A Love that Lasts Forever

Abah & I, Perth. circa 1993
My late father.
May Allah s.w.t. grant him the highest level of Paradise, ameen.

In 2007, I lost my father to a sudden death. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.
He always said that's how he wanted to go when his time came. 
He spent his life giving love to his family and spreading joy even to strangers.
He contributed to his country and he loved his family unconditionally.
The love between a man and his family is a love that lasts forever. 
My father was a special man.
Not only was his life a blessing but so was his death. 
Because it taught us what it meant to lead a meaningful life.
It's not about wealth, power or getting what you want all the time.
It really is about how much good you've done while you were alive;
the hearts you touched and the people you loved,
your relationship with The Almighty,
and never giving up on the people and dreams that mean the world to you.
I miss him more than anyone can ever imagine. 
I always will.
{Day 30 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge}


Anonymous said…
Agree with u sha...."It's not about wealth, power or getting what you want all the time.
It really is about how much good you've done while you were alive;
the hearts you touched and the people you loved."

My dad passed away last dec.. peacefully at home and in good health like he wanted...Alhamdulillah..
I missed him so much, it is unbearable.. and his unconditionally love always remained in heart.Al-Fatihah...
Yunne Osman said…
my dad passed on in 2007 too but because he lost the battle to cancer. i realized your father was 10 years older than mine. mine lived from 1947-2007. and yes, everything you wrote in this post is true. and i love the picture of you and your late dad.
washi said…
What a beautiful tribute masha'Allah! I can imagine...my Dad passed away in 1998 and I miss him every day..
RS said…
this got tears in my eyes. I'm sorry for your loss even though it was ages ago. ='( I'm sure He'll be granted the best that Jannah has to offer because he helped in raising such a great person - YOU. =)

Elisa said…

I cannot say I know what you feel. I haven't lost a parent, alhamdulillah, but all I can say is I imagine how heartbreaking it must be to loose the man you most admire in your life. He has been very blessed to have a daughter like you. One that will continue to pray for him and keep his generous memory alive. He sounds like an amazing man. May Allah grant him the best of paradise. Ameen.
Anonymous said…
Dear Sha,

I remembered you spoke about your dad during our conversation and I can feel that how much you loved him and was affected by his passing. This is a very honest and raw piece of writing. Thank you for always writing from your heart. And may your dad will be blessed with Jannah, insya-Allah.

Aisha said…
This made me cry.


He really has been, as elisa has said, been blessed to have been given a daughter like you. may Allah swt grant him Jannat Al Firdous, ameen. Be happy always Sha, you deserve it.
Anonymous said…
Sha. InsyaAllah he in better place now. Be strong sha.
almost clever said…
Such a touching part of your life. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
salam sha, my dad passed away when I was 13y/o due to cancer. i miss him so much too. may Allah bless both our dads.. amin..
Rohima said…
This is so touching and written from the heart. Your father sounds like he was an inspirational man. May Allah grant him Jannah - AMEEN xxx
Esra said…
This brought tears to my eyes Sha. So beautifully told. MashaAllah I admire your strenght and grace.

From Allah we came and to him we shall return.
* said…
A nice tribute, mashaAllah. My father died when 'I was 13 and I still think about him almost everyday. I think wow, he has grandchildren...my hubby's never met him, but this is Allah's will.

Beautiful picture btw.
This made me tear up :(

You father sounds like a wonderful man, may the Almighty grant him a high place in jannah, Ameen. He's very lucky to have daughter like you, stay strong Shahirah, stay happy.
Halima said…
Asalaamu aleikum-

I know what it is to loose a close loved one, and my heart goes out to you, my dear.
It makes me think... my husband has a 12 yr. old daughter from a previous marriage. She lives with her mother and we only see her now and again. We live near to her, my husband phones her every day, buys her what she needs and is always there for her, but she doesn't seem interested. He won't see or hear from her for weeks, and then when she answers her phone (that HE pays for)she will say she's "busy", and there is always some flimsy reason why she can't see him. It breaks his heart, because despite the divorce he has remained close to her and tries to be there for her and be a good father. It breaks MY heart to hear him telling her he loves and misses her, and asking "why don't you want to see me?" I wish she could hear you talk about YOUR father, maybe then she would appreciate what she has, But some people never realize what they have until it's too late...
SS. said…
this made me cry! very touching and serves as a gentle reminder to always be thankful. thanks for sharing =)
MaryamW said…
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un

Making dua that Allah has mercy on your father (and everyone else's parents/loved ones who passed away) and grant them all Jannah.

And InshaAllah, you/we all will meet them again in Jannah.

Thank you for this post. Its a GREAT reminder that we will soon follow them; that this life is only a test, and the beginning- the first train stop in our journey.

MaryamW said…
"Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "Truly! To Allâh we belong and truly, to Him we shall return." (Surah Baqarah ayah 156)
Hamhar said…
Salam sister,

My dad passed away last year, coming this March it will be a year, he lost the battle to heart coronary disease. Times really files like arrows.

At first I find it hard to face it and I always felt that I have lot's sins to him. But after reading your sister stories in the magazine. Am kind of inspired, as we've shared the same experiences.

And al fatihah to your father and may Allah bless him and grant the best jannah. Amin
♥Soso♥ said…
A loss can be so painful.. But ofcourse to Allah we belong and to him we shall return
Beautiful picture

Anonymous said…
If I still joining this contest, I also would put the picture of my late dad as a picture of the person i miss the most. my dad is the same age as yours but he passed away a year earlier.
Sue Anna Joe said…
Al Fatihah.

You're so strong. Including the rest here who have also loved a lost one.

He raised you up so wonderfully. Your are one of the most humble and loveliest girl I've ever met and I'm not exaggerating. If I've a baby girl someday, I'd be proud and thankful that she'd grow up to be like you. <3