrong with her?
Mum: Apparently it has affected her liver... I'm really scared for her, Shahirah. I hope she pulls through. *almost in tears*
Me: Mum, don't panic. They probably don't want to say anything to scare you. They're observing her in the hospital, I'm sure she'll be fine. Didn't they tell you this would be one of the side effects before the surgery took place?
Mum: No... I think this is a first for them. They said it wouldn't affect her other organs.
Me: Well that's careless of them! How can they not foresee this?!
Mum: I'm just very worried for her... I don't think I can leave her like this. I feel so sorry she has to go through all this. I'm not allowed to stay with her in the hospital at night. What if something happens???
Me: *silence* Mum, just don't panic okay. Kakak (Malay term for 'older sister') is quite fragile maybe her reaction to the surgery is a bit extreme. And please think positively. Be positive and cheerful when you're around her because she needs to be strong. Once the mind is weak then the body will be weak too.

Mum: I know... I know...
Me: And give her some honey to eat and  some  Zam Zam water  to drink as well. That should give her strength.
Mum: We were at the hospital on Sunday from 12 pm to 6 am. So I was too tired to call you yesterday.
Me: Okay nevermind, just don't get so worried. If you get sick then we're going to have 2 sick people in the family. Then what are we going to do?
Mum: I want you to come back in June. I don't think I can come end of this month.
Me: *silence* Okay Mummy, I'll see what I can do...

What am I suppose to make of this? I have a mountain of work to do; I have my studies and I'm involved in several University associations and now I have this hanging over my head? What's worse is that I can't be there for my family and I'm stuck here because it's my final year and God forbid, I won't let anyone or anything get in the way of that. I'm so horrible with feelings. I push them aside and I tell myself to soldier on while deep down inside it really hurts. Sometimes the only way I can ever let my emotions out is by writing so here I am.

I know most of you here don't even know me very well but can you please say a prayer and make du'a for my sister? I will of course pray for her as well but if you do know her and you're reading this please, please make du'a for her to recover and for my Mum to be strong and patient.

I don't really feel like talking about this and the only person I really want to talk to is someone I shouldn't be talking to. How did life get so complicated?


Anonymous said…
my prayer goes to your sister sha... Hope she gets better soon.
Anonymous said…
InshAllah I will keep her in my duas. I really hope she gets well soon by the grace of Allah SWT.
Bliss said…
I'll add her to my prayers ..
I really hope she feels better :(
yana doakan kakak sha cepat sembuh & kembali pulih seperti biasa & moga mak sha juga sihat & tabah mengharungi dugaan ni.
Moga sha & keluarga dirahmati Allah.
ModestJustice said…
Insha'Allah! May Allah swt keep you, your sister and the rest of your family healthy and safe!

With hardship comes ease sister :) You're strong, and insha'Allah, after this whirlwind of situations, everything will be fine. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
last night, my bestie was told tht her brother was in the ICU, as well. reading about ur sister, thats so sad. that could have been any of us. be strong for the family. at least u still have ur brother to look after ur mum in msia.

dua for ur family, definitely. inshaallah, everything will be ok.
salaam alaikum shahirah,

I wanted to start off saying that you did a wonderful job consoling your mom (sometimes its hard when the children need to be the parent and console the adult).

Here are some duas during hardships, inshaAllah they help. I will keep your sister in my duas and you as well. It can be so hard to concentrate and focus when someone we love is sick, hang in there! InshaAllah your sister will receive many rewards during her hardship by remaining patient.

"O lord of mankind! remove the pain and heal. You are the healer. There is no healing except your healing which leaves no sickness." (mishkat)

here is a great site for duas


Texan after UAE said…
(((HUGS)))) I am sorry to hear about this. She's in my dua's. Please if you can, put it on MSU in the dua section. This will have a lot of sisters praying for her. INsha'a'Allah

may Allah give cure her and give you and your family strength ameen

You're not alone. Take it easy and have faith in God.
shahirah..i pray and hope your sister gets well..be strong..
Ofcourse my Duas are with your sister and her family, Allah give her Shifaa Ameen Inshallah Kheyr try not to stress too much sis, Inshallah itll be ok
Smart CoOKie said…
She will be in my prayers. I hope it all got resolved before you need to go there. Stay strong *hugs*
starry eyed said…
dont worry, sha. hopefully, she'll get better soon. she's in my prayers. hang in there okay? xx
ashieBee said…
my prayers for your sister! insyallah she'll get better soon :)

Amalia said…
Lots of prayers for your sister. Insha'allah she will pull through ok. Keep strong! xx
Im sorry to hear about this Shahirah.
May the Almighty give her good health and may He give you & your family strength, Ameen.
Your sister is in my duas, please dont worry.
&& Ameen to everyones duas here.
Mustika Sari said…
I am really sorry to heat that Shahirah...
Bismillahirahmanirrahim... I will send du'a for her, that she will be strong and your mother will be patient too. you all shall overcome this, InsyaAllah.. amin amin ya Robbal Alamin.
Mona Zenhom said…
I'll make duaa for her. InshaAllah she's ok.
Anonymous said…
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers hun. Hopefully she will pull through after a few days or a week. Does she have an infection? I would be demanding answers from these doctors. What kind of laser surgery is this? Did the laser hit other organs? I am confused. Is she still in the hospital or being readmitted? What are her symptoms?

I pray you will be able to stay where you are and complete your studies. Keeping you in my thoughts Sha. Please do keep us all updated.
-Amina said…
InshaAllah she'll be better soon Sha! I'll make dua for her inshaAllah!

Be strong hun...i know it's a stressful year for you, but inshaAllah it'll get easier. As MOdestJustice said with hardship comes ease. Stay positive!
Maryam said…
You got it Shahirah.

I have you and your family in my duas.

InshaAllah your sister will get well.

You know if you need to vent/talk to someone, we are just a click away.

Ameen to all the duas.
Sara said…
InsyaAllah everything will be okay.

Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you and jazakallah khair to everyone. I will keep you posted on her condition as soon as I know exactly what had happened.

*massive hug to everyone*
Anonymous said…
sha dearie,

salam, just wanna share with abt my discovery, "Maka benar Allah swt dalam sabda Nabi-Nya bermaksud: "Ubatilah sakit kamu dgn cara bersedekah, peliharalah harta kamu dgn cara berzakat dan hindarilah bala dgn cara berdoa.."

indeed, istighfar kpd Allah is also one of the ways to look for miracle esp. tat kala musibah dtg menjelma..my prayers are with you, hang in there and don't lose faith in Him ya...xxx, erni
alyaa said…
hi sha. i'm not sure if u still remember me but my prayers goes to ur sister. it's amazing how strong u r hearing the news, how is she now?