One Super Exciting Weekend, Coming Up!

Everything's been a massive rush the last 2 weeks. Even though we're on our Chinese New Year holiday at the moment I've been really busy. For example, I met the lovely Love and Sugar this week. She's in Malaysia at the moment and inshaAllah I'll be meeting her again when I'm in Melbourne end of this month.

And... I also received 2 very exciting invites for this weekend.

Sue Anna Joe's baby boy is turning 1 and she's throwing a costume party on Saturday. I love costume parties and I love Sue Anna Joe cos she's super talented and down-to-earth! There's no way I'd miss Sheriff Luqman's birthday party. 

Hana Tajima is hosting a Sunday tea party for 16 girls and guess what? 
I'm one of them.
I feel so honoured! Alhamdulillah
The other 15 ladies include my dearest sis Aimie Bahirah, Sue Anna Joe, Shea Rasol
I can tell it's not going to be any ordinary tea party. 

InshaAllah, I'll be back soon to write some updates.
This will be my last 3 weeks in Malaysia therefore I might get a little caught up 
but until then have a fun and safe weekend my lovelies.
And don't forget to say your prayers for those who are in Egypt. 
I really do hope they'll find some peace and stability soon. 
What's happening right now is truly heartbreaking.


Unknown said…
Oh gosh you're leaving already? I'm glad we can meet-up before you go and two days in a row :D
RS said…
you're leaving already?? :( even though I'm not in M'sia I feel that you're leaving ME behind. is that weird? ah, forget it. I'm probably going to have my menses soon.

So its back to NZ then?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ami: Yay you're coming for both too! =D

RS: LOL us women and our 'Aunt Flow' =P Yes inshaAllah NZ. Aww c'mon it'll be like I never left. That's the beauty of the Internet.
Tahirah A. said… very excited for you and the other 15 ladies...time to find something super-nice to wear! :)
wow someone's a busy beee! mA :) enjoy
Aisha said…
you'll be having lotsa fun then, take pics =D [need i ask?]
-Amina said…
So glad you're coming back! :p
Enjoy your weekend(and the rest of your time in M'sia) Pumpkin!
syieranuar said…
u sure gonna have so much fun! :)
Yunne Osman said…
wow! lucky you! and aimie. and ami. and the rest of the 16 girls! can't wait to see the pictures and read all about it here (and definitely the others' blogs as well)
Unknown said…
sha, add me on facebook :)