Giddy Up, Sheriff Luqman!

Last Saturday my talented photographer friend, Sue Anna Joe, held a birthday party for her son, Luqman. By the way, his name isn't really Sheriff Luqman! Silly me, I actually thought that it was and I even wrote it in his birthday card. Don't look at me like that... Shariff, Sheriff, potayto potahto. The girls made fun of me anyway. His adorableness is named Muhamad Luqman. Okay, now I know! Anyway, I dub him as the cutest little human being I've seen in a while mashaAllah. Just look at him. Don't you agree?

I don't remember the last time I went to a child's birthday party. At first I was quite overwhelmed by all the kids that were there but it's always nice to be around the little ones and be reminded of what it's like to be a kid.

I  met some beautiful fellow Scarflet bloggers there such as Aimie Bahirah, Ami Schaheera and Fatin @ HoneyPokaPoka (I just love saying HoneyPokaPoka! Try it yourself.) 
I also took photos with Anna but they didn't turn out very clear as I was still getting used to the settings on my new camera, sigh.

My covergirl sister, Melissa, came along with me. We both dressed up as Native American Indians or rather hijabified Native American Indians. Getting dressed up was fun!

Imagine Pocahontas.... in hijab, being Asian and *bam* you've got me.

We had a swell time, thanks to Sue Anna Joe (another name I like saying in full, so catchy!). Thank you Anna for inviting us over! We hope the cute birthday boy had fun and we wish him a blessed long life surrounded by all his loved ones, inshaAllahameen


Unknown said…
haha glad i got it right when i guessed what u were! love the full body shot of the three of us, and yes Luqman is super adorable <3
Yunne Osman said…
sha, how on earth did you wrap your scarf? tutorial please... hehehe i think i've seen sue anna joe with this kind of style as well.
Anonymous said…
Oh my what a gorgeous siblings you have. I adore you. :)
Chloe said…
What a little cutie! and you look lovely, as always! missing you xo
Aisha said…
awww hes so cute masha'Allah! happy belated birthday to him =)

your hijab style is gorgeous, you and sister both look lovely. btw i totally see pocahontas in you. do you know that used to be one of my very funny nicknames through high school :\
-Amina said…
He's such an adorable little boy, masha'Allah!

You and Mel definitely look like hijabified Red Indians :) See you soon isA! =)
Hanafedora said…
Your sister!!!! Masya'Allah. She's my idol :)
And sha you do look like a red indian. Sooo creative!
iati blush said…
u rly gave that pocahontas look dear. cantik! n da event look fun too!
Rohima said…

Aw everyone looks gorgeous! Luqman is a little ball of adorable! Lol :)
Awwh Luqman is adorable! mashAllah.
&& you guys all lookpyr gorgeous, loving your outfit!
Pry was part of the word verification.
Yeah, you need to get rid of that thing mann!
Sue Anna Joe said…
Hey you didn't mention the part where you called me up first asking whether you got the right house cause you were worried that you guys were overdressed! Hahaha.

Luqman's full name is Muhammad Luqman Wazif. And you know there's a little story behind it. I actually got his name Muhammad Luqman in a dream when I was 4 months pregnant, this was before I found out his gender, I was holding a baby in my arms while saying "Muhammad Luqman". Woke up, and set my mind and heart that if my baby turns out to be a boy I must have Muhammad Luqman as his name! Masha'Allah, such a miracle kan?

I had a friend who gave birth before me, and told me that she got her son's name in a dream, she said she dreamt she was in a mosque holding a baby, and calling him Bilal. And most definitely she did name him Bilal. After hearing her story, I was so amazed, and kept telling it to others, and well looky looky, I had a similar experience! Quite unbelievable.

I hope he turns out to be a good and wise boy, just like his name! Insya'Allah.

Anyway, thank you for coming dear. So glad that you made it with your sis, and all dressed up! Teehee. I enjoyed ur company very much. I think I do have some group photos of us together, have yet to post it though!

And thank you for complimenting my son. I think he's cute too. :P But really, all babies are! Wait till they grow up and get all sweaty and smelly. Ahaha.
Halima said…

Your look is inspired- love the way you did the braid and headband!

By the way, can you please tell me what does "cantik" mean? I see this word used All the time, and I'm curious to know- thanks!

Feda said…
what a cutie! you and your sister are so beautiful mA! You guys over in Malaysia seem to always be having amazing get-togethers! I must visit one day!
Ayuni A. said…
i love your top! and you are very creative with your hijab too! me likey.haha.
Anonymous said…
A very nice look Shahirah :o)!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ami: I'm glad you got it right too. Otherwise I would've been so sad! lol I love that pic of us too.

Yunne: It's actually really easy... I think there's a very similar style and tutorial floating around somewhere on YouTube.

Anon: Aww thank you. I have a beautiful family masha'Allah =)

Chloe: Miss you too xoxo

Ashi: Thank you! The hijab style is very easy to be honest. I'm glad you like the look. Pocahontas is my fave Disney princess btw. I liked her long hair and her down to earth yet strong personality.

Amina: We had a lot of fun getting dressed up hehe. I took the theme very seriously! lol

Hana Fedora: Thank you! I knew most people would go as a cowboy or cowgirl so I wanted to do something different. I'm sure my sis was very happy to read your comment too =)

iatiblush: Thanks! I've always wanted to be Pocahontas, saw this opportunity and grabbed it lol.

Rohima: Thank you and yes, Luqman is a ball of adorableness mashaAllah =)

Smiley: Yay, I'm happy you like Pocahontas outfit. There's word verification still? I thought I got rid of it!

Anna: LOL Thanks for reminding me. Not many adults dressed up and we weren't sure if that was the house. In NZ people take costume parties very seriously and I thought it would be same here =P Thanks for sharing your story about how you got his name. I love how God works so mysteriously like that!

Halima: Thank you. Cantik means beautiful or pretty in Malay =)

Feda: Alhamdulillah this has been one of the most eventful holidays ever. Allah swt has blessed me with such amazing people. You most definitely must visit someday. There's always something to do here in Kuala Lumpur.

yunayuni: Aww thanks for your kind words! It's actually a dress but I turned it into a modest top =P

Jasmina: Thank you dearie <3
Sue Anna Joe said…
Hope I wasn't sharing too much. And apologies for thinking that my son is cute, but of course all mommies think that about their kids! Alhamdulillah, having a kid is such a blessing, no matter how sad I get, when I look at him, play with him, hug him, watch him sleep, it just all goes away.

I forgot to mention how gorgeous the both of you looked that day! And that top was awesome, very Pocahontas-ish! If I had a best dressed contest you would have definitely won!

Oh and, uh sorry for laughing about the Sheriff thing, it's just too adorable!!!!! Mwahs!
Misz J said…
Salam...I just love ur style... will be following u from now onwards...u have style dear...
Sitti Sarah said…