Monday Morning Smile

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a little something which made me smile the other day - a stop-motion animation made mostly by reused materials. I love everything about it but my favourite part is the batting eyelashes!

I'm still a kid at heart =)


Mona Z said...

Ha!! That was adorable and now I'll be singing "Ginger, Pickles, PicklesGinger GOOOOOO" LOL!

DiabMan said...

lol thts so cool... I should have watched the thing earlier today... what a day :D

Bliss said...

Haha cute xx

Maryam said...

That was a weird/cute video.

The room looks so good, I could eat it.

Speaking of Youtube videos:

I saw New Zealand in the title and thought of you. Aren't they the cutest?

Bitten by an Arab bug said...

This is what you call creativity. Cute, loved it! :)

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

that was adorable!

hispanic muslimah said...

lol! pink frosting for hair and face!!!

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Mona Z: Haha I know! Catchy tune!

DiabMan: It makes a difference when you start the day with something that makes you smile =)

Bliss: Totally xoxo

Maryam: That's an ad for a hardware company in NZ. It was such a hit! Of course, NZ-ers love to make fun of Australians lol.

Bitten by an Arab Bug: Katkoota ;)

Smiley: =D

Hispanic Muslimah: Ready to Spready hair frosting. Genius.