Maher Zain in Harian Metro

Spot anyone familiar? ;)

Much thanks to Ami Schaheera and her friend, Rhona, for letting me know.


Chloe said…
nice! I'm surprised they didn't have 'Blogger Shahirah Elaiza from Colours of My Life watches from the crowd' as the caption :D
Ami Schaheera said…
hmmm i think you looked poised rather than 'teruja' haha but that's so you. Poised Sha :D
AJ Bunny said…
my sister showed me your blog and i must say, your photo editing skills are superb!

i especially like your watermarks, very subtle and reflects your blog title well! are you using photoshop?
ashieBee said…
i saw the newspaper too!!! and seriously, i dh suspect dah it was u. thanks to the camera. lol!
syieranuar said…
fewiiittt!! :D

i did read the newspaper and after reading this post, i re-read it and finally spotted someone really familiar! haha :)
LaiLa said…
heheh It's you, you look beautiful :)
hatim a.r said…
hahahaha i wouldnt be excited to see maher zain in newspaper,sebab he is so famous dy,but seeing you will defoe make me teruja.wud prolly go 'woh woh i know this girlll' haha
Fida Islaih said…
awesome surprise!!
hyna.. said…
hi u..i saw u during the concert coz i was on duty that day..i'm one of the usherrette :)
u're so sweet :)
Anonymous said…
dear,where to buy the square satin scarve like u wear?i find it really hard to be seek.thanks gorgeous!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Chloe: Oh puhleeeaasee.. I'm no celebrity blogger. They'd be like Shahirah who? lol

Ami: Do you know when you smsd me about the newspaper article the first thought that came to my mind was, "OH GOD! I hope I didn't look like a dork." Nasib baik. I look like I was drifting away in a dream .... lol.

AJ Bunny: Aw thank you but my PS skills are actually kinda minimal =)

ashieBee: My camera is famoussss hehe

syiera: You mean you didn't recognise me the first time? lol It's ok, neither did my Mum!

Laila: Aww thank you Laila. I actually don't think I look like myself there =P

hatim a.r.: Whatever, Mr.My-Blog Was-Featured-in-InTrend!

Fida: Yeah, now that's proof I actually attended the concert lol.

hyna: Ohhh you were on duty? Did I speak to you? I remember asking someone what time show tu nak start hehehe. Thank you dear. I was probably just in a really good mood. 'Teruja' nak tengok Maher Zain nyanyi live ;)

Anon: My Mum bought it a few years ago. At that time I wasn't even thinking of wearing hijab. I don't remember where and when but it's true... susah nak cari these days. I'll try and re-call ok =)
Kak Shahirah you looked so pasrah? :)
There should have been a caption about you mann! What were you day dreaming about huh? :P
Magicfairy said…
I agree with Ami, you look really poised. You managed to look amazing even on a candid shot, Subhanallah :)
Silmi Sabila said…
Jumped to your blog, want to leave a comment but I'm just too speechless to write anything... Well, ummm, what a super duper fascinating blog! :-D
humie said…
Good JOB! An acquaintance of mine know Maher Zain. He took my friend's sister back stage with him when he came to our school. I didn't know about him until recently and now all I hear is Maher Zain. lol.
Amnah said…
Well, yeah of course. I'd take a picture of the prettiest gal in the crowd too if I was the photographer.

Such a fun lil memento.