Fashion Friday: Ice Cream That's Good For You

As an avid fan of colour I'm happy to announce that ice cream shades are here to brighten our days. It makes perfect sense to me because they suit any season. You simply can't go wrong with subtle touches of colour.

Fresh Off the Runway
1. Valentino, Spring 2010 2. Michael Kors, Spring 2010 3. Giambatista Valli, Fall 2010

ShaElaiza's InterpretationStrawberry & Lime
Strawberry & Lime by shaelaiza featuring Red Herring cardigansRockmelon
Rockmelon by shaelaiza featuring Kurt Geiger shoes
Blueberry by shaelaiza featuring Victoria's Secret jumpsuits

Is it just me or do these colours make you crave something sweet? I haven't the slightest idea why...


Aisha said…
these colours make me all happy and energetic. i was in town today and i swear whenever i walked into a shop with gorgeous spring colours everywhere, i felt the urge to burst into song and dance O_o

love the sets, spec the the second one <3
Smart CoOKie said…
Love the pairs of shoes you chose. =]
Sweet Escape said…
These colors are beautiful!
ashieBee said…
sweettttt :))i kinda like the pale yellow dress on the top pic. that kind of yellow, i mean.

I love all those colours, so prettyy!