Lunch Date at Café Stelle

As promised, here's a post with a little bit more detail about the lunch date I had with my girls recently. If you're wondering why I'm dedicating an entire write up about it, here's why. Firstly, we live in different countries most of the time. Secondly, some of us have work and other responsibilities therefore free time is quite limited.

Ah, the joys of  growing up, ey? 

This lunch date was cancelled and postponed a few times but we made it in the end. Yay! I slept over at Vivy's and she told me about Café Stelle which I am very grateful for because I couldn't think of a nice, fancy place we should go to for our little reunion. I originally wanted to go to Shangri La's Lemon Garden Cafe but it was fully booked. Nevertheless, I'm very happy with how the day turned out anyway. Did I mention that I also visited the Fashion Valet office for the first time ever? I know, I'm a horrible friend! That's okay, Vivy punished Marissa and I later on by making us sit in her office while she worked.... on a Sunday. 

It doesn't matter really because a day spent with my girls will always be lovely to me. I love that we can goof around and embarrass one another and still have love for each other. We can share our most intimate stories, ask questions we wouldn't dare raise with other people and take lots of photos like it's nobody's business. That's what girlfriends are for, right? 

Do you see what I have to put up with? Tsk tsk.... 

Here's a quick review of the Italian-inspired Café Stelle while I'm at it.

The café has an open concept as it is in the heart of Pavilion's lush shopping boutiques.
The décor is very modern and sleek. It's perfect for those who want an escape from loud and elaborate designs. 

Comfort is a vital aspect of any dining experience. I simply adore the couches that add a touch of homeliness to the eatery. 

We were served complimentary buns (very soft, by the way) with different types of pesto and some butter.

I ordered the fricasses con cipolline (braised lamb onions, carrots, potato served with soft polenta and balsamic reduction). I really enjoyed it because the lamb was very tender and tasty and the meal was very filling for a woman's palate.

Marissa's capellini aglio e peperoncino (angel hair pasta with tiger prawns, garlic, olive oil, chilli and Italian parsley). I didn't try it but notice the unique bowl it came in? Molto carina (very cute)!

The arrosto di branzino all crema di fungi (roasted sea bass with trio of herbs, puree of russet potato scented white truffle oil, sautéed mix vegetables and mix forest mushroom sauce) and zuppa di funghi e olio tartufato (cream of mixed mushroom with white truffle oil) requested by Vivy.
I didn't try the sea bass but I sure tried the mushroom soup and it was delizioso!

Muna's manzo arrosto panino a.k.a. roast beef sandwich. Everything sounds better in a sexy and mysterious foreign language! It came with her own personal selection of bread, filling and a serving of fries. 

I have a sweet tooth and this is love in a bowl for me.
The arancia crème brulee e marinato fragola (crème brulee with berries, usually served with orange and strawberry compote) was amazing. 

It wasn't runny like other crème brulees I've tried.
This one was thick, creamy and extremely satisfying.
I think I'm going to have beautiful dreams about it when I'm back in New Zealand.

Verdict: A casual yet lush ambience - you get the best of both worlds. Quality food and affordable prices for the meals but I can't say the same about their drinks in terms of price. Vivy would recommend their Almond milkshake. Yums! Browse the full menu here.

Later that day we were punished hung out at the Fashion Valet office. Vivy had a million and one things to do so Marissa and I filled up our time by talking about boys and politics - we sure know how to balance serious and fun. Muna had to go somewhere else after lunch so she missed out on all the after-lunch fun! *nyahaha*

All in all, it was a good outing, alhamdulillah. I know I'm very blessed to be on this wonderfully eventful break, masha'Allah.  My holiday in Malaysia is coming to an end so I'm making the most of these last few days. I'm quite nervous about starting post-grad studies. I think it's going to mean more work than ever before. I'm sorry I haven't been replying e-mails and comments as of late. I need a break from the world (blogging included) but I'll be back, inshaAllah. I'll make sure that I do reply once I feel rejuvenated and like a brand new person.

I'm going away this weekend and I'm totally looking forward to it. Hope you lovelies have an awesome one! 


syieranuar said…
gorgeous girls, mashaAllah! :)
Anonymous said…
Ok I seriously HAVE to give that crème brulee a try!! drools.
All of you are so beautifull mashaallah! It seem like a wonderfull girls day. The restaurant's interior I like very much and I love, love creme brulee :-)
Halima said…
Post-Grad studies,eh? Excellent stuff, mashallah! I wish you all the best, inshallah. What subject will you be researching/studying?
Pretty girlies, mashaAllah. The food looks SO healthy ♥ and yummy :D
ᖇᗩE said…
the joy of having girlfriends and enjoying food.. love it!
Aisha said…
its like nearly 1am here and iam now HUNGRY after seeing what you guys had to eat. serious drooling going on here!

and i swear sha, you and every friend you've ever featured on your blog are just all so damn pretty, you should have like a tv series or something.

'the adventures of shahirah and friends'

or maybe not. i'll let you come up with the name ;)

p.s dont worry about post-grad. i too, like you worried before i started post grad. after you've been through undergrad and pretty much a good 18 years or so in academic studies in general, you'll find post-grad is alot more easier to deal withm mentally. but the work load? stress level? big? i won't deny it; yes. but i know you'll be fine =)
BundanyaHiroKun said…
cantik semua :)
Love the pics! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!!! I just checked out the fashion valet link and I fell in love with some of the abayas (kaftans) they have! Some would be great for parties. Do you know the exchange rate (euros to myr?)
Grad school will be fun inshaAllah. What will you be studying?
Vivy said…
i love you!!!! don't go back :(
Ohmygosh, i was thinking exactly the same thing as Ashi when I was reading the post and looking at the pictures!
You guys should seriously get together and start something.

You all look so gorgeous, mashAllah! & the food! It should be a sin for you to post such things :P

Best of luck with your Post-grad studies! :)
Laila said…
Really aweson girls, the food looks very good!

PS: I gave you an award on my blog, go and check it !
Paper Hearts said…
A lovely report of your day! I enjoyed reading it! and argh, why am i not one of your friends???? :3
kindred spirit said…
You girls are all gorgeous! Food looks yums! Place looks great!
Btw, may I know, when you go eat out together, do you go dutch or pay your own food?
Veils And Roses said…
You're just too gorgeous MashaAllah.
Loooks delicious.. yummy :)