What's in My Bag?

I was tagged by the extraordinarily talented and fabulously sweet Ashi.


1. Extra pair of earrings - I always carry at least one. It's a habit I developed before I started wearing hijab.
2. Ring - for when my fingers feel naked.

3. Attar perfume - A favourite. This was purchased in Madinah and it's named 'Flower Madinah'. It has a deliciously subtle sweet and floral scent.
4. Perlier Risarium Black Rice face cream - Perfect for when dry skin attacks or as a base for foundation.
5. L'Oreal Glam Bronze bronzing powder - I've been carrying this around since summer and I forgot to take it out when autumn arrived.

6. Band-Aid - For cuts or blisters.
7. Pin wheel and safety pin - A hijabi should never leave home without these!

8. LV purse - Where I stash cash, cards and unnecessary receipts.
9. Uni ID and ATM card - Very, very important cards in my life as a student.

10. L'Oreal Volume Perfect lipstick - Soft peachy brown for a natural look.
11. Refreshing mint from a local restaurant
12. Maybelline Shinylicious - When I'm not wearing black eyeliner this lovely shade of lipgloss brings life to my face.

13. Pens and highlighter - My absolute essentials for university lectures.
14. USB pendrive - Another essential for when I go to Uni.

15. Nokia E71 - A gift from my sister a year ago. I love it so much as it helps me organise my life so well!
16. A bottle of water - Did you know it's important to drink water even before we feel thirsty?

17. Sony Cybershot camera - To capture smiles and memories.

I tag Sarah Elizabeth, Sara Filza, Najwa,Smiley, Cairo Lusaka Amsterdam, 7aki Fadi, Rene, Fatima, Bliss, Amber, Amalia, Aimie, Mama Mona, Arabian Eyes, Smart Cookie, Mustika Sari, Maryam, Amina, Lamya and anyone and everyone who feels like sharing what's hidden inside their mysterious looking bags!


Maryam said…
Oohh. I really love everything in your bag. I actually love your bag the most, where did you get it from?
Minz said…
Shabells!! Your lippy is called 'Berry Bella'!! It is so you, has got your name written all over it!! Mish you Sha Bella.. xx
Texan after UAE said…
I love everything in your bag. LOL You have a cute purse! love it!
Wow, my bag seems naked compared to yours =)
Love the bag btw and everything in it!
Mustika Sari said…
nice earrings you have :)
thanks for tagging me, will post it soon :D
Aisha said…
aww your so sweet, making me blush saying such nice things :$

your bag is gorgeous! im after a bag that colour/size...hmm must go shopping :P love all the contents, i think you tick all the things a girl should have in her bag! and i love how you've taken your photos too, hidden talent there missy!
Bliss said…
I love your bag! it has everything in it! ;p

Thanks for the tag :)
Mona Zenhom said…
I love everything! I did this in January,


so I won't do it again for a while at least. Thanks for the tag though!
Amalia said…
Wow you carry a lot of gorgeous stuff! I'm in love with the earrings :)
I love your bag, its perfect. Everything included ;] And the earrings are so pretty! I carry a pair too! :O
Sheena said…
Oh dear, you look wonderful in the blogger profile picture! :) Care to teach us how to don the hijab in that style?
Rachel said…
I love your bag! What brand is it? And your purse contents are all so clean and organized compared to mine! I took you up on it and made a post today over at my blog.
Princess said…
Salam alaykom habibty!thanx so much for the tag! i actually did a post similar to this one a while back too


and silly me, i didn't know you had a blog this whole time! lol i just followed you. Masha'Allah your blog is really nice, keep up the good work sis and Mabrook for your hijab! <3 <3
Asma said…
I love the bag and the LV wallet!! Know a good place I can buy the wallet from? :)
You have an absolutely amazing blog, and bag stuff, lol, cant wait to follow your blog more, and its great to have you on mine :)
Smart CoOKie said…
Nice bag and stuff. =]

Thanks for the tag. I did it awhile ago on someone else's blog. Do I have to do it again? :P
So interesting! Thanks for tagging me :D
Love your make-up especially!
Sara said…
Helllloooo hand that bag over to me, pls!!! So pretttttyyy!!!! :D
Anonymous said…
checked.will do this tag soon hun!
zahra said…
your id pic looks so gorgeous! i mean who looks that fabulous in their id pic. you do obviously agh! so jealous hahaha even my husband told me i need to get a new one lol