Style Sunday: Urban Chic Reunion

My girls from high school and I had one of our reunions today at Pavilion. We had our sumptuous lunch meals  at Café Stelle and I'll blog about that tomorrow. For now, here's what we wore. 

Don't you think my girls look fabulously urban chic? 

Marissa in House of Dereon jeans

Muna in Christian Louboutin nude heels

Yours truly in Zimmerman black jumpsuit bought in Melbourne

Vivy with her Prada tote

Too pretty for words mashaAllah

LOL @ the look on my face
Perhaps I was trying to 'seduce' Vivy? Perhaps. You'll never know ;) 

I love this photo of us. Marissa looks très picture perfect and my skin looks out-of-the-ordinarily flawless. 
Trust me, my skin isn't this great looking so I will take some delight in any photo which depicts it in such a way.
 Thank God for natural lighting. It's the best.


Ami Schaheera said…
Don't be silly your skin is flawless! And uuuu all your pretty friends are urban chic indeed. Eeek hello Vivy!! (i'm a big fan of your friend hehe, and you too for that matter <3)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ami: How I wish it was, seriously! I haven't been looking after my diet as well I should be so it's looking less than desirable at the moment. My skin's very sensitive like that. Yeah Vivy's the epitome of a superstar blogger =)
Zara A said…
I agree with Ami. Masha'Allah you look absolutely stunning!
Your all looking so funky and stylish. xx
Amalia said…
You are all beautiful and very stylish :)
Esra said…
Very pretty girls mA.

Sha I LOVE your jacket/blazer!
LaiLa said…
The looks are all very beautiful,! U love so much the shoes.! :)
And the last photo looks very beautiful and naturally!
You all look so pretty! And your skin IS flawless mann!
mashAllah :)
RS said…
you guys are so beautiful it's not even funny! maybe when I grow up I'll look like you guys. *wishes very hard*
-ilyannur- said…
You guys look so pretty!
Ashi said…
sha you have beautiful skin, quit complaining woman :P and yes urban chic is how id definitely put it!
Yup,u indeed have a pretty skin..=) Anyway, I notice that u really like that bag u're wearing,isn't it?
almost clever said…
Hee, looks fun! Woman, are all your friends so stylish?! LOL, I have to remember that when we do eventually meet.. Else I become the fashion don't.. Haha! ;)
Lulu Briggs said…
Omg, you all look stunning! I recently came across your blog and I'm in love!

P.S. You must do a post on how you keep your clothes and make-up. Do you have a make-up room? :P
Please do a post on that. I could really use the tips!
SS. said…
i love what you all are wearing! and nice blazer =)
MaryamW said…
Pretty ladies, mashaAllah.

If I stand next to all you, maybe some of that beauty will rub off, eh? :P

Norsiah said…
Your friend, Vivy is so pretty.. i love her kaftan blouse... and also i love your jumpsuit.. very simple, yet elegant
Asielah said…
Salam sha. Ur all so pweetyy... I have fallen deeply in love with ur blazer!!! Where is it from? Lovin the nude colour on u..
ashieBee said…
you ladies are all soo pretty lah! :)) and sha, im loving the new camera. you pictures semua soooo cantik!

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Reader from Brunei said…
I love your hijab. May i know where u got it from?
HijabRevival.. said…
i took a picture in front of that prada sign tooo!! i miss malaysia so bad inshallah i will be there again end of this year!! love your zimmerman jumpsuit!! australian designers have some awesome stuff dont they?
nabila said…
may i know what color and brand of your lipstick?
its nice on you